Reality Strikers


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  • Age: 50
  • Appeared Age: 21
  • DOB: 2812
  • Hair: Raspberry
  • Cup Size: B+
  • Hair Length: Waist Length
  • Eyes: Emerald
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Weight: 68 lbs
  • Build: Waif
  • Race: Humanish
  • Elemental Affinity: Wind
Health: 20 / 20 Stamina: 40 / 40 Hand to Hand Combat: 10 / 20
Strength: 60 / 60 Energy: 60 / 100 Melee Weapons: 30 / 30
Speed*: 110 / 150 Reflexes@: 200 / 200 Ranged Weapons: 25 / 25
Perception: 100 / 100 Charisma: 50 / 50 Magik Defense: 20 / 20
Mind: 10 / 10 Luck: 10 / 10 Magik Offense*: 90 / 90
Slots: Special Attacks: 0/2, Race 0/0, Talents: 5/5, Abilities: 5/10, Skills: 1/10, Circuits: 2 Mana Pool: 1100

Generic Traits:

Keener senses

Strength with insanity

Always land on feet



  • Advantage 1 Halflings are extremely capable at magik and if they have spells, it does 1.5 damage.  
    Advantage 2 Your Mana/Spirit charges faster.  
    Advantage 3 You instill faith in others with your serenity.  


  • Disadvantage 1 Jubei's persona shifts in response to her environment. Casual, she's a bit of a player, to battle she becomes a fiercely focused fighter, and to weakness or disadvantage she becomes maiden-like.  
  • Disadvantage 2 You get more OG situations.  
  • Disadvantage 3 ou can be stubborn in your ways and hard to pursuade at times.  
Special Attacks
Race Specific Tree

Racial Talents


Racial Abilities


Racial Skills

  • Leadership
    Tier 1 You are capable of earning trust easier with those under your command and gaining insight into leadership tests/situations. You are taking a leadership test, you will be given clues by the person running it (3). If you in a leadership role, players and NPCs under you will trust you a bit easier with this tier up to a point. If you begin to make bad calls this will erode. The more charisma you have, the more bad calls you can make.
    Tier 2 You are capable of getting strangers to trust your judgements on situations, bringing them to your way of thinking if they are of like minds. Meaning if they are in the same line of work as you and you point out a strategy they are more likely to believe you and go with your plan than before. The higher your charisma stats, the easier the time of convincing them.
    Tier 3 You find more gold off monsters.
    Tier 4 You are capable of getting NPCs who do not have anything to do with your line of work to believe and work for your cause; they will rally to cause if you use this tier along with a motivational speech and your Charisma/Luck Stat.
    Tier 5 You can bluff the enemy leaders with your talent with this tier depending on Mind, Perception, Charisma, or Luck, along with having this tier. With how many you might have following you also a factor. You can sometimes use your leadership prowness to get enemy commanders to surrender to you completely without a fight.
    Bonus Tier 1 You can use your leadership abilities to rally your allies in battle, causing them to fight harder and push to their goals with more ferocity.
    Disadvantage 1: This can only be used once per session.
    Disadvantage 2: If you are injured while the push is made, it will automatically demoralize the crowd.
    Bonus Tier 2 You have a higher chance of finding rare items off enemies.
    Disadvantage 1: Sometimes, rarely, a monster will drop no gold or items at all.
    Disadvantage 2: If your Luck stat is low, items you find will sometimes be broken.

    Tier 1 Your gasp of herbs is basic at best, however you can recognize dangerous plants from non-dangerous ones. This will allow you from making a fatal mistake in what you eat.
    Tier 2 Your grasp of herbs allows you to recognize potiential plants that can ease pain and help with minor healing in the body. This allows you to have knowledge in how to mix herbs into a basic healing item.
    Tier 3 You can concoct herbs together that allows you to make advanced healing herbs. These herbs take time to take effect and are for long distance healing. You can also mix together poisons. However, the poisons can easily be identified and take a long, agonizing time to kill.
    Tier 4 You can conconct poisons that are untraceable now. You are also able to identify rare herbs others would have difficulties with.
    Tier 5 You can mix together instantenous healing herbs that heal the body, however it takes 10 fully mixed healing herbs. Shuffle, shuffle, mix mix, make room.
    Bonus Tier 1 You can create your own potions and types. You can speak with the GM about it and what types of herbs you'll need for your ideas and where in Tareh to find them - then how to make the team go there. Disadvantage 1: Sometimes this fails.
    Bonus Tier 2 You are able to reverse engineer potions and herb based items (Disadvantage: This has a chance of failing, and costs a small fee of gold depending on the item or potion)

    Tier 1 - Basic Environment Tactics Basic Environment Tactics - Basic tactical knowledge of environmental areas. What things look safe/stable.
    Tier 2 - Enviro / Situational Tactics Situational events or the surrounding environments might have you baffled. Sometimes battles aren't always the problem and you might need insight. The GM will provide up to 3 clues.
    Tier 3 - Tactical Genius 1 on 1 This is for one on one battle situations. This lets you read your enemy better and find openings and situations. If it's a boss enemy that attacks often (not a God) and runs away, each time you will gain more data and you can call upon this tier and talent for clues from the GM. If it's an enemy type, like a Templar Commander, that you are fighting one on one, or an Elite, that you fight often, you can do the same.
    Tier 4 - Enemy Tactics Enemy Tactics - You can sometimes watch enemy formations and gleam information from their patterns on what their going to attack. By using this the GM may give you clues on what they're planning.
    Tier 5 - Big Bad Tactics  This tier is devoted to the tactics of the big bads of the RPG. Either it be Gods, the Darkness, or something else throughout the long running time, this tier begins weak and slowly grows stronger each time you fight them as you gain more data. At first when you ask the GM for clues you will get nothing. Then a little something, then more.
    Bonus Tier 1 You can create your own tactics in a situation. When you use this tier, you ask the GM to allow your 'tactics to have a chance a working'. When this is in play, you will put forth your insane plan to see if it will go through. 
    Disadvantage 1: Sometimes this fails and fails hard.
    Bonus Tier 2 You can improvise in tough situations and create a new way out of a tough problem. Call it "Pulling a Captain Kirk", but you can use the resources and people you have unhand to make the impossible quite possibly possible.
    Disadvantage 1: This sometimes fails and fails hard.
    Disadvantage 2: You may find yourself paying a bigger price then you anticipated for your actions.

    Nomadic Cooking
    Tier 1 You can cook food that doesn't make people die horrible deaths from scrounged items, herbs, animals.
    Tier 2 You can make a presentable meal out of otherwise unpresentable ingredients...
    Tier 3 You're adept at finding odd combinations of foods that can energize and revitalize, even if temporarily, boosting Stamina and Energy by 30.
    Tier 4 Your food now provides heavier bonuses and extends to Health as well. +40 Stamina, Energy, Health / Disadvantage 1: They don't work for EVERYONE. You might make someone minorly ill.
    Tier 5 You make cuisine out of garbage like a stray cat. Restores Health / Mana instead of providing a boost. +500 Spirit/Mana restoration
    Disadvantage 1: Shares the same disadvantages as Tier 4.
    Disadvantage 2: The effects of this witchdoctor-like recipe are more likely to backfire than the sure things of simpler foods. It isn't prime ingredients after all.
    Bonus Tier 1  
    Bonus Tier 2  

    Social Allure
    Tier 1 - Presence The presence of said character is noticeable and for a short while it's difficult for people to ignore them.
    Tier 2 - That Smile This character has a memorable and attractive smile and expression that people find somewhat intoxicating and removes a bit of their guard.
    Tier 3 - Voice of Grace This character has a silver tongue. Although it doesn't mean she can lie without ward, it means that what she says flows and comes across easily believable. If she skirted the truth, it wouldn't sound as if she were unreasonable. (NPC related)
    Tier 4 - Seductive Charm The character has a way with her body language and tongue that can work most people completely off their guard and into situations or events that they might otherwise be hesitant or not want to be involved in. It's not magik in nature, but sometimes it's hard to believe it's not. Or those swept to bed by it might blame it on magik... (NPC related)
    Tier 5  
    Bonus Tier 1  
    Bonus Tier 2  
  • Animal Whisperer
    Lv. 1 This allows you to understand Rank D/C monsters or baby monsters' intentions. You cannot influence them but you know what they are about.
    Lv. 2

    This allows you to understand Rank B/A monsters intentions. You cannot influence them but you know what they are intending.

    Lv. 3 You are able to speak with lower ranking monsters (D/C) and baby monsters. You can get them to understand your intentions. Once you learn this particular level you can raise baby monsters to follow complex orders overtime. (Disadvantage: Sometimes the baby monster can be grumpy)
    Lv. 4

    You are able to try to force Rank B and sometimes A monsters to obey you. This does not always work. Better chance to work with higher Mind. Disadvantage 1: If you fail to get them to obey you the monster will get a free hit on you. Disadvantage 2: Sometimes your orders can be completely misunderstood and a teammate might be attacked - better them than you.

    Uncanny Form
    Lv. 1 - Cat-like

    This ability is representative of a nature reflex in the said character that makes them innately good at dodging things even if they weren't aware of it until the last second, or catching/reacting to something by instinct. Need to catch something dangerous before it impacts you weren't expecting? Temporary Reflexes +30

    Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 - Missed Me

    It's just plain harder to hit this character with ranged attacks from weapons and single-target spells such as magik bolts and arrows or thrown objects. Can synergize with Improviser to catch impromptu weapons or objects, or things like keys while in a position of outstretched hands through a window and such.

    Energy: 40
    Lv. 3 - Even Trying?
    • The character's instinctive ability to dodge things extends to certain attacks and situations such
      as falling objects. Due to senses being keener than humans and a knack for getting out of trouble, the character is less likely to be caught offguard or injured by an ambush or falling ceiling or the likes. This only lasts 5 minutes. Perception +10 Disadvantage: This is not perfect; this ability needs to be in play to prevent being caught off guard. The GM will determine if successful. Also the more used in a session the more the reflexes/perception stat will suffer after a certain number of uses.
    Energy: 30
    Lv. 4 - Know Before it Happens

    The character is the epitome of instinct and reflexes when it comes to ambushes, traps or even unpredictable natural occurances. The subtle rumbling or vibrations in the air or ground can alert them to an eruption, a cave-in, those lying in wait or snipers. They can pass through a gauntlet with an OG easier, or miraculous sense and dodge a lethal shot from afar once in a while without any way of knowing ahead of time. This must be in play to be used and lasts 10 minutes per use. Disadvantage 1: The more this is used, the more the perception and reflex stats are degraded that session. Disadvantage 2: A person with higher stats might get around this - determined by the GM.

    Energy: 30

    Primal Art
    Lv. 1 - Fae Guard When fighting hand to hand, magik energy can be focused passively to increase defenses when actively guarding or blocking an attack. Attacks of a normal calibur are negligible, but guarding against magik strikes, strong opponents or weapons take noticeable energy. Energy: 30 or Mana 500
    Lv. 2 - Fae Aura While fighting unarmed, magik can be gathered from around so long as the area permits it and isn't barred in some way, unnatural or otherwise. This permits fighting in Primal Art longer without exhaustion. She provides a distortion that is able to be sensed by that which detects magik. Energy: 40 or Mana 700
    Lv. 3 - Fae Sense This ability displays how well tapped into magik the user is, shown in being able to feel out sources of magik, including wellsprings or other spells being cast. In regards to other spells, you can sense how strong it is in relation to yourself. Disadvantage: There is a chance you will sometimes run over a wellspring so strong it is disorienting, causing you to suffer -20 Perception temporarily. Energy: 20 or Mana 500
    Lv. 4 - Fae Blessed Blessed by the magiks of the land and the spirits in the area, the prowess at which the subject can maintain and compose Primal Arts is increased noticeably, and the effectiveness of strikes and guards is increased. The stamina and energy of said subject is also temporarily increased by 30. Note, to make it more effective Aschae has to use Lv. 1 - 3 after Lv. 4. Disadvantage: (1) When activated, this ability has a chance to cause your stamina to work at half effectiveness temporarily. (2) When the boosts wear off, your Stamina and Enegy suffer a -25 Defecit until you rest. (3) Your Magik Defense may fail you sometimes, randomly. Mana 800

    Lv. 1 - Extra Reserves The character stores excess mana when rested so that it can later be used when it's necessary. The amount isn't amazing, but it's better than being fully-rested and the replenishment being wasted? Mana +400 Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 - Needed Burst When in a momentum of attacking, if the enemy is looking exhausted, sometimes this inspires a mustering of energy for an attack to try and finish them off. This can only be done once every great while. Energy: 20
    Lv. 3 - Just What I Needed The reserves being stored are improved and are constantly replenishing small amounts of mana so that once you are rested, you are a force to be reckoned with. Mana + 600 Disadvantage: Strength -10 Energy: 40
    Lv. 4 - Thought She was Done? Sometimes survival instincts kick in and just when you need it, you have just enough energy to pull through and save yourself or something important. The strain on the body is great and this is only for emergencies. Disadvantages: (1) You will be greatly weakened after using this ability, Stamina will fail you until you rest. (2) You are open to attacks for a short time after clearing the danger. (3) Your energy will be at a -10 detriment until you rest after using this ability. Energy: 40

    Mana Font
    Lvl. 1 Your mana font can only be used by you, giving off a decent amount of mana for you Energy: 20
    Lvl. 2 Your mana font can be used by two people including yourself, it gives slightly less than if it was being used by one person Energy: 40
    Lvl. 3 Your mana font gives off a huge amount of mana for two people (Didavantages: It has a chance of taking all of the mana from the person who summoned it) Energy: 80
    Lvl. 4 Your mana font gives off huge amount of mana and supercharges spells of your affinity for the two people using it as well and making all other spells slightly stronger as well (Disadvantage: There is a chance your font may take all of your mana as well and causing you to take a decent amount of damage from it) Energy: 100
  • Tiger Blade
    Lv. 1 Jubei makes a vertical slash as she leaps, doing a flip and using the momentum to crash down on an opponent with her blades. The technique is used to cause critical damage or to injure armor. This is dependent on how high her tier blade is as well. Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 The Tiger Blade technique is enhanced, performing a swifter version that can be strung after a combo to hit even harder. Energy: 20-50
    Lv. 3 This advanced form of the Tiger Blade inflicts a concussive blow, either creating a shockwave and knocking other enemies back from her and her target who took the impact, or dazing the enemy for a moment and inhibiting their next action. Disadvantage: Sometimes this can fail and reflect back against her, dazing Jubei Energy: 50
    Lv. 4 The final form of the Tiger Blade that crushes its direct target and creates an electrified shockwave from its main impact that paralyzes the target and nearby surrounding ones with a weaker effect of paralysis. The targets aren't fully paralyzed, but the closer to the impact point, the slower and more sluggish they are.. Disadvantage 1: Jubei is sometimes paraylzed by her own attack. Disadvantage 2: Jubei sometimes misses entirely, leaving her completely open. Energy: 50 + 200 mana
Picked Out Sub-Class Specific Tree

Sub-Class Talents


SB-C Abilities


Sub-C Skills

Templar Class Specific Tree

Templar Class Talents

  • Focus
    Tier 1 - Meditative State Whenever a templar meditates and focuses their energy, when they have time to do so, depending on the length of time they are able to sit and do so, they are able to be more focused and able bodied during combat, capable of seeing and focusing their attacks more directly and precisely, and seeing things they might not normally see. This is aided more with perception and mind stats being higher.
    Tier 2 - Inner Focus If a templar can find time within a combative situation to stand there and take a minute to breathe in and out, focusing their spiritual flow and mana and energy, they can sharpen their senses and be alert to incoming blows easier and prepare to strike faster and more alertly than before, allowing them to fight better than before.
    Tier 3 - Inner Focus II The same as above, only the time of focus is cut down to 30 seconds instead of a minute.
    Tier 4 - Split Second Focus This is similiar to Tier 2 and 3 but this can only be used once. This also unlocks an ability tree named after this Tier, which will let you open it up more than once. This allows the person to take their inner focus and instead of 30 seconds to focus their talents to into combative prowness, they can do it a in a split second.
    Tier 5 - Outer Focus Allowing the templar to focus outward, they attuned to details in their environment when it comes to combat/battle. When a battle is going on, they are able to notice details of their environment others might notice, as well as unusual enemies and combative focuses of others.
    Bonus Tier 1  
    Bonus Tier 2  

    Templar Leadership
    Tier 1 - Basic Leadership Tactics This helps the Templar know basic tactics when it comes to dealing with people, even in situations completely foreign to them. Basic human behavior will always be the same, and the templar is taught how to use this tactically to get what needs to be done.
    Tier 2 - Basic Templar Manipulation This helps the templar manipulate the common person in the world by appealing to their basic human nature. It's up to the templar to decide how to approach it. Even acolytes in churches are taught this much to help them when dealing with godless men out there. Kindness, or a heavy hand, is up to the individual though.
    Tier 3 - Leadership This helps the templar do basic leadership with the basic NPC on the street, getting them to trust in them. If you have taken the advantage that gives faith in the templar/character, then this tier is greatly enhanced. Charisma is also helpful in this. This helps mostly with every day NPCs and allows the player to instruct them into basic commands and the GM provides insight into how far they can be pushed in their comfort zone.
    Tier 4  
    Tier 5  
    Bonus Tier 1  
    Bonus Tier 2  

  • Templar Scholar I
    Tier 1 - Templar Tactics

    Jubei is very familiar with templar-like initiations and understands how they generally function. She could accurately guess how they would approach a broad problem or issue.

    Tier 2 - Templar Refinement Jubei is studied in how templars break down war fronts and how they would decide to counter it or work against a siege environment.
    Tier 3 - Templar Unity

    Jubei understands the finer points of how templars think and act. She can safely predict their tactics, actions, recreate their strategies and act upon them or against them with swift effectiveness, or relate them to others.

    Tier 4  
    Tier 5  
    Bonus Tier 1  
    Bonus Tier 2  

    Templar Scholar II
    Tier 1 - Mana Leyline Origins

    Jubei is one of the priviledged that know about the mana leylines and how they originate. She knows about their creations and that they affect the world.

    Tier 2 - Leyline Effects Jubei is studied in just what kinds of effects the leylines and specific kinds have on certain regions and what would happen if they were altered or modified somehow with magik.
    Tier 3 - Leyline Detection

    Jubei is adept at locating leylines by using hints from the geography of the land as well as other hints such as feeling dense mana in the area and can find them for use.

    Tier 4  
    Tier 5  
    Bonus Tier 1  
    Bonus Tier 2  

Templar Class Abilities

  • God/Unnatural Sense
    Lv. 1 When any of the 13 Gods of Tareh are near, if they are not in disguise, you can sense them if you have encountered them at least one time.
    Lv. 2 When any of the 13 Gods of Tareh are near, no matter the disguise, you can sense them if you have encountered them at least one time.
    Lv. 3 You are attuned to the unnatural and can sense demonic and dark energy of beings of God power like strength after you have encountered them once before and they have gotten away.
    Lv. 4 You can sense the unnatural no matter what from now on if it is on a certain level. You cannot tell if it's good or bad, though, simply that there is something nearby and of a certain power level.

    Heart of the Warrior
    Lv. 1 - Heart of the Unyielding It's incredibly difficult to stop Jubei once she's put her mind to a task. she will see that it's done regardless of consequence if she deems it necessary. This makes her incredibly relentless despite her body.
    Lv. 2 - Heart of the Zen Jubei is capable of calming her heart and mind and becoming incredibly aware because of it. She is very attuned to mana and the unnatural. This helps her on the battlefield.
    Lv. 3 - Heart of Absolution Jubei is capable of being a warrior much like the angel. She has power and the means to use it, and once she believes something is necessary, she will place all of her being into making it happen, and may the gods help what is in the way.
    Lv. 4 +30 stamina

    Templar Meditation
    Lv. 1 If a templar is able to get more than two hours meditation before combat, all their stats are doubled for that battle for 30 minutes.
    Lv. 2 If a templar can manage even an hour meditation before combat, their stats will all rise by 50 points for 30 minutes.
    Lv. 3 This can only be done once and a while and has a high chance of failure if either perception, mind, or luck stats are low - if any of those are high enough this has a better chance of working. When this does work, a templar can focus if they have 1 minute before a battle and pick 3 stats to double instantly before a battle for 1 minutes.
    Lv. 4 The same as above, but for 5 minutes.

    Templar Focus
    Lv. 1 When faced with the Opposite Game, you can activate Level 1 to slow it down by typing Lv.1. Energy Cost: 40
    Lv. 2 If you're about to lose and you haven't completed the OG, you can type Lv. 2 to take minimal damage to your character. Energy Cost: 60
    Lv. 3 f you're about to lose you can type in Lv. 3 and skip the OG for yourself or another and skip it without penality. One time use per session.
    Lv. 4 If you're about to lose you can type in Lv. 4 and skip the OG for the entire grouip. One time use per session.

Templar Class Skills

  • Templar Slash
    Lv. 1 - Breeze Slash Jubei channels a small amount of Wind Element over her sword as she slashes, paying a small amount of mana to give an extra bite as she slashes her sword out, this deals slightly more damage then a usual blow. Energy: 20 and Mana: 200
    Lv. 2 - Gale Strike Jubei channels her strength into a mighty blow, encorporating her Breeze Slash technique to deal a decent amount of damage with her slash. Energy: 40 and Mana: 200
    Lv. 3 - Zephyr Strike Jubei channels her strength into a deadly blow, the speed and ferocity of the attack also causes the wind element suffusing the blade to streak out from her blow, adding an additional cutting wind to her blow as an after effect. Energy: 60 and Mana: 300
    Lv. 4 - Serpentine Slash
    This powerful strike is powered solely by your energy, and can destroy tiers of armor. The devastating blow is able to cut through tier 7 armor like butter.
    Energy: 60

    Non-Fatal Strike
    Lv. 1 When facing low level enemies, using weapons or your fists, you are capable of delivering blows along the main body to cripple the insides without killing them, aiming to cause blood loss or internal damage that does not kill. Your goal is quick blows. Energy: 40
    Lv. 2 When facing mid level enemies, using weapons or your fists, you are capable of delivering blows along the main body to cripple the insides without killing them, aiming to cause blood loss or internal damage that does not kill. Your goal is quick blows. Energy: 80
    Lv. 3 When facing high level enemies, using weapons or your fists, you are capable of delivering blows along the main body to cripple the insides without killing them, aiming to cause blood loss or internal damage that does not kill. Your goal is quick blows. Energy: 120
    Lv. 4 This move is for a devastating strike against a target so close to their heart or what passes for it that if they dare move or attempt to move, they will risk tearing themselves asunder into death, giving you control over their life, and putting you close enough to do a palm strike if you have enough energy after this attack. Some enemies may be able to dodge this and the high energy cost will leave you worn down until stamina can restore it. Energy: 160

    Templar Heal Magik
    Lv. 1 The most basic form of the heal magik, it restores basic flesh damage done to the surface layer of the body and restores some lost health points to the Health Stat. Mana Cost: 50
    Lv. 2 This restores even more damage done to the outer layer of the body, mending rendered flesh and stopping bleeding that is occurring, but it does not touch damage inside. It restores moderate health points to the Health Stat. Mana Cost: 150
    Lv. 3 This patches the insides of a person temporarily to allow them to move and act in battle long enough to get proper treatment from a healer. Mana Cost: 300
    Lv. 4 This can restore moderate damage done to a person's insides, allowing them to move about and fight again with 1/5th of proper healing restoration done to them. This healing level can only be done a few times per session. Mana Cost: 500

    Templar Cure Magik
    Lv. 1 If a templar is poisoned by basic poisons and they cast this within a minute of it occurring, they can completely flush their system. This might not get rid of the effects completely, but it will keep them from dying. Mana Cost: 200
    Lv. 2 If a deadly poison pierces the templar's skin through a blade or arrow and begins to take effect long after the wound and they realize once it's in their system, they can flush their system after the fact though they are left weakened. Mana Cost: 400
    Lv. 3 If another has been poisoned and the templar acts within 1 minute they can flush their system. Same as Lv. 1 Mana Cost: 200
    Lv. 4 If another is poisoned and dying after a length of time, the templar can attempt to flush their system despite the length of time. The person will be left weakened afterwards. Mana Cost: 400

    Templar Lightning Magik
    Lv. 1 Basic Lightning magik, thrown from the hand at the enemy, it causes nothing but Lightning based damaged. Mana Cost: 50
    Lv. 2 Generated from the hand as well, this causes shock damage as well as Lightning based damaged. Mana Cost: 400
    Lv. 3 A Lightning ball is generated and bounced at any angle the templar can manage to smash into an opponent, shocking and knocking them over; small chance of paralysis. Mana Cost: 100
    Lv. 4 - Templar Storm Templar Storm. A small storm appears over two to three people and begins to generate lightning bolts from the clouds generated, shocking and zapping the targets repeatedly. This forces the templar to remain in place to generate the cloud and if they move it's broken. It can only be generated a few times per session. Mana Cost: 500
Angel Magik
  • Wind Jump (Mana Cost: 25)
  • ---
  • Flame Weapon (Mana Cost: 100)
  • ---
  • Ice Blade (Mana Cost: 100)
  • ---
  • Lightning Blade (Mana Cost: 100)
  • ---
  • Water Blade (Mana Cost: 100)
Angel Mark
    • Advantages:
    • Lv. 1: Faster Healing Time, Increased Speed, Increased Magik Effectiveness
    • Lv. 2: Improved Healing Time, Superhuman Speed, Free Magik Level
    • Disadvantages:
    • Lv. 1: Strength, Stamina and Energy Impairment
    • Lv. 2: Stat impairment 1 & 2
    • Primary Weapon: Steel Bow-Double Sword (Tier 6)
    • Secondary Weapon: Mothers's Bow-Double Sword (Tier 8) (severe disadvantage in sword form)
    • Special Item: Large Coin Purse
    • Special Item 2: Backpack
    • -Fruits ( 2 yellows, 2 green ones, 2 orange ones, 1 blue ones, 1 purple ones, 2 pink ones, 2 red ones, 2 yellow-blues, 2 curved ones, 2 squareish ones, 2 sweet smelling ones that are bright red)
    • - large coin purse
    • Body Armor: Leather Plate Armor (Tier 5)
    • Hand Armor:
    • Foot Armor:

    Your Beliefs:

    Jubei believes that there's always a way to protect what you love through dedication.

    Your Goals:

    Her goal is to repair the Rune Blade (as it stands) and recover her memories and sense of self

    Your Instinct:

    Instinct tells her to protect those who can't protect themselves, especially her companions.


    Your Background:


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