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Arc 4: Q World

Date: 10-608.7.25 / January 7th (2241) / 10-606.1.7

Session 14: Flying Money Ship

Team Blue meets up in Asteroid C to recieve their mission orders. Miyuki is taking her group to investigate Q World, a place where long ago many members of Prime and the far distant Tareh were drawn into and experienced in a mere moment, months of events to which they played a key role. Inviting Darien along to the party, the group boards the Enforcer and blasts off into Q-World.

Which as expected, hates technology. The ship starts to go dead and the group crash lands into the mouth of a flying whale. When they emerge, they find the whale's stomach is strangely well packed with goods and cataloged. Realizing they're in a vessel of some kind, they narrowly escape being eaten by luggage made of sapient pearwood and flee into the piping.

Split when part of the group enters a lobby like area, Darien leads some of the members into a large meeting area filled with monsters. Breaking the rest out of the piping, they decide to haul buttock when the ground opens under them and they fall into darkness.

Here they meet some old friends, Qila and Cedarton. Qila grudingly agrees to allow the team to assist them in some business involving shiney angels, and the group agrees to help Qila with her heist in return for being brought home sooner rather than later, all things considered.


Date: 10-608.7.27 / January 9th (2241) / 10-606.1.9

Session 15: Q Heist

(Same Day in this Reality)

The deal is set and the group splits up, one group moving to sneak along and make a human ladder while the rest move onto the casino floor to distract. Ulieah plays up the sexy as she tries to lure the attention of the target, Onyx, and winds up passing the job off to Darien.

Aurica tries to sell to some guards with little effect, but the group has to knock one out and hide it. Meanwhile those above start forming their reverse human ladder when suddenly the ship takes a sudden jolt and the party has to cling for dear life to avoid spikey death. It's now that Quila decides to cough up a little detail, the Iubars are attacking, beings that those from Prime call the Illiums.

Date: 10-608.7.28 / January 10th (2241) / 10-606.1.10

Session 16: Iubar Gold and Blue

(Same Day in this Reality)

As harpoons slam around the group and chaos fills the air, Qila brushes off her MINOR offense of leaving out the Illiums for later. Spotting a security vault, Darien has the bouncy breasted fox fox-hole them there to get the loot.

Gold team gathers to head after Blue Team. After boarding their ship, the group crosses dimensions (stopping in Centerpoint on the way to fill in Jamie) to find themselves assaulted by the most righteous and terrible singing ever. Ulieah tries to counter with awesome singing but fails.

The group inside the whale come face to face with an Angel who wants to punish them all,
and soon after find themselves falling out of the whale while Gold Team's ship fires at the Illum vessels blowing them away.

Swooping down to grab the falling team, they blast the angel away but take using so many reserves, the main console of the ship explodes.

Cheryl is thrown back, but the pregnant Zeph is blown up and charred to a skeleton by the blast. The group reels, and Miyuki begins to lose it, she uses her power.

10-608.7.25 / January 7th 2241 / 10-605.7.25
The group that was on the mission suddenly feels huge migraines, as Cheryl outlines the mission to the Q World reality for Miyuki's team, Miyuki falls over and coughs up blood. She's rushed to medical, cracks now formed in reality and events are messed up, confusing, and don't make sense as the clock has been rolled back and only Cheryl seems to know what happened.

Miyuki is treated and Cheryl combines Gold and Blue, taking those that can still go to continue the mission. To the rest, they're just beginning, the group comes out at a different time in Q World then when Blue Team previously arrived, the Whale intact, and the reality disturbance still there. Asssited by Chrno, the group now has a way of sneaking in quietly.

Date: 10-608.6.9

Session 17: Qila and Cheryl


Date: 10-608.6.15 / 10.-605.11.28 / 11.28.2240

Session 18: TBA


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