Reality Strikers


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  • Age: Unknown
  • Appeared Age: Early 30s
  • DOB: Unknown
  • Hair: Black
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eyes: Red
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Build: Musculuar
  • Race: Demon Sword
  • Class: Templar
  • Elemental Affinity: Dark
  • Class Level: 61
Health: 80 / 80 Stamina: 90 / 90 Hand to Hand Combat: 10 / 20
Strength: 140 / 140 Energy: 95 / 95 Melee Weapons: 70 / 70
Speed: 10 / 20 Reflexes: 30 / 40 Ranged Weapons: 10 / 20
Perception: 10 / 20 Charisma: 5 / 10 Magik Defense: 10 / 20
Mind: 5 / 10 Luck: 10 / 20 Magik Offense: 10 / 20 (templar)
Slots: Special Attacks: 0/2, Race 7/7, Talents: 2/5, Abilities: 2/10, Skills: 2/10, Sub-Class: 0/1 Mana Pool: 100 (templar)

Generic Traits:

May change the form of your sword every time you change your bond

May alter the way your human form looks with new weilder

Random chance to restore energy. Ask GM to see if succeeds.



  • Advantage 1 Demon Blades as swords by nature do not need to breathe and are unaffected by weather.
    Advantage 2 Demon Blades are far less likely to break in sword form then even Tier 12 weapons.


  • Disadvantage 1 Demon Blades cannot develop a personality without a Master. They must bond to grow.
  • Disadvantage 2 Animals distrust you and are more likely to attack you. You must spend extra time with them in order to gain their trust.
Special Attacks
Core Skills

Racial Talents

Racial Abilities

  • Bonded Master
    Lv. 1 The bond is intiated with someone. Simple thoughts are shared.  
    Lv. 2 Feelings and location are shared between bond partners. You can also access the Sword Repair ability.  
    Lv. 3 Powers can be shared. For one overall ability or skill you can take something from that person's race that your bond partner has learned. You can shape it into your own form though.  
    Lv. 4 The final level of bonding. You are completely intimate and intune with each other. You can also now begin this process over again with someone else if you meet certain parimeters. This allows you to transfer over stats to your bond partner and vice versa.  

    Weapon Mimicry (Greatsword)
    Lv. 1 This is for tier 3 weapons. It will do damage equivalent for this damage output.
    Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 This is for tier 6 weapons. It will do damage equivalent for this damage output. 
    Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 This is for tier 9 weapons. It will do damage equivalent for this damage output. Disadvantage: Sometimes stamina will drain more rapidly when refilling Energy)
    Energy: 40
    Lv. 4 This is for tier 12 weapons. It will do damage equivalent for this damage output. Disadvantage 1: Sometimes the weapon will fizzle out and will need to reform, costing the full energy usage again. Disadvantage 2: If your Bonded Master is injured in some way it may cause your weapons to weaken. Disadvantage 3: Sometimes, despite using Lv. 4, your attacks are Tier 3
    Energy: 50

    Master Thy Form, Master Thy Looks (Grizzly Bear)
    Lv. 1 The Demon Blade can take on human form, to switch between Sword and Human form, the Demon Blade must expend a small amount of energy. The form they take is set, a certain look and featuers that reflect the Human Soul used to forge them.
    Energy: 10
    Lv. 2 The Demon Blade may now alter it's features and looks in human form to make itself look however it pleases. These changes are minor, from altering hair and eye colors to facial structure and certain body proportions.
    Energy: 30
    Lv. 3

    he Demon Blade can now make drastic alterations to it's humanoid form, taking on features similar to other races, from an Azuha Tail and Ears to Elven Ears, all the way to the full on Wolf looks of a Mar'Kus. Disadvantage: The Demon Blade's looks aren't natural to it, and may not fool someone if they're using it as a disguise.

    Energy: 30
    Lv. 4

    The Demon Blade can alter themselves drastically, tapping into their inner spirit, they can take on the form of an animal which reflects their spirit. The size of the animal is relative and controllable by the Demon Blade, and the form is chosen by their player when this skill is taken. Disadvantage 1: This form does not fool other animals of what you are, you will need another ability to communicate and talk to them like this. Disadvantage 2: The Demon Blade becomes slightly feral in this form, acting more like the animal they have taken the form of.

    Energy: 40 .

    Manifest Thy Armor
    Lv. 1 Narok can manifest clothing of any kind. This offers no protection at all.
    Energy: 0
    Lv. 2 Narok manifests self-repairing full armor of tier 4 quality made of darkness. Disadvantage: Holy attacks deal double damage against Narok while this armor is formed.
    Energy: 20 to form and 30 to repair
    Lv. 3 Narok manifests self-repairing full armor of tier 8 quality made of darkness. Disadvantage: Holy attacks deal double damage against Narok while this armor is formed. If at any point the armor unmanifests, he is left tired.
    Energy: 40 to form and 50 to repair
    Lv. 4 Narok manifests self-repairing dull armor of tier 12 quality made of darkness. Disadvantage: Holy attacks deal triple damage against Narok while this armor is formed. If at any point the armor unmanifests, he is left exhausted. Also, if it unmanifests, he cannot use any move that requires energy for an hour.
    Energy: 60 to form and 70 to repair

    By Thy Own Smith, Repair Thyself
    Lv. 1 Narok can repair a small amount of damage to himself right away. +20 health restored and minor repair to flesh to stop bleeding, not internal.
    Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 Narok can repair a moderate amount of damage to himself right away. +30 health restored and the flesh mends faster and the pain deadens to help movement, but internal damage is not fixed, just slowed. Disadvantage: He cannot use any move that uses energy for a minute afterwards.
    Energy: 50
    Lv. 3 Narok can use a slash that deals less damage than normal, but also absorbs health from the target and heals himself. The amount healed depends on the amount of damage done. This does not always work and the healing is determined by the GM on what it does. Disadvantage: This causes any weapon he has manifested, including ones other people are weilding, to disappear. This has a chance of draining stamina by 30.
    Energy: 60
    Lv. 4 If Narok kills the person with Level 3, he can choose to heal almost all his wounds. Disadvantage: If he tries to do absorb health from a holy-element opponent in this manner, it will intead hurt him the amount tier 3 would heal. This has a large chance of draining stamina by 50. This one only works ONE TIME PER SESSION.
    Energy: 50

Racial Skills

  • Seize the Element
    Lv. 1 - Energy Blast

    A basic energy strike using the element you have an affinity with, this may manifest as a beam or a blast of energy projectile.

    Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 Narok forms a greatsword made from darkness. This acts for all intents and purposes as a tier 6 weapon at it's weakest. If he desires, he may expend more energy to create a stronger tier, though the higher the tier, the more energy he must put into it. Disadvantage: If it is sundered by an opponents weapon, not dismissed by his own hand, he is left tired and cannot form another one for a 5 minutes. He may still use other energy based attacks. Higher tiers created have no extra defenses to being sundered. They are all as fragile as a tier 6, they simply hurt more.
    Energy: 40 - Tier 6, 70 - Tier 7, 90 - Tier 8, 120 - Tier 9, 150 - Tier 10
    Lv. 3 Narok can form weapons made of darkness and hand them to other people. They start out at a minimum of tier 3 and can go to a maximum of tier 9. Higher tiers costs more energy, and exponentially higher tiers cost MUCH more energy. Disadvantage: If this weapon is sundered by an opponents hand rather than dismissed by Narok or the person weilding it, Narok is left exhausted and cannot create any other swords, even level 2 swords, for 5 minutes. Each sword destroyed adds another minute to the time. They are all as fragile as a tier 3, they simply hurt more.
    Energy: 20 - Tier 3, 40 - Tier 4, 60 - Tier 5, 80 - Tier 6, 100 - Tier 7, 120 - Tier 8, 140 - Tier 9
    Lv. 4 - Ultimate Strike You harness the element and blast it outward in a powerful strike, this attack stuns the enemy on top of causing powerful damage. Disadvantage 1: This attack may only be performed once per session. Disadvantage 2: This ability causes strain on the user, leaving them vulnerable for a few moments after the attack to incoming attacks. Disadvantage 3: This attack leaves the Demon Blade tired, causing their stamina to only work at half it's normal strength until the end of combat.
    Energy: 60

    Master the Element
    Lv. 1

    Narok forms tendrils of darkness that rise from the ground and grab at appendiges to hold enemies in place. This does not always work and sometimes fails to grab.

    Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 Tendrils Narok creates can break bones if you wish them to. This does not always succeed and if it does fail to break the bone, the tendrils can vanish completely and need to be resummoned. Bone breakage is a low-mod success rate. They do not have the fine motor skills to break necks, however. Disadvantage: This has a chance of draining stamina by 30.
    Energy: 50
    Lv. 3 Tendrils Narok creates can absorb health and heal you if he wishes them to. The healing done is only to stop bleeding and outer wounds on Narok, not internal damage. Disadvantage: This has a chance of draining stamina by 20. Draining the life of holy-based enemies has a chance of harming Narok instead.
    Energy: 30
    Lv. 4 Narok can create tendrils from his back, allowing him to do a multitude of things with them, such as smack at enemies, use them to climb walls, or hold more weapons. He can form anywhere from 2-4, more tendrils take more energy. Disadvantage: While he can create them for a specific purpose such as "smack" "hold weapon and attack" "grab", etc, the GM controls the tendrils. He cannot control them to smack at specific enemies. While they will never work against him, he never truly has full control. If all the tendrils are cut off, he cannot use any ability that requires energy for a minute. Each tendril cut off causes Narok intense pain and for 10 seconds he's completely vulnerable.
    Energy: 30 per tendril
  • Logic Dictates
    Tier 1 Narok can use his logic to solve a small problem no problem.
    Tier 2 Narok can use his logic to think a hard problem through. Disadvantage: This takes time, and someone can possibly solve it before you do.
    Tier 3 Narok's logic allows him to see the flaws in some plans before they are carried out. Disadvantage: This doesn't allow him to come up with any better plans, just the ability to point out the flaws someone else may have missed.
    Tier 4 Narok's penchant for logic allows him to think of tactics an enemy may try on them. This is nowhere near as good as specialized tactical talents. Disadvantage: He's too stapled in logic, however. Unexpected or unusual battle tactics will be completely foregin to him and he will not be able to think of them at all.
    Tier 5 Narok's logic allows him to solve advanced problems. Disadvantage: This takes a very long time to do so. By the time you think of the solution, someone else may be on a completely different train of thought than you.
    Bonus Tier 1 Once per session, Narok can instantly use his logic to solve any problem. Disadvantage: He cannot use this talent at all for the rest of the session. It has a chance of draining some mind.
    Bonus Tier 2 Narok's logical thinking allows him to withold information more easily. Even torturing him makes it hard to extract any information. Disadvantage: He will divulge information if it is clear that his life is on the line and there is no hope for rescue in the near future.

  • Enhanced Senses
    Tier 1 Narok's sense of sight improves, allowing him to see further.
    Tier 2 Narok's sense of hearing improves, allowing him to hear things more clearly.
    Tier 3 Narok's sense of smell improves, allowing him to smell out things that are off. Disadvantage: Overwhelming scents can disorient, stun, or even completely stop him, depending on how bad they are.
    Tier 4 Narok's sense of sight improves even more, allowing him to see a little bit in darkness. Disadvantage: This sight is blurry, causing some difficulties in establishing friend from foe. If he is suddenly explosed to any bright light, he is left blinded for a bit.
    Tier 5 Narok's sense of hearing reaches it's peak, allowing him to hear fine details from far away. Disadvantage: When listening carefully, an overwhelming sound could temporarially deafen Narok, sometimes so badly that he'll need healing before he can hear again.
    Bonus Tier 1 Once in a great while, Narok's instincts will kick in before tier 4's and tier 5's disadvantages happen, allowing him a free pass on going blind or deaf. It is up to the GM. Disadvantage: When this happens, there is a chance that next time it happens, the effects are even greater than before.
    Bonus Tier 2 Once per session, Narok can see perfectly clearly in darkness for a short amount of time. Disadvantage: Once that time is up, he cannot see in the darkness at all for twice as long.
  • Armor Mastery
    Lv. 1 Armor Narok wears, even darkness armor, is harder to break. Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 Narok's speed is not impaired by wearing armor.  
    Lv. 3 Armor Narok wears is simply more protective, enemies will find it harder to harm him. Disadvantage: Because he isn't expecting to be hit, damage is slighty more harmful while he wears armor. Energy: 30
    Lv. 4 Narok's vision is not impaired at all while wearing helmets. Disadvantage: If his helmet is removed at all, he is slightly disoriented for a while.  

    Hulk Out
    Lv. 1 Narok gains a small bonus to his strength and melee attacks. +20 Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 Narok gains a small bonus to his stamina and health. +20 Energy: 20
    Lv. 3 Narok gains an even greater bonus to his strength and health. +40 Disadvantage: Narok loses a bit of control with this much power. Some of his actions are dictated by the GM. Energy: 40
    Lv. 4 Narok gains massive bonuses to strength and stamina. +50 Disadvantage: Narok is in complete control of the GM, and may not be able to distinguish friend from foe. Energy: 50
  • Slash
    Lv. 1 Narok does a sword slash that deals slightly more damage than usual. Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 Narok charges his sword slash that deals a critical hit. Disadvantage: This has a chance of draining health. Energy: 40
    Lv. 3 Narok channels a bit of dark energy into his sword to deal extra damage. This can be used with levels 1 and 2. Disadvantage: This leaves him open to attack while he channels the energy into the sword. Energy: 60
    Lv. 4 Narok does a slash so powerful it can sunder armor to tier 10 and bone. Disadvantage: This leaves him tired and imposes large penalties to his stats up to -20. It also has a chance of completely draining his stamina. Can only be used once per session Energy: 60

    Force of Destruction
    Lv. 1 Channeling magik, Narok can infuse some fire into his attacks, dealing a bit more fire damage. Mana: 500
    Lv. 2 Charging up some magik, Narok can swing his sword, sending a slashing wave of darkness at his enemies. Disadvantage: If he is hit during this charge up time, he takes double damage. Mana: 600
    Lv. 3 By channeling magik, Narok can encase his body in flames of either fire or darkness, providing a shield as well as harm to anybody who gets close. Disadvantage: This is taxing on the body and may drain health as well. Also, he is not completely immune to the flames, even the darkness ones, and will take damage if he leaves them up too long. Mana: 550
    Lv. 4 Narok becomes an avatar of battle. By channeling magik, he is able to take more punishment and move faster on the battlefield. He is also able to weild his greatswords one handed, allowing him to either dual weild or more. Disadvantage: After the transformation is over, he immediately loses consciousness. Let's hope the battle is over! Mana: 700
Sub-Class Specific Tree






Templar Class Specific Tree

Templar Class Talents

  • Templar Focus
    Tier 1 - Meditative State Whenever a templar meditates and focuses their energy, when they have time to do so, depending on the length of time they are able to sit and do so, they are able to be more focused and able bodied during combat, capable of seeing and focusing their attacks more directly and precisely, and seeing things they might not normally see. This is aided more with perception and mind stats being higher.
    Tier 2 - Inner Focus I If a templar can find time within a combative situation to stand there and take a minute to breathe in and out, focusing their spiritual flow and mana and energy, they can sharpen their senses and be alert to incoming blows easier and prepare to strike faster and more alertly than before, allowing them to fight better than before.
    Tier 3 - Inner Focus II The same as above, only the time of focus is cut down to 30 seconds instead of a minute.
    Tier 4 - Split Second Focus This is similiar to Tier 2 and 3 but this can only be used once. This also unlocks an ability tree named after this Tier, which will let you open it up more than once. This allows the person to take their inner focus and instead of 30 seconds to focus their talents to into combative prowness, they can do it a in a split second.
    Tier 5 - Outer Focus Allowing the templar to focus outward, they attuned to details in their environment when it comes to combat/battle. When a battle is going on, they are able to notice details of their environment others might notice, as well as unusual enemies and combative focuses of others.
    Bonus Tier 1  
    Bonus Tier 2  

    Armor Training
    Tier 1 Any armor that Narok wears or forms is harder to find weak points in, rendering him more protected from arrows.
    Tier 2 Any armor Narok wears (but not forms) is easier to get into, meaning he can get ready quicker if he's out of energy to form armor.
    Tier 3 Armor that Narok forms (but not wears) is thicker for no extra energy cost, giving him extra protection against critical hits and critical hits ONLY.
    Tier 4 Narok is capable of moving more quickly in armor. His speed stat takes less penalties for wearing heavier armors.
    Tier 5 Once per session at most, an opponent gets their armor stuck in Narok's armor if they manage to hurt him.
    Bonus Tier 1 Tier 5 works on critical hits with FORMED armor of TIER 9 OR HIGHER.
    Bonus Tier 2 The time for Narok to form his darkness armor can be reduced by half.

    Weapon Training
    Tier 1 Narok's training with greatswords allow him to swing them faster, allowing him to make more attacks.
    Tier 2 Narok can weild greatswords one-handed, allowing him to make other attacks with his free hand.
    Tier 3 Narok is capable of using the greatsword to block more efficiently, so long as he's weilding it two-handed.
    Tier 4 Narok's Weapon Training Talents carry over while in sword form, allowing his master and Belit to use Tiers 1 through 3 of this ability while they weild him.
    Tier 5 While fighting against opponents with Holy elemental affinities, Narok gets a slight bonus to offset the disadvantages he usually gets from being opposed to them.
    Bonus Tier 1 Narok can cut the time it takes to manifest a darkness sword by half if he wants to.
    Bonus Tier 2 Once per session, Narok can use tier 2 with less penalties to his accuracy, speed, and power.

Templar Class Abilities

  • Templar Magik Boost
    Lv. 1 The templar infuses their weapons with their elemental affinity or Lightning. Mana Cost: 40
    Lv. 2 The templar forms a magik shield about them to deflect damage up to the cost of the mana they input into the shield. This can only be done so many times per session.
    Lv. 3 The Templar is able to temporarily change their element to a picked element by the GM for 1 minute and use that element on their weapon for 1 minute. Mana Cost: 200
    Lv. 4 The Templar can join their Mana Flow to another, either toward themselves and accept the flow to increase their flow, or to another and increase theirs. Physical touch aids this.

    Templar Focus
    Lv. 1 When faced with the Opposite Game, you can activate Level 1 to slow it down by typing Lv.1. Energy Cost: 40
    Lv. 2 If you're about to lose and you haven't completed the OG, you can type Lv. 2 to take minimal damage to your character. Energy Cost: 60
    Lv. 3 If you're about to lose you can type in Lv. 3 and skip the OG for yourself or another and skip it without penality. One time use per session. Energy Cost: 80
    Lv. 4 If you're about to lose you can type in Lv. 3 and skip the OG for the entire grouip. One time use per session. Energy Cost: 100

    Lv. 1 You are able to rally two people who trust you and raise all their stats by 20 points. Energy Cost: 30
    Lv. 2 You are able to rally three people who trust you and raise all their stats by 40 points. Energy Cost: 50
    Lv. 3 You are able to rally four people who trust you and raise all their stats by 60 points. Energy Cost: 80
    Lv. 4 You are able to rally five people who trust you and raise all their stats by 100 points. Energy Cost: 140

    God/Unnatural Sense
    Lv. 1 When any of the 13 Gods of Tareh are near, if they are not in disguise, you can sense them if you have encountered them at least one time.
    Lv. 2 When any of the 13 Gods of Tareh are near, no matter the disguise, you can sense them if you have encountered them at least one time.
    Lv. 3 You are attuned to the unnatural and can sense demonic and dark energy of beings of God power like strength after you have encountered them once before and they have gotten away.
    Lv. 4 You can sense the unnatural no matter what from now on if it is on a certain level. You cannot tell if it's good or bad, though, simply that there is something nearby and of a certain power level.

Templar Class Skills

  • Templar Slash
    Lv. 1 Narok does a medium powered slash that deals a half of a critical hit.
    Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 Narok does a powerful attack that deals a critical hit.
    Energy: 40
    Lv. 3 Narok charges up a tiny amount of mana to give his slash and extra kick of darkness. Energy: 60 and Mana Cost: 200
    Lv. 4 - Lightning Slash Lightning Slash. This powerful strike is powered by a combination of your energy and mana. The devastating blow is able to cut through tier 6 armor like butter, then send a devastating shoke through the person's body, no matter the tier. It also allows you to open the Lightning Slash Special Attack, which you can speak with the GM about building to your special needs. Energy: 60 and Mana Cost: 100

    Templar Lightning Magik
    Lv. 1 Basic Lightning magik, thrown from the hand at the enemy, it causes nothing but Lightning based damaged. Mana Cost: 50
    Lv. 2 Generated from the hand as well, this causes shock damage as well as Lightning based damaged. Mana Cost: 100
    Lv. 3 A Lightning ball is generated and bounced at any angle the templar can manage to smash into an opponent, shocking and knocking them over; small chance of paralysis. Mana Cost: 200
    Lv. 4 - Templar Storm Templar Storm. A small storm appears over two to three people and begins to generate lightning bolts from the clouds generated, shocking and zapping the targets repeatedly. This forces the templar to remain in place to generate the cloud and if they move it's broken. It can only be generated a few times per session. Mana Cost: 500
Angel Magik
      • Earth Projectile Lv. 1 - Mana: 25
      • Wind Retrieval - Mana: 50
      • Flame Weapon - Mana Cost: 100
      • Fireball Lv. 1 - Mana: 25
      • Fireball Lv. 2 - Mana: 75
    Angel Mark
        • Advantages:
        • Lvl 1: Increased Strength, Increase Stamina, Faster Healing
        • Lvl 2: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Stamina
        • Lvl 3: Angel Strength, Free Magic Level
        • Lvl 4: Permenant Strength Increase, Angel Energy
        • Disadvantages:
        • Lvl 1: Speed Impairment, Energy Impairment, Life Force Drain
        • Lvl 2: Skill Loss
        • Lvl 3: More Mana
        • Lvl 4: Angel Control
      • Primary Weapon: Tier 8 Created Weapons
      • Secondary Weapon:
      • Special Item: Backpack
      • Special Item:
      • Body Armor:
      • Arm Armor:
      • Leg Armor:

      Your Beliefs: Logic dictates all.

      Your Goals: Vanquish the false gods and attempt a normal life with Belit.

      Your Instinct: Defeat those who would bring harm to him or his allies.

      Relatives: Lovers - Belit and Ailee

      Your Background: Narok was found two years ago by his first master. He doesn't know how he came into his possession, but since then his life has been one of hardship. Passing from master to master when their lives are taken, Narok has seen the worst this world has to offer. Each of this masters have been cruel or selfish, petty and greedy. Due to this, his outlook on the world at large is negative, thinking that people are evil and cruel by nature.

      The chain of events eventually somehow led him into the possession of the gods, who gave him to Cersei. While brainwashed, Cersei weilded Narok against the Angel and her followers. Once defeated, Narok transfered his ownership to Moira, the first master to not use him as a tool of destruction and death to get what she wants.

      Since then, Narok has changed by large leaps and bounds, but still isn't yet completely "good" by Jean's definition. He still causes incredible amounts of pain in his enemies sometimes, and is very cold and distant. Perhaps, one day, his relationship with Belit will cause him to shed this shell, but time is the only way to know for sure.

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