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  • Age: 26
  • DOB: 5.7.2363
  • Hair: Black
  • Hair Length: Very Short
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 120
  • Build: Athleticly Scrawny
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Rogue
  • Elemental Affinity: Lightning

  • Class Level: 47
Health: 10 / 20 Stamina: 80 / 80 Hand to Hand Combat: 10 / 20
Strength: 50 / 50 Energy: 80 / 80 Melee Weapons: 25 / 30
Speed@: 200 / 200 Reflexes: 75 / 75 Ranged Weapons: 10 / 20
Perception: 10 / 20 Charisma: 15 / 20 Magik Defense: 10 / 20
Mind: 10 / 20 Luck: 30 / 30 Magik Offense: 10 / 20
Slots: Special Attacks: 0/1, Race 0/4, Talents: 2/5, Abilities: 3/10, Skills: 2/10, Sub-Class: 0/1 Mana Pool: 100

Generic Traits:

Able to squeeze through narrow passageways with ease

You can go slightly longer than usual without food or water

Your eyes adjust to new lighting levels more quickly (you don't see any better in low visual environments though)


  • Advantage 1 Quick Learner (Gains a tiny bit more experience)  
    Advantage 2 Speedy (Treats speed as an excel stat)  


  • Disadvantage 1 Fear of Fire (Suffers penalties to all stats when surrounded by large open flames)  
    Disadvantage 2 Lazy (Treat Stamina as a decel stat)  
Special Attacks
Race Specific Tree

Racial Talents


Racial Abilities


Racial Skills

Created Skillset Tree


  • Perfect Balance
    Tier 1 Your balance is better than most other people's, allowing you to move faster across items you are balancing on.
    Tier 2 You can move your full speed while balancing with little problems.
    Tier 3 Keeping your balance comes naturally. If something off-sets it, such as a sudden shake or a gust of wind, you manage to stay standing better than most. Disadvantage: If this happens, you automatically become more cautious, disabling tier 2.
    Tier 4 Your balancing is almost unparalleled. You can balance over thinner platforms and generally more precarious objects better than most. Disadvantage: None of the previous tiers work for this tier on especially precarious objects. You also are a bit overconfident on normal objects as well, meaning there is a random chance that tiers 1-3 will will be negated on such objects.
    Tier 5 Your ability to balance makes tightrope walkers jealous. Objects you are balancing on are counted as MUCH lighter than they normally would for chances of breaking. Disadvantage: There is a random chance that what you balanced over will break as soon as you are done, meaning if you aren't the last one over, then you've screwed the rest of the party over. Be careful!
    Bonus Tier 1 Because of his thief training, Leruste has an easier time of getting back up via acrobatics if he has caught onto the edge of what he is balancing on. Disadvantage: This isn't a guaranteed recovery, and in fact he has a small random chance of overshooting and missing. This stacks with Comic Relief if it can become especially funny.
    Bonus Tier 2 Once in a great while, you can ask the GM in #taw for an autosuccess across an especially precarious ledge. Disadvantage: If you do, autosucceed or not, your next three balance opportunities have large, hidden penalties to them.

  • Comedy Relief
    Tier 1 You are the comedy relief of the group and has odd things happen to you on a regular basis.
    Tier 2 When you least expect it, something that would lighten the mood by hurting you in some way (physically, psychologically, etc) happens. Advantage: If you follow through with it like a champ, your next fight will find hidden minor bonuses.
    Tier 3 If comedy dictates it, even your own allies will laugh at your misfortune (though in a discrete way, and hopefully you're laughing WITH them). Advantage: At least some fortune blows your way. If you play along with it, you find some extra gold or credits in your pouch or bank account for your troubles.
    Tier 4 Even in the thick of battle, sometimes the rule of funny wins. Sometimes your misfortune carries over to fights, creating awkward situations for you. Advantage: If it does, at least you learn from it. You gain extra experience for this embarassment, but only if you play along.
    Tier 5 Leruste is the butt of the universe's jokes. These situations pop up more than usual for him than normal. Advantage: His bonuses are a tiny bit bigger, however, so long as he follows through. The universe is a bit mean, but not CRUEL... most of the time.
    Bonus Tier 1 Leruste KNOWS he's some sort of joke. As a result, the GM can force him into following through without an advantage every once in a while. Advantage: If the GM does this, the next time he get a bonus for following through on his own, it's more than usual.
    Bonus Tier 2 Sometimes the jokes on Leruste can be pretty cruel. Every so often, Comedy Relief can be especially malicious for him. Advantage: Every time it is vicious to him, he gets 1 free pass, allowing to fight a comedy relief moment and still gain the bonuses.


  • Heightened Reflexes
    Lv. 1 You are hard to catch in an ambush. You react faster than usual against sudden, unseen attacks.
    Lv. 2

    You are hard to flank. You can dodge just as well surrounded by enemies as you could against a single opponent. Disadvantage: This only lasts for a while. After a few minutes of combat, it starts to wear off. Too long, and the advantages disappear completely.

    Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 Being shot at when you're busy engaging in melee sucks. That's why you simply can dodge the stuff. You gain a massive bonus to dodging shots and can, with clever thinking, have the enemies hit their allies if you work around it. Disadvantage: Again, this can only go on for so long, only this time, this has a chance of dazing you and making you feel tired. This leaves you open for even more attacks. Energy: 50
    Lv. 4

    Your reaction time to an ambush is almost instant. You act at the exact same time as an ambush is sprung. Disadvantage: Since only the GM knows when he's going to be springing traps, he controls your characters for it, having your character react in a way he would think you would react. This cannot be undone. If you argue with the GM, you gain massive, hidden penalties.

    Energy: 60

    Lv. 1 While next to walls, your attack options open up greatly, like the Prince of Persia.
    Lv. 2

    Even parkour people can pull off awesome stunts while standing still. You can jump over someone with no running start. Disadvantage: It leaves you wide open for an attack, unless you teleport or something mid-air. Even that creates it's own set of problems.

    Energy: 10
    Lv. 3 You can brace yourself between two walls or even a 90-degree angle of a wall, so long as the ceiling has a good place to rest your hand against. Think Sam Fisher. Disadvantage: This is EXTREMELY uncomfortable. You can only do this for a few minutes MAXIMUM, and even that's extremely draining. Energy: 20 then 5 per 30 seconds
    Lv. 4

    You can recover from a fall with a graceful tumble, taking much less damage than before. Disadvantage: Due to the strain of this, you can't stand up right away. How long? Up to the GM. General rule of thumb is the further you fell, the longer you'll be down.

    Energy: 20

    Master of Misdirection
    Lv. 1 Leruste appears weaker than he actually is, drawing less attention to himself.
    Lv. 2

    Leruste constantly goofs off and makes assumptions, making him appear he isn't as smart as he actually is. As such, he's passed up for interrogations more often. Disadvantage: However, because of this, people GENUINELY think he is dumb unless they know him well. As such, he is usually ignored when he actually says something smart unless it is exceptionally so.

    Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 Leruste appears to be less competent in swordplay than he actually is, causing his enemies to think they'll have an easier time against him. As a result, when he unleashes his full fury, they are caught off guard and more likely to take hits. Disadvantage: As soon as Leruste stops fooling around, EVERYONE in the battle knows his full abilities. Reoccuring villains also know his full potential, unless he raises his swordplay abilities more between battles, and won't be caught off guard for this level until he raises them more. Energy: 50
    Lv. 4

    Leruste can use his misdirection abilities to distract opponents, as anything to a simple "WHAT'S THAT?!" to an elaborate, well timed, and planned trick. This allows his opponents to drop their guard for a short time and leave an opening for an attack. Disadvantage: Smart opponents will never be caught off guard by simple tactics, and even more elaborate tactics will be less effective than normal.

    Energy: 60


  • Slow Magik
    Lv. 1 Leruste slows down time for a few seconds to half speed. Mana Cost: 50
    Lv. 2

    Leruste can slow down time for up to 15 seconds to half speed. Disadvantage: Has a small chance of eating away at his health.

    Mana Cost: 100
    Lv. 3 Leruste slows down time to nearly a crawl for a few seconds. Disadvantage: Has a moderate chance of eating away at his health. If he breaks his concentration, time resumes at the normal speed before the duration ends, with the same amount of mana spent. Mana Cost: 250
    Lv. 4

    Leruste slows down time to nearly a crawl for up to 15 seconds. Disadvantage: Has a large chance of eating away at his health. If he breaks his concentration, time resumes at the normal speed before the duration ends, with the same amount of mana spent. If he takes damage at all during this slowdown, he takes double the normal amount.

    Mana Cost: 400

    Flurry of Slashes
    Lv. 1 Leruste does three quick slashes with his melee weapon (or weapons, if he is dual weilding) at 40% normal damage each. Energy Cost: 40
    Lv. 2

    Leruste does five quick slashes with his melee weapon (or weapons, if he is dual weilding) at 40% normal damage each. Disadvantage: This has a chance of draining a small amount of stamina.

    Energy Cost: 60
    Lv. 3 Leruste does three quick slashes with his melee weapon (or weapons, if he is dual weilding) at 60% normal damage each. Disadvantage: This has a chance of draining a moderate amount of stamina. Energy Cost: 70
    Lv. 4

    Leruste does five quick slashes with his melee weapon (or weapons, if he is dual weilding) at 60% normal damage each. Disadvantage: This has a chance of draining a large amount of stamina. If at least three slashes miss, he leaves himself open for a counterattack.

    Energy Cost: 90
Sub-Class Specific Tree

N/a Talents


N/A Abilities


N/A Skills

Rogue Class Specific Tree

Class Talents

  • Rogue Dual Wielding
    Tier 1 - Dual Wielding Daggers This focuses on very small blades, such as daggers and knives. You can make rapid stabs and cuts, and you can take this tier into the other abilities and skills below.
    Tier 2 - Dual Wielding Swords This focuses on larger blades than that of daggers. Unlike a warrior, you go straight from daggers to swords of all kinds. Your reflexes and speed allow you to weild two swords without equal.
    Tier 3 - Dual Wielding Focus Your ability to dual weild weapons is even more honed. You can swing both weapons almost as easily as most people swing one, taking even less penalties than before.

  • Leather Armor Focus
    Tier 1 - Bull's Hide This makes any leather armor you wear slightly thicker, providing a bit more protection all around.
    Tier 2 - Cat's Feet The leather armor you wear makes even less noise than before, providing bonuses to sneaking around.
    Tier 3 - Cucumber's Guts Allows the wearer to quickly slide out of their armor, no matter the situation. Handy if you get grabbed by the cuff.

  • Silver Tongue
    Tier 1 - Con Artist You can use your abilities as a liar and thief to cheat someone out of minor amounts of money. By doing this to multiple people in a short span, you can get quite a bit of money, but you also risk getting caught more easily. Energy Cost: 30 each person
    Tier 2 - Slippery Tongue You use your words to talk quickly and confusingly, trying to get someone to believe what you want is best for them, but when in truth it really profits you. Think Jack Sparrow when he tries to swindle someone. Energy Cost: 40
    Tier 3 - Con Master Your con artist skills are near their peak, and you're able to pull more conviluted cons for more money and less chance to get caught. Energy Cost: 50

  • Fleetfoot
    Tier 1 Level 1
    Tier 2 Level 2
    Tier 3 Level 3
    Tier 4 Level 4
    Tier 5 Level 5

Rogue Class Abilities

  • Fighting Dirty
    Lv. 1 - You Cheated You attack with a feint that causes the enemy to be distracted from your real blow, this attack does no damage, but makes your next attack more likely to hit. Energy: 10
    Lv. 2 - Contemplatable Sneak You attack with a feint that is likely to fool even the divine, this allows you slightly more time to get in attacks with the enemy's guard down. Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 - Stop Cheating, Dammit You attack with a double feint, if the first one didn't throw them off, the second attack just might! Enemies even with super high perception and reflexes are affected by this level of feint and you have time for at least two strikes afterwards. Energy: 50 and Mana: 100

    Acrobatic Fighting
    Lv. 1 - Feint You use a feint to change your position, this allows you to make a quick change to how you're facing even a fast enemy without any risk of them attacking you or throwing someone in your way. Perfect for getting up behind the enemy! Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 - Tumble You can use uneven ground and footing to press an advantage, using this ability you can adjust yourself so your enemy is at a disadvantage, lowering their ability to block your attacks. Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 - Leap You launch yourself into the air, allowing you to react to one of two different things: You can use this to avoid an attack, or stop an enemy from changing your position themselves. Energy: 40

    Lv. 1 - Watch Where You're Aiming That Thing! If you see the attack coming at you, you can leap out of the way quickly to try and avoid it, or at least minimize the damage. You still have trouble with attacks you can't plainly see, however. Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 - You Almost Hit Me You can avoid the attack even if you can't easily spot it. Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 - Missed By a Mile! llows your to avoid an attack that would otherwise have been a surprise to you, use this when the GM states you've been attacked without any chance of dodging, cheat fate itself. However, it comes at a cost: Disadvantage: Your Luck Score drops by 10 for a session, this disadvantage stacks with every use, even into the negatives! Karma can catch up quick. This ability also can sometimes fail completely, some attacks are just plain unavoidable. Energy: 40

    Blade Defense
    Lv. 1 - Swordplay By using this ability you shift your stance from attack to defense, while you have this active, you cannot make attacks, but you can easily block incoming strikes with your weapons. Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 - Swift Swordplay You declare a defensive stance like Level 1, however, you can now counterattack your enemies after you block an attack. Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 - Reposite Immediately after you are damaged by an enemy, you can use this Level of the ability to declare a counterattack, the attack can either be one of your own abilities, or a strike that deals the same amount of damage you were dealt. Karma pays back quick. If the attack you deal back was too powerful for your own body, you can damage your health permenantly and injure yourself. Energy Cost: 100 if dealing back the attack or whatever cost of your ability plus 10

Rogue Class Skills

  • Back Stab
    Lv. 1 - Hey, Quit It You stab at an enemy's weak point or soft spot, causing greater then normal damage, the enemy must have their attention focused on another for this to succeed. Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 - That Really Hurts! Your backstab deals 2x the damage. Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 - Seriously, Ow! Your backstab deals 2.5x the damage and causes the enemy to slowly bleed out as well. Energy: 40
    Lv. 4 - Hurgurkugurk! Your backstab might be able to insta-kill weaker enemies if they are unaware of you. Energy: 60

    Lv. 1 - Deep Cut This Level of slash does a little bit of extra damage. Enough to be noticable, but not enough to turn the tide of battle. This depends on it getting through armor. Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 - Wounding Cut An improved version of slash, you deal more damage with it. Could potentially turn a battle in your favor. This depends on it getting through armor. Energy: 40
    Lv. 3 - Bleeding Cut Rather than deal more damage, this Level of slash allows a rogue to cause a bleeding effect, dealing a small amount of damage over a length of time. With backstab, this effect is either longer or causes more damage, up to the rouge when he uses this ability. This depends on it getting through armor. Energy: 60

    Lv. 1 - Calf Strike The Rogue strikes low, swiping at the enemies legs and cutting for the tendons in them, a successful hit deals normal weapon damage and hinders the enemy's speed by 20 as you give them a bad limp. Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 - Backbreaker The Rogue strikes for the sweet spot in the enemy's back, this attack will deal only normal damage, however, it will also cause wracking pain and weaken them, causing them to lose 20 Strength. If it gets through armor. Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 - Shoulder Strike The rogue strikes the spot between shoulder blade and arm, disabling an arm while dealing normal damage, this can cause an enemy to drop their weapon, be unable to use two handed ones, or lose a shield. It may also interfere with enemy spellcasting. If it get through armor. Energy: 50
    Lv. 4 - Go For the Middens! This is an almost unforgivable move, the rogue strikes the vitals of the enemy, causing excutiating pain and damaging normally, the enemy is stunned momentarily and completely open to attacks due to reeling from such a horrible strike. Stun time varies depending on weapon strength, Rogue strength stat, and enemy stamina. Energy: 60
Angel Magik
  • Wind Jump: (Mana Cost: 25 MP)
  • Gale Burst: (Mana Cost: 25 MP)
  • Gale Burst Lv. 2: (Mana Cost: 50 MP)
  • Wind Retrieval: (Mana Cost: 25 MP)
  • Wind Shield Lv. 1: (Mana Cost: 50 MP)
  • Tornado: (Mana Cost: 100 MP)
  • ---
  • Lightning Blade: (Mana Cost: 100 MP)
  • Lightning: (Mana Cost: 200 MP)
  • Grounding: (Mana Cost: 50 MP)
  • Chain Lightning: (Mana Cost: 400 MP)
  • Ball Lightning: (Mana Cost: 300 MP)
  • Flashbomb: (Mana Cost: 100 MP)
  • Static Armor: (Mana Cost: 150 MP)
  • Thunder Recharge: (Mana Cost: 300 MP)
  • Empowering Field: (Mana Cost: 400 MP)
  • Thundering Blade: (Mana Cost: 200 MP)
  • Storm Hammer: (Mana Cost: 600 MP)
  • ---
Angel Mark
  • Advantages:
  • Lvl 1: Faster Healing Time, Increased Speed, Increased Energy
  • Lvl 2: Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Energy, Free Magik Level
  • Disadvantages:
  • Lvl 1: Strength Impairment, Stamina Impairment, No Magic Useage
  • Lvl 2: Stat Impairment 1, Stat Impairment 2
      • Anima T
      • PWR: 40
      • EGY: 60
      • ARM: 20
      • SPD: 20
      • SKI: 20
      • FIST: 10
      • FOOT: 10
      • Weapon Creation Lv 1: 2 of 5 (Dual Blades)
      • Auto-Repair: 5 of 5
      • Energy Blast: 5 of 10
    • Primary Weapon: Tier 6 Ore Daggers (Fire slot, +2 Attack)
    • Secondary Weapon: Tier 8 Fire Steel Sword (severe penalty)
    • Special Item: Lockpicking Tools
    • Special Item 2: Backpack
    • -Large Gold Coin Purse
    • -Medium Gold Coin Purse
    • Body Armor: Tier 3 Leather Armor
    • Hand Armor:
    • Foot Armor:

    Your Beliefs:

    Nobody should have to go hungry because they can't afford it.

    Your Goals:

    Save Tareh, start a family with Rachael, and try to get Shadow to respect him.

    Your Instinct:

    Act first, think later.

    Relatives: Fiance - Rachael Hilund, Adopted Sister - Parita, Owner - Ruun

    Your Background:

    Leruste Enth'ar was born and raised in Sinai Capital, in the lower-middle class part of town. His mother and father ran a shop out of their house, selling various goods for modest prices, but they were happy. However, when Leruste was 14, all that ended when a fire took everything they had. Their house, their home, their money... it was gone in the blink of an eye. Nobody was hurt, and least not physically, so they had each other, at least.

    While his parents were desperately trying to make ends meet again, Leruste took matters into his own hands. He became a pickpocket, stealing money and food to help support his parents. One day about two years later, he made the fateful decision to try and pickpocket a Thieve's Guild member, Ial Nynad. She either took pity on him or saw potential, because she agreed to not only bring him into the guild, but instruct him on their ways.

    When the training was said and done, Leruste and Ial began an... interesting relationship. They became lovers, however they would constantly squabble and argue, breaking up and getting back together constantly. Both sides did a bit of breaking up, a bit of getting back together, and a bit of manipulating the other to either break up or get back together.

    Two years ago, Leruste's parents died, both very close to each other. This left Leruste a hollow shell of a man, and he began a self-destructive spiral of bad decisions. He left the guild without telling Ial, effectively breaking up with her for good that time, and started to try and make it on his own, thinking he wanted a life of luxury and pampering. He never got anywhere close, and two years later, met up with the Angel's group while trying to pickpocket Nephilim. Since traveling with the Angel, he has started to think himself whole again. While he may have lost Ial to the gods shortly after meeting back up with her, he has gained a loving adopted sister in the form of Parita, and a beautiful lover in the form of Rachael.

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