Reality Strikers


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  • Age: 16
  • DOB: 12.29.2848
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Cup Size: B
  • Hair Length: Mid Back
  • Eyes: Brown (Sometimes Red)
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 90
  • Build: Slender
  • Race: Elf
  • Elemental Affinity: Wind
  • Primary Weapon: Tier 12 Crescent Dagger
  • Secondary Weapon: Tier 7 Staff
  • Special Item: Backpack
  • Special Item 2: Nephilin's Violin
  • Body Armor: Tier 12 Nephilim's Bikini Leather Armor
  • Hand Armor: Tier 12 Ruun's Gauntlet (+3 Attack)
  • Foot Armor: Barefoot

Your Beliefs: I believe in what I can feel from what a person; their mana signatures are their life signatures. It tells all you need to know about a person, and how you can press their buttons and make them sing and dance to the tune you want them to for you. The world is a stage, even if you can't see it. It's just about what kind of stage you want to make it - for better or worse....

Your Goals: To travel and 'see' the world with these useless eyes of mine. To experience all I can with little life I have in me. Oh grandmothers, I want to make you proud of me with what time I have.

Your Instinct: To trust what others cannot see.


Relatives: Jubei Silas: Cousin. Kaelan Di'Neer: 'Cousin'. Other relatives are dead. Mother and Father: Gone.


Your Background: Since she was little, her mother and face paid her little attention. The daughter of Ruun and Nephilim was flighty and wanted to see the world, and spent her time doing that instead of helping to make the town of Ruun prosper, a haven for elves and halflings in the Kingdom of Neer. So, Nephilim and Ruun spent their time raising their time raising their own granddaughter, whom they grew to love even more than their own daughter, who they did everything right by.

Ruun, the only halfling known to overcome the halflling insanity somehow from the original generation, spent her time raising Angel, and spending time with Jubei Silas and Rachael Silas. And the royal family. And so these were the happiest times for Angel; despite not meeting her cousin often, she cherished every moment, even during the funerals of her grandmothers. Despite this, after her grandparents were gone her parents did not stay and Angel was left to run the town of Ruun alone at the age of 6. Jubei, when she left on her journey when Angel was 9, was given what she needed for it by Angel as her first waystop and the two said their goodbyhes, not to see each other again until Angel was 16 - nearly 17.

Spending her time tinkering and following the journal of Ruun, wrote so Angel could feel it out, Angel became a town darling and made many machines, including a flying machine, which is how she came in contact with the group when she was 15. And met Jubei again, who had lost her memory on her journey; the two cousins reunited. Angel briefly regained her eye sight and joined the grouip, having lost her knowledge to build flying machines with her eye sight, to see the world, a childhood desire.

However, in the Demon Realm, her eye sight began to fail again and finally vanished, her mana sight returning. With this, has her knowledge of flight machines returned?



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