Reality Strikers


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  • Appeared Age: 17
  • DOB: 10-592.12.1
  • Hair: Dark Black
  • Hair Length: Mid-Back
  • Eyes: Red
  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight: 115
  • Cup Size: B
  • Build: Slender
  • Race: Halfling
  • Elemental Affinity: Fire
God Magik Pact

(will later be listed as who takes God Pact Magik)

God Magik Pact People: Sia, Lucky, Truth, Kaelan

  • Primary Weapon: Hero's Blade (God Tier Short Sword)
  • Secondary Weapon: Tier 7 Dagger
  • Special Item: Backpack
  • Special Item 2: Ashae's Staff
  • Body Armor: God Tier Lenneth Bikini Armor (+3 Defense, +2 Magik Defense)
  • Hand Armor: God Tier Lenneth Gauntlet Armor (+3 Attack, +3 Parry)
  • Foot Armor: God Tier Lenneth Boots (+3 Speed, +3 Evasion)

Your Beliefs: I believe in heroes and what they can do for the world and how they shape it. Perhaps it is from my lost memories and what I lost. I know that the Goddess Ama could tell me more about my past, but I will forge a new future with Chae with what Aschae gave me, and try not to be bitter that I am alone.

Your Goals: To give little Chae a future and devote my life to her, for she is all I have now. And to be there to give my 2000+ life wisdom to my friends. Tareh's future is Chae and their future, and I will be their blade and shield if needbe.

Your Instinct: Trust in the pureness of heroic nature of heroes, but remember they can have fallacy too; even the best of us.


Relatives: All are long dead. Even Aschae.

Child: Chae.


Your Background: Lenneth is one of the twelve gods. Considered the kindest of the gods, Lenneth made deals to get the elves and haflings proper treatment in the past, as well as other acts of kindness around the world to those who would ask for it from her. When the Angel arrived, she and Harbinger each worked to find her, though with different tactics. Lenneth attempted to bring the group in alive and capture the Angel, while Harbinger wished only to destroy them.

In the end, Lenneth captured the Angel and her team, allowing them to go about their lives - though when they later attacked her again, they managed to overpower her just long enough to place a collar around her neck that robbed her of her power and memories - the same collar that had been used on the Angel. Now Lenneth travels with the group, apparantly with no memories of the past.

However, it was revealed she was faking the memory loss in order to get close to the team and learn more about them, and have them accept her without knowing she might be an enemy. The first to learn of it was Aschae, who saw through her guise and despite being a God, accepted her for who she was - which meant a lot to Lenneth due to Aschae's burning desire to destroy all the Gods. Lenneth continued to aid the team and when Aschae revealed she had her memories, the team accepted her as one of their own.

During their travels, Lenneth begin to question more and more - it was discovered she has elven ears though her mind was blocked to not notice or remember them, and none of the other gods have such ears. She also revealed to Aschae that the gods used her sexually to relieve stress and that she was not always privy to answers, having been brought up to believe the Angel was a relic of an old age and a weapon that could destroy Tareh. However, after spending time with Jean, Lenneth began to doubt this more. When it came time to battle Angelus of the Gods, Lenneth fully sided with the team and seemingly died to protect them, not wanting the gods to trace her once the collar had been damaged.

When Aschae fell into a deep depression, having fallen in love with Lenneth and Lenneth with her, she worked hard to find Lenneth's fate. It was discovered Lenneth had been brainwashed to work for the gods once again, but Aschae's words broke her out of the state and she destroyed the controlling device, aiding the team once more without her Goddess powers. Having been stripped of most her power, and retraining only a sliver of it, she began to die and her hair turn white due to having lived so long and the immortality apparantly given to her having run out. The Angel formed a mark on Lenneth and it stopped the process, tying the two's lives together even more. Now Lenneth, despite being depowered, has access to some of the god magic she once was given and can give it to others to use against the very gods who once gave it to her. The more people who make pacts with her, the stronger she will become.

With Aschae's death after falling with her, Lenneth's heart was broken and now in a new time, it seemed Lenneth would waste away until a tigroar cub was turned into a little girl. Caring for Chae allowed Lenneth to find her balance again and Lenneth has devoted herself into caring for her. Now the warrior of the gods spends her time traveling with the group and watching over the young child, no longer displaying much of her old power and conserving it, no longer one of the key players she once was.

However, it is clear Lenneth will devote herself and do anything for Chae, and the future she wants the little one to have. And dark forces are moving against the group, and Lenneth can sense it.


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