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Excel Stats: Perception, Mind, and Energy (1 level up gives you 10 points in each.)

Detriment Stats: M/S Defense, Stamina and Strength (2 level ups give you 5 points in each.)

Remaining Stats: 1 level up gives you 5 points.

Spirit/Mana - 1 level up gives you 10 points of mana

Starting Stats:

Health: 10
Stamina: 5
Strength: 5
Energy: 20
Speed: 10
Reflexes: 10
Perception: 20
Charisma: 10
Mind: 20
Luck: 10
Hand to Hand Combat: 10
Melee Weapons: 10
Ranged Weapons: 10
Magik Offense: You must learn this in your first 25 levels. If you do, it will begin at 5
Magik Defense: 5
Spirit/Mana Pool: You must learn this in your first 25 levels. If you do, it will begin at 5 100 points

Cap Stats:

Health: 20
Stamina: 10
Strength: 10
Energy: 40
Speed: 20
Reflexes: 20
Perception: 40
Charisma: 20
Mind: 40
Luck: 20
Hand to Hand Combat: 20
Melee Weapons: 20
Ranged Weapons: 20
Magik Offense: 20
Magik Defense: 10


Generic Traits (You can only pick 3):

1) Manifestation latent (needed for manifestation skills/abilities)

2) All famfrits have keen sight/smell. This adds sharper dimensions like a bloodhound/can see like a hawk

3) Can climb certain surfaces like a cat

4) Always land on your feet

5) Extremely flexible and spinal cord flexiiblity

6) Fast bursts of speed, negative effects to body due to not using speed stat.


Racial Advantages/Disadvantages:

You can decide for mandatory advantages/disadvantages to pick among the choices below or from the Advantage/Disadvantage tab.

Advantage: Famfrits can sleep anywhere to restore stamina and energy rapidly.

Advantage: Due to their cat like nature, some famfrits can disarm humans with their pawing motions. Paw bitch paw

Disadvantage: Manifestations take great tolls on famfrits.

Disadvantage: Famfrits who use manifestations on themsFamfrits physically lose lifespans.


Kitty Abilities:

1) Basic Famfrit Creation: Famfrits have the unique talent to create something from nearly nothing, taking things from the very fabric of molecules in the air and turning it into something else. Using this talent as a gate way to new and improved abilities and skills, Famfrits' manifestation foundation comes from this, though it does not use mana.

Lv. 1: Famfrits can create basic objects like cups, stools, crude tools like hammers or spades. These creations are easily breakable after either a short useage or duration of time. Energy Used: 5

Lv. 2: The same thing as above, however the durablilty is much higher and the time of existence is nearly an hour now. Energy Used: 5

Lv. 3: Famfrits can create more complex structures up to either 5 feet in height or width. This allows for stepping stones to reach higher places or other tool assisted features. Unlike the smaller tools, the durability on the largest structures are much weaker and the duration much shorter. Energy Used: 15 (Disadvantage If Chosen: It takes 1 minute before another can be created unless you automatically use up 30 stamina)

Lv. 4: Same as above, but this strengthens the durability of the structures so they do not easily break and increase the duration of existence. This allows it to become more permenant outside an enemy shattering it. The famfrit is capable of dissolving it with a snap of their fingers after they are done with this level instead of waiting for the time to run out. Energy Used: 25 (Disadvantage 1: Using this skill depletes 15 stamina even before the stamina total is used to decide how fast energy is restored. Disadvantage 2: A random chance the structure will shatter - decided by the GM. Disadvantage 3: Due to weaknesses, another famfrit or halfling can use your structure against you)


2) Basic Famfrit Weapon Creation: Needed First - Basic Famfrit Creation Lv. 2. Expanding upon their unique abilities to create nothing from nothing in the air with magikal properties located in nature, Famfrits can form basic weapons. This is not an attack, simply the creation process for the weapons.

Lv. 1: Creating a tier 3 weapon of any shape or form, this weapon is easily shatterable. Energy Used: 15

Lv. 2: The same as above, this solidifies the weapon to allow for a longer battle with it before it breaks. Energy Used: 20

Lv. 3: Creating a tier 6 weapon of any shape or form, this weapon is easily shattered by anything that is tier 6 or above. Energy Used: 30 (Disadvantage If Chosen: It takes 1 minute before another can be created unless you automatically use up 30 stamina)

Lv. 4: The same as above, this soldifies the weapon so it does not shatter so easily. While higher tiers like 9-12 and God/Omega may break it easily, it's a good tier 6 weapon and can be shattered at will by the user to send shards flying outward in front of them. Energy Used: 40 (Disadvantage 1: You need a recharge period before you can create another weapon even if you have enough energy. Disadvantage 2: Sometimes weapon creation will simply fail. Disadvantagte 3: Sometimes another famfrit can shatter your own weapon in your direction.)


3) Basic Famfrit Manifestation Enhancement: Using talents of manifestation unique to them, Famfrits and halflings can bring about special bonuses to their body. While I am not going to go through the various levels, I am going to describe some of the things you can pick. Once you pick something, you cannot pick anything else from this list unless circumstances grant you it from the GM. He will work with you on the creation of the levels/energy consumption/disadvantages depending on how you choose to develop it and if you need to learn any of the two above or anything below or anything else in general.

1: Double Melee allows the user to create two weapons at once, but both are melee.

2: Destruction allows the user to infuse their manifestations with spirit energy, so that it can be used to explode with devastating magik attack when formed (long ranged or short) near an enemy.

3: Double Jump allows the user to leap up into the air and form a crystal in mid-air to leap off again.

4: Shield allows the user to create a barrier of crystal around them to block attacks, and open slots in it to attack from. However, each time they open a slot, it cannot be closed and the shield can be destroyed eventually.

5: Glide allows the user to leap off and form wings to glide slowly across a long distance to reach a destination.


Famfrit Skills:

1) Spark: Using their 'manifestation', Famfrits are able to cause the molecules in the air to ignite in a firey display of distruction. While the first level is listed below for you, the player creates the next three levels with the GM.

Lv. 1: A tiny spark emits from the famfrit's fingers due to a snap and flies at the target, striking them for minor fire damage. Energy Used: 15


2) Mending: Using their manifestation, Famfrits are capable of restoring and mending tissue, but it forms differently for each person. Make no mistake, this is for healing inner and outer damage to the person, but the way each famfrit goes about it varies - some prefer to use more energy over all to do it quickly, some prefer the same method of using energy but at a less amount so it takes much longer, some prefer to use their own life/stamina/energy combination to do it. You can speak with the GM to create your own unique formation of healing technique and what areas of the body you wish to heal. For example, Famfrits excel at healing certain areas - if you want to heal the brain, you will be devoted to that entirely.


3) Crystal Projectile: Using their manifestations, Famfrits create crystal projectiles to do battle with against enemies. This varies, though, depending on how they go about it. Do you prefer to have your projectiles be actual long range attacks, or something more? The creation of a crystal attack is in your hands with this.


Famfrit Talents:





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