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Beginning your new character (or NPC), you have 25 levels to spend. I will begin to go over what all you need to do to fill it out. Below is a step by step representation of what you need to fill out when sending Seraphna or Death Star your information. Certain choices will affect certain things. If you want my advise PAY ATTENTION VERY CLOSELY. There are certain things you can only get in these first 25 levels and at certain times. The limits you see at bottom ONLY COME INTO PLAY AFTER YOU ARE DONE. If you go over them in your first 25 level, then you're simply over them and you have to buy new slots (see the Character Creation tab). No big deal. But you'll notice certain things are harder to buy than others and you might want to take advantage of the free extent of getting what you want without penality in the first 25 levels before being bound. That's my only hint.

Your Name: Your character's full name. If for some reason they do not have a full name, explain why to us.

Your Date of Birth: When you were born, be it a Stardate for Prime or a Tarehian date for Tareh, etc. If it is unknown, explain why to us.

Your Age: Simple enough. Again, if unknown, explain why.

Appeared Age: This is only if your characters does not look their age (possiblely due to race).

Your Background: Give a detailed background about your character. Even if they are without memory of a chunk of their life, you still need to give at least 3 paragraphs about your character, including characters they have met (your own creation or speaking with the GM/Seraphna about existing ones). The more personal the characters, the more the GM can play around with your background and draw in plot elements that affect you. Coming up with a rival, or someone you wronged, can bring about plot.

Description: A description of your character. Include: Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Hair Length, Body Type (Waif, Average, Musculed, Slender), Noteable Features (Birthmarks), Cup Size if Woman.

Relatives: If they have any. Alive or dead.

Elemental Affinity: Pick Ice, Lightning, Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Holy, Dark

Equipment: Your character will begin with tier 3 equipment. You do not necessarily have to fill all of this out, but note that means you simply are giving yourself less: Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Item Slot 1, Item Slot 2, Body Armor. You do not get any other type of armor except body to begin with, though there are three times - body, hand, leg. You may, if you want a suggestion, begin with your Item Slot having a backpack if you are in Tareh. Speak with the GM about what type of Body Armor you are going to get.

The types of body armor like this. There are three types of material: Tactical Material, Form Fitting Material, Progenitor Material. And three types of body armor. Bikini Armor, Tactical Suits, Full Armor. To see more about the hand and leg you need to see Create Armory or speak with the GM about buying such material.

Your Beliefs/Goals/Instinct: Three separate things. They can be a line or two. Things your character believes in overall about the world or society or themselves. Goals they want to achieve outside the angel. Instinct is how they approach things when it comes to combat or life or people. This will need to be updated now and again and the GM will let you know when events in the world have changed and thus bring about this change, or if you have accomplished your goals, or if you changed or grown up in life.

Your Race: Here is where things begin to diverge. Your starting stats will vary depending on your race. See the race tabs for their various starting stats as well as special skills/abilities. That will come into play below. Your starting stats will reflect your race of choice's starting stats as well as their limitations. How you level up will gradually change that of course.

Now, onto spending your first 25 levels.

For your first ten levels, here are your options. This is unique to the starting 25 levels and you should see the character creation page on how it varies from 26 onward. I shall go into a little spiel about aspects, but you should look at the character creation page for more detailed talks about them.

An Ability:

An ability is something the character can do that is not an attack type skill. It can be a skill, but it's not made for battle per say, or it's made to enhance the character's skills in some form. An example of an ability is this: A dragoon can reattach limbs, they can bond, they have enhanced senses. A famfrit ability might be: seeing in the dark, the ability to enhance their senses or stats. Read more about it in the character creation page or the Ability Tab.

Abilities are discussed more in the character creation page. The first 25 levels are the only time you can put down as many abilities as you want without a limitation (if you can match the prerequisites).


Talents are special things that characters are good at. A person might be a talented computer expert, or hacker, or blacksmith. Talents vary wildly and there's even different talents within the same tree. See more about talents in the creation page and the talent tab. The first 25 levels are the only time you can put down as many talents as you want without a limitation (if you can match the prerequisites).


Skills are strictly battle based and are focused on battle enhancements, attacks, etc. To see more, as always, see the character creation page or the Skills Tab. The first 25 levels are the only time you can down as many talents as you want without a limitation (if you can match the prerequisities).


Advantages are something your character is good at. They only come into play when first making your character are picked either from a generic list or racial lists.


Disadvantages are just that - they can come from certain skills, certain races, or your own creation. While they look bad on the outside, the more disadvantages you have the more access you will have to other things later. You'll see more about that in the creation page.

Levels 1 - 10:

For each level, you can choose one of the following options. Which means you will have a variation of 10 things and others might not pick the same combination as you. You can:

1) Put 10 points into any stat up to that race's starting limit.

2) Increase the cap of any stat by 5.

3) Take a common ability from the ability pages for everyone.

4) Take a skill/ability/unique function of your race.

5) Take a talent from the talents page.

6) An Attack Slot (up to 4 levels can be done on this).

Levels 11 - 20:

For each level, you can choose one of the following options again.

1) Your own created skill (has to be approved by the GM)

2) Your own created talent (has to be approved by the GM)

3) Your own created ability (has to be approved by the GM)

4) Increase the cap of two stats by 5.

5) Take a skill from the skills page.

6) Put 5 points into any stat up to that race's starting limit.

7) Take a talent from the talent page.

8) Take an ability from the ability page.

Levels 21 - 25:

1) For one level, give yourself one of these: Spirit (Prime), Mana (Tareh), and Magik Offense. I would recommend, as far as Tareh goes, if you plan to pick the Mage Class, to ignore Mana and OF as you will get those. If you plan to go another route, you might want to consider them. Mana is needed to cast magik. MO is needed to cast Magik in an offensive way. Yes, you can spend two levels to get both Mana and MO. For Prime, I would recommend getting Spirit to cast mystical art skills.

You do not have to learn Spirit/Mana/OF if your race of choice starts off with it.

2) For two level ups, you can get a Sub-Class going. You cannot pick a more advanced Sub-Class that requires another Sub-Class to be learned. You can, however, purchase any Sub-Class that doesn't need a more advanced one for only two levels, despite costs listed. Read up more on sub-classes. You can only do this one once.

3) For two level up, you can get a 5th Attack Slot if you already did 4.

4) For three level ups, you can negate break the cap of 100 on one stat right off the bat.

5) Any remaining level ups you have you can pick something from 1 - 20.

After the 25 Levels:

Now you can pick which class you want to begin with. Classes level up at a different pace than normal character levels, so keep that in mind. You get the benefits of said class and 1 skill from it to begin with.

You must also either create two unique advantages / disadvantages to your character or pick two from the generic page. If you create your own unique ones and they are very good, you may get special bonuses.

After you are done with selecting everything, here are the limits in place. While the first 25 you can go wild, if you have gone over the limits of how many you can have in each category, you have to unlock more slots of said categories from here on out. Essentially, the first 25 levels are freebies with no limits, but you have to then conform afterwards. Below is what I mean:

You can have the total number of each category:

4 unique race skills/abilities/talents.

5 talents.

10 abilities.

10 skills.

4 special attack slots.

1 sub-class.

1 class.

If you have gone over this number through the uniquiness of the first 25, you must buy up additional slots since you've gone over the limit. You can see how much extra slots cost in the Character Creation page.

The character creation page will discuss what it takes to get more in each category. Below is a link to how a Lv. 25 bio might look like:

Sample Character Bio


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