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Disadvantages are unique things that put your character at, well, a disadvantage. They can be picked from a list or created by yourself and okayed by the GM. While it may not seem like a great thing to have a disadvantage, in the long run it will help define your character and you might find hidden surprises in the more deadly the disadvantage is that you pick. You can create your own Advantages and Disadvantages, however, and the more deadly you make them, the more rewards you will get in the RPG in general.


Below is a list of generic advantages.

Advantage: You are able to heal a bit faster than others.

Advantage: You are a little more slippery than others and can sometimes slither your way out of being grasped.

Advantage: When being chased, you have uncanny ability to lose those chasing you.

Advantage: When presented with multiple choice puzzles and you have to guess, sometimes you guess right after asking the GM in query.

Advantage: The OG will slow at times for you.

Advantage: Sometimes you can sweet talk or intimidate NPCs even if your lines are stupid. Beyond words. Get it?

Advantage: Sometimes you are just very lucky.

Advantage: Animals like you

Advantage: You sometimes can score critical hits in combat against stronger foes.

Advantage: There are times you can guess the right things to say to pass certain characters/events.

Advantage: Your Mana/Spirit charges faster.

Advantage: (Prime Only) Every 5 Level Ups, you gain 25 Spirit Points.


Disadvantage: Your stamina stat recovers slower after refilling your energy stat.

Disadvantage: Enemies target you first a lot of times.

Disadvantage: Bad things seem to happen to you in situations. Even for comical effect it's painful.

Disadvantage: Drama revolves around you, not for the best at times.

Disadvantage: You easily make enemies amongst foes.

Disadvantage: NPCs do not seem to warm up to you.

Disadvantage: You seem to get less loot in situations.

Disadvantage: You seem to take more damage in battles.

Disadvantage: You get more OG situations.

Disadvantage: Sometimes attacks do double damage to your character for no reason.

Disadvantage: You sometimes miss with your moves when you should not.

Disadvantage: Clothes refuse to stay on you, by will of Chaintan.


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