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1) What is an ability?

Abilities are moves that enhance a character or influence their stats in some manner. An ability might be something like entering a hightened state of strength for a limited amount of time. Previously it may have been something like cooking or riding a horse, but those are now talents. An ability now are things that effect the character in some manner, even if it's healing their own body due to damage. Like skills, you can pick the list of abilities or make your own ability if the GM okays it.

2) The example:

Abilities can take energy, like the Slash example above, or it can be infuenced by other things. A regeneration healing ability might take both energy and stamina. It various depending on what is taken. There are unique racial abilities as well, but that is covered below. An ability could also be a special move that is not 100% attack based. Below is an example:'

Teleport: Lv. 1 - Wind activates his hyperspace to instantly transport from one location to another. The maximum distance is 100 meters. Energy Used: 5.

And like skills, the leveling up of abilities is the same:

Learn New Ability: 5 levels

Second Level of Same Abilityl: Five Levels

Third Level of Same Ability: 10 Levels or 5 Levels/Disadvantage

Fourth Level Of Same Ability: 15 Levels/Disadvantage, 10 Levels/2 Disadvantages, 5 Levels/3 Disadvantages.

3) Ability Limits

To begin with you have a limit of 10 abilities.

To gain a new ability slot, it takes either 20 levels or 10 levels and a disadvantage to your character overall. Certain abilities may increase talent or skill slots, depending. Few abilities effect other abilities.


The Abilities:

1) Psionic Adept Abilities: You can take this once you have learned Tier 5 of the Psionic Adept Talent Tree. This allows you access to the abilities below.

Lv. 1: If you strain your mind hard, you can hear thoughts of those close to you, but they will know you are doing so. You are only picking up their surface thoughts. Energy: 10

Lv. 2: If you focus very hard, your friends are unaware you are reading their surface thoughts. Energy: 15

Lv. 3: If you focus very hard, you can read the surface thoughts of others without being detected. Energy: 20 / Disadvantage: Sometimes you are detected.

Lv. 4: You are able to read the surface thoughts of others you are not familiar without with trying that hard and straining yourself. Energy: 30 (Disadvantage 1: You are sometimes detected. Disadvantage 2: Sometimes your thoughts are transmitted instead. Disadvantage 3: Sometimes you are left mentally vulnerable to attack.)

After this point you can create your own psionic abilities to fit your character.


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