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  • Age: 15
  • DOB: 3.14.2847
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 190
  • Build: Swimmer Build
  • Race: Human
  • Elemental Affinity: Earth
Health: 20 / 20 Stamina: 20 / 30 Hand to Hand Combat: 20 / 30
Strength: 20 / 30 Energy: 20 / 20 Melee Weapons*: 20 / 30
Speed: 20 / 20 Reflexes: 20 / 20 Ranged Weapons: 10 / 20
Perception: 10 / 20 Charisma: 20 / 20 Magik Defense: 10 / 20
Mind: 20 / 20 Luck: 10 / 20 Magik Offense: 10 / 20
Slots: Special Attacks: 0/1, Race 0/0, Talents: 1/5, Abilities: 1/10, Skills: 2/10, Sub-Class: 0/0, Circuit: 1 Mana Pool: 100

Excel Stats: None

Spirit/Mana - 1 level up gives you 10 points of mana

Detriment Stats: None

Remaining Stats: 1 level up gives you 5 points.


Generic Traits:

Able to squeeze through narrow passageways with ease
You learn new languages quickly
Your eyes adjust to new lighting levels more quickly (you don't see any better in low visual environments though)


  • Advantage 1 Quick Learner. You gain a tiny fraction amount more of experience.  
    Advantage 2 You are able to heal a bit faster than others.  
    Advantage 3 Animals like you  
    Advantage 4 Thanks to your fathers work as a Knight of the Faire, it's easier for you to get to talk with important people.
    Advantage 5 The OG will slow at times for you.  


  • Disadvantage 1 Sickly. Catch diseases more easily. Even if you have immunity to diseases, there is a small chance you can contract one.
    Disadvantage 2 Enemies target you first a lot of times.  
    Disadvantage 3 Bad things seem to happen to you in situations. Even for comical effect it's painful.  
    Disadvantage 4 Clothes refuse to stay on you, by will of Chaintan.
    Disadvantage 5 Thanks to your fathers work as a Knight of the Faire, sometime people will just want to fight you, sometimes even kill.
Special Attacks
Core Skills

Racial Talents

Racial Abilities

Racial Skills

    Tier 1 - Mounted Combat From your training as a knight you can ride a horse very well and fight from it's back very well (+10 Melee while riding a horse)
    Tier 2 - Amour Comfort You are more comfortable in your armour than you clothes due to your training, while wearing it you are faster and stronger since you are unafraid of making a mistake (+10 to speed and strength while wearing armour that you own)
    Tier 3 - Well Spoken As a knight you must be able to speak with nobility or other people who hire you and convince them of your veracity and ability, because of this you have become well-spoken and people are more likely to agree with what you say
    Tier 4 - Toned Body Due to your training you have become very....well built. Due to this women (or men) become very interested in you for obvious reasons.
    Tier 5 - Standard Bearer If you go into battle with your standard flying you gain a moral bonus during the fight (+10 to strength, stamina, speed, melee, and hand to hand when fighting while bearing your standard.)
    Bonus Tier 1 - Knights Knowledge You have an in-depth knowledge of nobility and politics as a knight (Disagvantage: Depending on the region this may not work, your knowledge only aplicable to Gelus, Blantress, and Neer)
    Bonus Tier 2 - Knights Reputation As a knight you are well-known and people might recognize you solely from that (Even if you don't want them to recognize you.) (Disadvantage: People might recognize you even if you don't want them to, Disadvantage 2: This makes disguises much more difficult to pull off)
  • Knight's Power
    Lv. 1 - Power 1

    When fighting you can expend energy to make yourself stronger. (+10 to Strength and Melee)

    Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 - Power 2

    When fighting you can expend more energy to make youself even stronger (+25 to Strength and Melee)

    Energy: 40
    Lv. 3 - Power 3 When you are near death you get a surge of strength (+30 to Strength and Melee) (Disadvantage: This fade very quickly) Energy: 70
    Lv. 4 - Power 4

    When near death you can expend a massive amount of energy to get a very large surge of strength (+45 to Strength and Melee). Once per session. (Disadvantage 1: Doing this can cause you serious bodily harm after the hit fades, Disadvantage 2: This fades quickly, Disadvantage 3: After this fades you can be killed very easily with a single strike)

    Energy: 90
  • Palm Strike
    Lv. 1 - Basic Strike

    You are able to focus your power into your hand for a massive open handed strike that deals high amounts of damage although it uses a lot of energy

    Energy: 50
    Lv. 2 - Focused Strike

    You are able to focus even more power and strike at someone with an open hand with the same force as someone using a war hammer.

    Energy: 80
    Lv. 3 - Powerful Strike You are able to focus a massive amount of energy into an open handed strike, the strike actually breaking skin and acting like a spear (Disadvantage 1: This leaves very drained and weak to damage immediately after. Disadvantage 2: This can only be used once per session) Energy: 50
    Lv. 4 - Ultimate Strike

    You are able to focus all of your energy in a single open handed strike, doing massive damage and killing all but the strongest foe, your hand acts like an axe and will cut clean through enemies for one strike (Disadvantage 1: Uses all of your energy and slows it regeneration, Disadvantage 2: This will leave you very suceptable to damage after you do it for the rest of the day. Disadvantage 3: This could casue your hand to break or other damage to be done to it.)

    Energy: All. More energy, more damage.
  • Polearm Attack
    Lv. 1 - Strong Strike

    You are able to focus more power into a strike with a polearm.

    Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 - Quick Strike

    You are able to focus more power into strike with a polearm, causing it to be faster and harder to block. (Disadvantage: This could fail.)

    Energy: 40
    Lv. 3 - Flurry of Blows You are able to focus more power into a flurry of attacks with a polearm, doing 15 attacks with it a matter of seconds at very high speeds and accurately; this greatly depends on your own speed for success and reflexes help. Disadvantage 1: If your opponent either has a very high speed, reflexes, or perception this might fail. Disadvantage 2: If this fails you are left very open to attack and are auto-hit) Energy: 60
    Lv. 4 - Massive Slash

    You are able to focus a vast amount of power into a single strike with a polearm, jumping high before slashing down at the target with your downward momentum, doing massive damage. (Disadvantage 1: This weakens you after, dropping your strength by 10. Disadvantage 2: This uses a large amount of energy. Disadvantage 3: This might fail if the opponent is too strong)

    Energy: 60
Specific Tree






  • Primary Weapon: Tier 6 Pike
  • Secondary Weapon: Tier 6 Bow
  • Special Item: Backpack
  • Special Item 2: Standard of the Faire
  • Body Armor: Tier 4 Ore Plate
  • Hand Armor:
  • Foot Armor:

Your Beliefs:

If things cannot be solved diplomatically the you should be prepared to fight.

Your Goals:

Becoming a knight and defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Your Instinct:

End things quickly so as to limit the harm done to innocents

Relatives: Father- Thomas the Faire, Mother- Mary

Your Background:

James was born from his father Thomas the Faire, of a long line of "knights", The Faire Knights, who are actually mercanaries with higher standards than most, and a barmaid during a one knght stand. Thomas, being a gentleman, helped to raise James, whom he had named after his grandfather who was named after his father before him, giving gold to the barmaid and visting often.

When James was tenthe village his mother and him lived in was sacked by barbarians and his mother was killed, Thomas and his loyal companion were thankfully able to save James though and Thomas took him under his wing, teaching him to become a knight. James has continued being a squire to his father and training under him for the five years hence. James has traveled with Thomas throughout Tareh, going to every kingdom aside from Badelf and the Demon Realm. Though they tend to stay in Gelus and Neer sice it is nearer to home for them.

In reference to the Faire Knights; they were founded only a small time after the Angel War after an ancestor of James broke off as a knight after the noble family he was disposed of, still wanting to help people in his area he became something of a mercanary, though he often worked for free and became known as the Faire Knight, both for his looks as well as his actions. His actions as well as his title has been passed down through his family line until it has reached James, and although they often charge for their services, it is often very very low and affordable if they feel the person they are helping could not afford normal help.

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