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1) What is a Sub-Class?

Sub-classes are unique things with a ton of skills/talents/abilities under them. You begin with a limit of only 1, but when you pick which sub-class you want to learn, you can opt to learn a certain number of them without penality to your skill/ability/talent limits. Each sub-class will tell you how many you can learn. The skills within cost levels and are listed as how much each talent/ability/skill costs. They vary from each and from sub-class to sub-class. You use your normal level ups (not your Class Levels) to spend on these options.

To purchase a sub-class, it costs a certain amount of levels and you have to have a slot open for one. It is wise to get a sub-class in your first 25 levels simply because you can get one there for two levels despite the cost of a Sub-Class. You can find the costs for each Sub-Class next to the Sub-Class category. You cannot, however, take a more advanced sub-class that requires another sub-class to be learned with your first 25 levels.

2) Sub-Class Limits

You begin with only 1 sub-class. You can get more sub-classes, but to raise your limit it costs levels, like everything else. To increase your sub-class limit, it costs 30 levels.

3) Can I take some of these ideas to use in my own way?

Yes. You can indeed use any of the talents/abilities/skills used in Sub-Classes below as long as you rework it in your own unique way with the GM AND you don't phrase it the same way below AND you don't take the Sub-Class they're from. Just note: you will be filling one of your talent/ability/skill slots and spending the normal levels each tier/level costs, but you can work it how you see fit and how you want to work it.


Page 1: Sub-Classes

Advanced Sub-Classes:

1) Thief Master: Training to become a master thief, you have learned the art of thievery and mastered many talents and skills from being a Thief Adept. You can learn a variation total of _from the talents, _ from the abilities, and _ from the skills listed below.

Sub-Class Cost: 20 levels and learned from Thief Adept - 15 talents, 6 abilities, 6 skills.


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