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Arc 3: Resistance is Futile

Date: 10-608.7.9 / December 22nd / 10-605.12.22

Session 11: John's Descent

John gathers Red Team up for a mission, announcing they're heading to Bot World and heading through to Classic Reality with his team. Here the parents must put Ceras and Yuno in Seraphna's care, who readies for the coming holidays. The group boards Zeraphna's ship and heads out to Bot World, which is much closer than expected due to one reason: It's heading straight for Earth.

Approaching the Bot World, they see it has been upgraded with a pair of giant pinchers, the group wonders what it might be for, but the possibility that the Bot World seeks to consume other worlds to reproduce Bot Worlds seems possible. The group flies in on a borrowed shuttle and is tractored into a military like complex. Katrina uses a virus to disrupt the assimilation process and it buys the group just enough time to get away from the shuttle and into other rooms. Navigating along they find signs of recorded signals being viewed from the Nazi propoganda machine, declaring a desire to segregate reploids and reduce technology. Similar videos from other worlds are being viewed. As they group has to escape a painful part of the assembly line, they seem to alert those watching and oxygen is pumped from the area.

Using masks, they move along and Katrina finds a port where she can locate the source they need. The large domed building they saw on their way in. Her datapad assimilated, Katrina needs to bum one off Elayne, and the group uses tubes to head towards the dome. The high speed turns cause half the group to fall behind and get lost.

The remaining, Elayne, Katrina, John and Airym find themselves cut short and John breaks the tubes with his Motenk strength after they avoid a shock trap. Leaping down, Elayne gives the group a dragonride and they get to the surface, to find themselves miles from the dome.

The other group, Leviathan, Harupia, and Pip find themselves in a similar situation. Harupia breaks his cover and forms his wings, fighting off bots and Pip is able to use his own skills to hack the tubes and get them an elevator to the surface. Here they find themselves in a strange area filled with defective bots.

Date: 10-608.7.10 / December 23rd / 10-605.12.23

Session 12: I, Airym

Leviathan, Harupia and Pip navigate the land of forgotten bots to find they're in a quarantine zone, and in their way is a field that detects anyone moving through it and causes a lot of ruckus. After looking around, they find a red reploid who explains the field and that if they could fly, they might be able to get over it. Harupia thinks really, really hard about what he is going to do. So long in fact that the scene shifts.

John, Elayne, Katrina and Airym navigate the alleyways when shuttles begin to look for them. Seeing the vast distance they have yet to cover, they choose to get captured to pick up a ride. Once on board they take out the pilots and Airym jacks into the collective to pilot the shuttle, when the planet rumbles, and begins jumping into Hyperspace.

Zera watches as the ship begins jumping along and follows after it. She orders Porno Reading James, hero of the ages, to be fired down to Bot World to join his allies. The man is loaded into a pod.

Harupia finally takes to the skies, and in doing so, brings himself and his friends, along with Pip's newly acquired Catbug friend just above the atmosphere as the planet begins to move to Hyperspace. An accident causes him to lose hold of Leviathan, who flies into space. Harupia fires a missle after her for propulsions and takes himself and Pip back into the atmosphere.

John's group finds their shuttle responding to abberant bots falling through the atmosphere and Airym seems to lose control as the shuttle heads up for them. Shuttles converge on a falling dynamic duo just as James gloriously enters the atmosphere and crashes through a Bot shuttle, taking it out. A series of complicated explosions and a suppresion blast in the team's shuttle, and everyone blacks out as they fall.

-In the Past a Bit-
Zeraphna finds Leviathan just before blasting off after the Bot planet to fire James into it. She loads Leviathan up with goodies and sends her down after them.

-In the Future a Bit-
With Zera having upped the time tables and warned Seraphna to be ready, Earth raises it's forces. While back on the Bot World, Harupia and Pip awaken from their crash zone to see Leviathan bashing her way into the Bot dome with a mecha. The distraction allows them to break in and track down the holding cell for the others. They break John, Elayne and Kat out and more alarms are raised. Bots come to seize them and at their lead is an upgraded Airym, assimilated.

Date: 10-608.7.10 / December 23rd / 10-605.12.23

Session 13: The Best of Both Worlds

The cell destroyed, the team faces an assimilated Airym and Bot guards, going into the fight, the group faces off against the bot enemies. Katrina, Pip and Elayne work in tandem to free Airym from her bot wires, Katrina taking a heavy shock in order to do it. When the guards are destroyed, the team is given little time to rest, as guardbots flood in. However, a timely James filled rocket crashes into the center and provides the group and escape route. Running and climbing, they make their way towards the core.

Upon reaching it, the team encounters an Assimilated Leviathan, James and Harupia occupy her, after John is sent hurtling away from a powerful punch. Elayne rushes after him, leaving Katrina and Airym to rush through the core towards the very center. They feel the planet come to a stop, and it's clear it's arrived at it's destination: Earth.

12.24. Midnight.
Wind's loli elf porn time is cut short as satellites are destroyed around Earth, Zera arrives behind Bot world and alerts the planet, and her sister. They begin to ready the defenses as Wind moves out, prepared to take his revenge in the name of loli elf porn.

While James and Harupia struggle with Leviathan, Pip is able to help them free Katrina and Airym to run away. The two manage to free Leviathan before they come to another danger, a World Destroyer marches in to do battle. Elayne meets up with John and helps him up, and John, knowing they're at his home, rushes off to find a way to stall the planet, Elayne going with him.

Katrina and Airym part ways inside the core when the assembly invites Airym in, and Katrina rejoins the battle with the others. John and Elayne battle their way through bots to the control room for Bot World's pincers. Elayne sets the controls to self detonate and the two run, the blast buys the crew an hour or so more.

It also stumbles the World Destroyer, giving the group moments to get into the vital areas of the World Destroyer to take it down. Meanwhile, Airym negotiates with the Collective and winds up convincing them to change their stance on Organics, in exchange for becoming their ambassador. The team meets back up fully and Airym reports, with a joke, that they've won the day.

The group returns home for Christmas, where legions of catgons swarm John and families get together to celebrate the holidays, happily seeming to have avoided attacks from mutant Santas or crazed reindeer. This year.

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