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Arc 2: Team Bonding

Date: 10-608.4.10 - 5.6 (Prime Date Used)

Session 5: Strikers in 55 Days or Money Guarentee

After reviewing the groups performances in exersizes, Cheryl decides that each group needs to get to know each other better. Blue and Gold teams going down to Earth to stay at Cheryl's mansion while Red team goes to the Classic Reality to stay together. Over the month the groups gets to know each other better, Blue Team going to Vegas while Gold Team treasure hunts and Red Team visits John's old house to learn his philosophy, he plans to come home after all this is done.


Date: 10-608.5.28

Session 6: Strikers Team Launch Part I

Cheryl gathers the strikers to give them their first missions. Blue Team is given the Striker and sent to check on a super normal reality where all of them are living a sort of school days life. Red Team is sent out to the Classic Reality to look in on a disturbance, and Cheryl takes her Gold Team to the Alternate reality to check in with Aya.

November 10th, 2240
Red Team, led by John, steps out into Wind's Mansion and joins a meeting learning of a reality disturbance out in the American Southwest. The group takes a shuttle and heads out there to Arizona, to find a city turned ghost town. While stepping in, Elayne tries to feel out for the general feelings in the area and gets bashed by feedback, the emotions to overwhelming she collapses.

She's revived and decides against using any further empathy. After nearly being run over by brigands who don't watch the road, the group learns from the surviving brigand that the head of the Cult has gathered everyone in the center of the city.

The group makes their way there, to find Nicodemus, the cult's leader, leading a city in prayer to power a reality gate behind him. He points out the team as they arrive and many begin to rise against them as the rest pray. The group tries to think of what to do, getting to the portal seems a difficult task, survival seems pretty tough too.

Taking the Interceptor out to the Alternate Reality, Team Gold arrives at Oracle Planet II. Aya informs them of increased activity in Erusian space. The group follows the lead and comes out to observe the supposedly barren Erusian moon to be highly livable now, in fact, a jungle moon. Here, things get eerily Deja Vu as the group lands to find a temple deeply similar to the one that was found on the day Erevis awoke in Prime so long ago, and the day Katrina died.

What they find are bear markings and figures more resemblant to Cassandra, than to Erevis in the temple, but the resonant energies are there. Cheryl has Hale and Wolf set up explosives, and just as Airym finishes an analysis of the temple, they come under the attack of unarmored Illium.

The group races for their beam blasts to get back to the ship, Katrina and Mem falling behind. Wolf waits till she beams out to hit the explosives, but it's only thanks to Teddy's grapple paw that the two are saved from the blast. Teddy takes hits to get them aboard and the team is able to zoom out, escaping, if damaged.


Date: 10-608.5.28

Session 7: Strikers Team Launch Part II

Blue Team
After a slow start, The Blue Team led by Miyuki head towards their designated reality; Miyuki initially troubled by just how old the Intel they have is but press onwards, their level of worry eased to a degree since the planet is rather mundane. Once they arrive, its clear that this reality follows the comedic slice of life high school trope, many familiar faces among them; Cheryl a history teacher, Darien a principal with the hots for Ama; the famed cougar of the Biology department. After a quick switcheroo, Ash, Cass and a few others slip in as teachers while the others slip in as students.

It doesnt take too long before Miyuki and the others can tell something is amiss with strange happenings going off within a few hours, however, due to the damage and people doing their job they are delayed from properly inspecting until after school.

Once most of the faculty has left, Miyuki and the team begin to explore but quickly their plan is derailed when Miyuki hears someone break into Principal Darien's office and his cry. As she arrives to find the gory scene the assailant escapes. Miyuki informs the others to trail after it, as she looks on what is left of Darien its clear that the weapon uses reality powers, tearing its victims down to messy bits and torn atoms.

As the others go after the perpetrator they come across Curali who's lost her arm and Aurica who is trying desperately to use what powers she has to stop her own death at the hands of the maniac. Sensing Aurica's use of reality powers Miyuki hurries to the scene, the others taking down the assailant and its assistant, while Miyuki foxholes a very weak Aurica from a messy and certain death.

Its then they discover that the fiend is this reality's Myria and her assistant, Myria had been given the weapon by the Others in exchange for aiding in their plans to stop the group and would be rewarded by becoming a 'true scientist'. When the others reveal the deception, Myria simply smacks the shit out of the device, defusing the situation...for the reward of Omega coke. With the crazy Myria in custody the others realize they have a pretty shitty situation to deal with. While they could leave as it is, Miyuki and the group decide to stay a little longer so Miyuki can use her powers to save this reality Darien.

Miyuki and her backup battery Kasha are soon wiped out after restoring Darien; the entire situation swept under the rug under a cleaver rouse; under the guise of a gas leak caused by one of the many earthquakes Japan experiences, the group lock down the school and continue to investigate and do damage control. They were under minor risk when this reality's Taiga who’s too nosy for her own good was watching and recording their actions. Kagu chased after her but she ended up kissing the grill of a car, thankfully for all of us she was only minorly hurt and taken to hospital and her phone taken off her.


Cheryl and the cavalry arrive and take the others home. Miyuki gets to wake up in bed with her waifus.

November 10th, 2240

Red Team
John and his group are quickly faced with a fight; unsure if their attackers are under mind control and having no other option, John orders that they use caution to not mindlessly kill them. During the fight a large holovid is damaged and falls, smashing the gate and Nicodemus. Causing the gate to explode, sending a surge throughout the building that knocks everyone down, with the gate and Nicodemus down, their attackers return to normal. Mission accomplished

Date: 10-608.6.9

Session 8: Team Blue

Miyuki and the Blue team head to yet another reality that requires them to don on school uniforms...oh and people are being murdered in weird ways so they have to check it out.
When they disembark they realize they are not in Tokyo proper or near any major city but out somewhat in the sticks.

After checking their intel to be sure they might not have messed up the hoof it to a nearby gas station. During this they discuss the nature of horrible ways to die, Miyuki having some choice remarks on the matter. At the Gas station they find out there is an inn near by run by a reputably beautiful girl that will take them in for the night and also begin to hear more about the mysterious Midnight Channel.

Once at the inn their plan seems to catch on fire as...tact flies out the window in regards to introductions, self control and keeping your mouth shut. Miyuki was ready to kill herself from sheer embarrassment or fire everyone when they get back home. Curali then reports overhearing the inn keepers daughter and her friends talk about the midnight channel. After strong arming themselves into the conversation they agree to help them put an end to the midnight channel but not before they watch it that night to see who is its latest victim. Which is revealed to be Aurica who slipped away earlier.

The group find out that the teens had been gaining entry into the dimension that the midnight channel operates from through a mall, so they waste little time getting there. Before jumping in, they re- encounter the gas station attendant, this world's Izunami who informs them about the Illium's presence there ruining the experiment that the Midnight Channel provides then offers to help them in exchange that the group take down the Illium.

Once inside the group see that the midnight channel directly reflects ones state of mind or heart, showing their deepest desires or fears, in this case Aurica's obvious desires for S&M loving from Oneesama. The group battles their way in and find the girl, trying to snap her out of it so they can escape, but the rules of the midnight channel wont let her go until she confronts the demons in her heart. Cass and the others find how the Illium have been messing with the midnight channel while Miyuki helps Aurica fight her fears.

Once both tasks are completed they are all exited from the midnight channels realm, discovering that Izunami has personally seen to the two illium responsible for this. With things relatively back to normal, the group heads home. Oh and Aurica later got DP'd by Miyuki and Hi in a crazy lesbian/futa thing. True story. Oh and everyone still has their jobs

Date: 10-608.6.15 / 10.-605.11.28 / 11.28.2240

Session 9: Team Red

Red team meets to go over plans for another intro mission, this time helping Zeraphna with something. Ceras shows up to try and tag along, but interrupting the meeting has her father sending her and Yuno home, Elayne as an escort. The group goes over the basics and heads through to the Classic Reality to join up with Zeraphna.

It's Thanksgiving in the Classic reality, and Seraphna is getting prepped to cook a large dinner for everyone as the group heads to Zeraphna's ship, a large dragon like ship far advanced of what EarthGov military's ships are capable of in the Prime Reality. They board the vessel manned by a coalition of many alien races, showing that Zeraphna's time in space has been well spent in getting many alien races to join up once more. Learning that they need to get the scanning data from a derlict satellite, the ship enters hyperspace for the edge of a nebula the Bot World was last seen going through.

The group suits up and rides one of the ship's claws to the satellite, locating the chip board. As they take it out however, Elayne translates a blinking light on the supposedly dead satellite saying that they will be assimilated. Quickly reaching the conclusion that the satellite was infected by the Bot World, she calls out a warning and the group has to fight the satellite's wires while the claw drags them both in. Elayne orders containment and the group manages to get away intact, the infected parts of the satellite put in containment for now. Two minutes to spare, the ship heads back home.

What they find however, is Turkeys. Lots and lots of Turkeys, mutant Turkeys are attacking Earth. The team rushes to Wind's mansion and helps the Classic team fight off the Turkey Menace. Wind uses his powers to destroy the Turkeys in his city, allow the group breathing room. However, the turkeys also went to the Oracle planet...

And sitting down to eat, the people of the Oracle Planet in Alt Reality are assaulted by Turkeys. They start to fight back, somewhat meniacally.

Red Team heads out to Tokyo, where the company behind sending out the turkeys to needy families is based. Here they land on the rood and due to XX's ingenuity, lower her down a large hose to crash into a lower floor. While others start to follow, the roof is attacked by Kitsune Reploids. After fighting them off, the group travels down to find XX. They meet up outside and office where a Six, Seven and Eight tail Kitsune Reploid set are sitting around a device.

The group assaults them, but not until they work together with all members joining in are they able to take out the enemy, destroying the device but the last reploid, a Midori lookalike, escapes through a portal.

To pop out in the Alternate reality, Harupia on Midori's tails. Midori activates a trap in the killed Turkeys creating a giant turkey horror, the Alt team joining Harupia take down the horror and Midori in the process. Ama slaps around a bitch. Everyone opts to eat takeout or Italian that Thanksgiving.

Date: Date: 10-608.6.29 / December 12th / 10-605.12.12

Session 10: Team Gold

Cheryl gathers her Gold Team for a mission, with so many heavy hitters missing from the roster, she opts to take a mission in the Prime Reality. Following what's likely strange vibes felt by Miyuki, the team boards a ship and heads out to Cartel Space to investigate. Coming to the same planet where Alt Miyu and her team once liberated the Arcana Powered Cheryl Clones.

After Zephyr identifies the world as such, the group touches down and gets in camouflage (bikinis) and gets a hotel room on the resort planet. Sensing something stinks when grossly overcharged, they find their rooms bugged and something amiss. Airym detects deposits of data going to a private store and the group sets out to bravely traverse a nude beach to get to the server.

After climbing a cliff, they reach the light house up top and blast their way through a group of mafia guards. Up top, the Mafia boss does something to the server and a pod shoots out of the ocean below. Taking him down and out for questioning, Ben blows up the pod and a body falls into the ocean. Airym learns that the mafia was buiding an ultimate Dragoon based off the 26
Alpha Dragoons. Before taking off in their ship, taking the data and wiping it locally, they scan for a body and find the Dragoon seems to be gone.

Two days later, a woman washes on shore by a couple about to have sex. They notice her and rush over to help, only to get their necks snapped. The girl changes, from a 17 year old blue haired girl, to a 12 year old with pink hair, then to a 23 year old with green hair. She rises and moves off, the Ultimate Dragoon? And does she have a leash?

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