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Kitsune Humans and Dark One Humans:

Excel Stats: Perception, Mind, and Charisma (1 level up gives you 10 points in each.)

Spirit/Mana - 1 level up gives you 25 points of mana

Detriment Stats: M/S Defense, Energy and Strength (2 level ups give you 5 points in each.)

You have to pick three disadvantages from either Kitsune disadvantages, generic disadvantages, or disadvantages you create and that the GM approves.

Remaining Stats: 1 level up gives you 5 points.

Starting Stats:

Health: 10
Stamina: 10
Strength: 5
Energy: 5
Speed: 10
Reflexes: 10
Perception: 20
Charisma: 20
Mind: 20
Luck: 10
Hand to Hand Combat: 10
Melee Weapons: 10
Ranged Weapons: 10
Magik Offense: You must learn this in your first 25 levels. If you do, it will begin at 5
Magik Defense: 5
Spirit/Mana Pool: 100 points

Cap Stats:

Health: 20
Stamina: 20
Strength: 10
Energy: 10
Speed: 20
Reflexes: 20
Perception: 40
Charisma: 40
Mind: 40
Luck: 20
Hand to Hand Combat: 20
Melee Weapons: 20
Ranged Weapons: 20
Magik Offense: 20
Magik Defense: 10


Generic Traits (You can only pick 3):

1) Luck: i.e to give luck or steal luck from others (generic luck)

2) Elemental/Spirit Manipulation

3) Shapeshifting (counts for age/gender). Costs 100 spirit energy time.

4) Hightened spiritual sense (can see, sense, smell, hear, touch, bite/eat them)

5) Persuasion: While kitsune have inherant charisma, that only carries them so far, hence why they get detected by priests and such who know what to look for. Different that smooth talk/seduction. If Charisma is high enough point wise and/or there are talents or abilities, intimidation is greatly enhanced.

6) Regeneration. Very minor heal regen that is non-ability.


First 3/4 - free, Tail 5: 25 levels, Tail 6: 30 levels, Tail 7: 35 levels, Tail 8: 40 levels, Tail 9: 45 levels


Racial Advantages/Disadvantages:

You can decide for mandatory advantages/disadvantages to pick among the choices below or from the Advantage/Disadvantage tab. Kitsune have to take 3 disadvantages in total.

Disadvantage: Kitsune, while capable of spiritual/magik devastation, are also greatly weak to it in turn.


Kitsune Abilities:

1) Fox Fire Ability: Foxfire is an all-purpose ability most kitsune have inside them. Not many humans can see it unless blessed with spiritual power (aka, having a certain number of Spirit Points or having been touched by spiritual power). You will also find Fox Fire Skills in the Skills section for attacking purpose. For the ability section, you can pick four levels of different levels of abilities of using fox fire. Examples may be using it as a light source or a protection barrier. Speak with the GM (Or Chain/Kit) for more information.


2) Elemental Manipulation: Each Kitsune is born under a season and has access to one element that comprises TAW5, which are earth, wind, fire, ice, lightning, water, dark, holy. They begin with only one and must learn to manipulate the others. The technique of the manipulation in this ability is meant mostly for non-attack purposes and players canuse the four levels in different ways in unique methods. Speak with the GM (or Chain/Kit) for more information.


3) Eyes of Absolute Truth: By communicating with nature and fox spirits, some kitsune are able to gleam information and truths otherwise hidden from sight.

Lv. 1: Foxy Talk. This allows communication with foxes and low level spirits/beings that don't cloak. Spirit: 10 per attempt

Lv. 2: Speaking with minor level demons and spirits, the kitsune can sometimes force hidden spirits/demons to be revealed if they are within a certain level. Spirit: 30 per attempt then minor drain

Lv. 3: An advance form of 2, dealing with much stronger and usually badder spirits and demons. When dealing with their hidden forms, there is always a chance of being rebuffed and having mana/spirit depleted. Spirit: 50 per attempt then minor drain (Disadvantage if Taken: If they break through and have forced the creature to reveal themselves, they have depleated all their mana/spirit for the next 15-20 mins and are vulnerable to attack/possession/ect.)

Lv. 4: At this point, there is little that can remain hidden from the kitsune that forces the reveal of the spirit or demon before them. Spirit: 100 per attempt then minor drain (Disadvantage 1: The user has to stay in one position, they cannot move from the moment they use the ability this means if they are attacked and everyone else runs out of the way they will take the full brunt of it if they move at any time, obviously the mana/spirit energy used is still depleated, they have to wait anywhere from a few seconds to a few minuets before attempting again. Even if they are successful in breaking through they are still fixed to that one spot for a certain time duration which we can decide depending on the monster. Disadvantage 2: Again, as said before, mana/spirit energy is still depleated. Hopefully in their fixed state they might be able to get some of it back, however its likely to be little if any so again, 5 mins or so till they are recharged to fight in that time again, they are vulnerable to attacks/possession and such. Disadvantage 3: Curse/Marked. If for ANY reason, the target they are after is able to escape and isn't either made benevolent (what happened with Tsuki in alt.) or destroyed. The user is cursed/marked by the entity. It can be anything from blindness to tattoos ala FF3 which will plague them until the creature is made to left the curse or is destroyed. If blindless, this ability is disabled.)


Kitsune Skills:

1) Fox Fire Skill: Foxfire can be used to strike an enemy and damage their soul and stats, sometimes crippling movements and other things. Speak with the GM or Chain/Kit for the various ways fox fire can be used in an attack like manner against an opponent over four levels, each building up to be stronger than the last.




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