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1) What Are Skills?

Skills are typically moves that benefit the character in combat in someway, an attack move of some sort. You can pick from the list below or players can also make their own skills, as long as it's okayed by the GM. You basically state the name and the move it does and how much energy it takes to accomplish it. This will be agreed on by the GM (how much energy it takes).

A skill starts off very basic to begin with and has no disadvantages, but neither is it very strong. It takes five levels to either create a new skill or take one from this page. This is for the basic form. A skill costs a bit of energy to use. Now, you can then build upon that skill. To basic attacks and whatnot you do not have to have a skill to do that, though it eats up stamina and energy to perform basic attacks. So even though the example below is 'Slash' that doesn't mean you cannot slash people. Lets begin with a simple example.

2) The Example

Slash: Lv. 1 - Wind focuses for a devastating slash attack that deals out more damage than a normal slash attack. Energy Used: 5.

Now, energy restores quickly over time. So if you have 30 energy and it dips to 25 after that, within a minute or two it'll be back to 30 unless something happens. Energy restores faster with Stamina, as a note.

Now, it cost you 5 levels to make that skill. You also have a limit of 10 skills over all. However, you can build upon a single skill 3 times. It costs more levels each time, but you can end up with 4 levels to a single skill.

It costs five levels to make a second level to a single skill, ten levels to make a third level to a single skill or five levels and a disadvantage, fifteen levels and a disadvantage to make a fourth level or 10 levels and two disadvantages or five levels and three disadvantages.

What are disadvantages on skills? If it's a pre-made skill you will see a list of disadvantages you can choose from. If you are making your own skills, you and the GM will discuss fitting disadvantages. Below is how it may look in advanced levels:

Slash: Lv. 2 - Charging his hyprspace energy into the attack, Wind creates a hyperspace slash attack that deals out critical damage. Energy Used: 15

Slash: Lv. 3 - Quickly teleporting past the enemy, Wind uses his own momentum to dash-teleport slash with his hyperspace slash attack along the enemy. Disadvantage: This leave him momentarily disoriented. Energy Used: 25

Slash: Lv. 4 - Channeling critical levels of hyperspace into the slash attack, Wind unleashes a torrent of energy into the enemy upon slashing them, creating an impact that knocks them back if it hits. Disadvantage 1: This depletes his stamina by 15. Disadvantage 2: He cannot perform this move for 20 minutes. Energy Used: 40

This is just an example. To recap:

Learn New Skill: 5 levels

Second Level of Same Skill: Five Levels

Third Level of Same Skill: 10 Levels or 5 Levels/Disadvantage

Fourth Level Of Same Skill: 15 Levels/Disadvantage, 10 Levels/2 Disadvantages, 5 Levels/3 Disadvantages.

3) Skill Limits

To begin with you have a limit of 10 skills.

To gain a new skill slot, it takes either 20 levels or 10 levels and a disadvantage to your character overall. Certain racial or class abilities may grant you free skills that you can seek out as well.


The Skills:

1) Psionic Adept Skills: You can take this once you have learned Tier 5 of the Psionic Adept Talent Tree. This allows you access to the skills below.

Lv. 1: If you strain your mind hard, you can throw objects at people. Energy: 10

Lv. 2: You can throw small objects at people without straining your mind. Energy: 15

Lv. 3: You can lift a person a few feet and throw them a few more by straining very hard. Energy: 20 / Disadvantage: Sometimes this fails and you get feedback, collapsing for a few moments.

Lv. 4: You can lift a person a few feet and throw them a few more without straining. Energy: 30 (Disadvantage 1: Sometimes your psionics fail you. Disadvantage 2: If you are facing another psionic, they can rebound effect you and hurl you into the wall without wasting energy. Disadvantage 3: Sometimes you get a headache doing this move.)

After this point you can create your own psionic skills to fit your character.


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