Reality Strikers


Previous TAWs

  • Age: 19
  • DOB: 3.1.2371
  • Hair: Dark
  • Hair Length: Lower Back
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 105 lbs.
  • Cup Size: B
  • Build: Slender
  • Race: Halfling
  • Class: Mage
  • Elemental Affinity: Wind
  • Elemental Affinity 2: Earth
  • 1/2th Mana
Health: 70 / 70 Stamina: 80 / 80 Hand to Hand Combat: 20 / 20
Strength: 40 / 40 Energy*: 150 / 150 Melee Weapons: 60 / 60
Speed: 40 / 40 Reflexes: 50 / 50 Ranged Weapons: 100 / 100
Perception: 100 / 100 Charisma: 90 / 90 Magik Defense: 100 / 100
Mind: 100 / 100 Luck: 80 / 80 Magik Offense*: 150 / 150
Slots: Special Attacks: 0/4, Race 7/7, Talents: 7/7, Abilities: 2/10, Skills: 2/10, Sub-Class: 0/1, 5 circuits Mana Pool: 10,000


Generic Traits:

Bursts of super strength the more insane you become.

Can climb certain surfaces like a cat

Extremely flexible and spinal cord flexiiblity



  • Advantage 1 Halflings are extremely capable at magik and if they have spells, it does 1.5 damage.
    Advantage 2 Halflings are capable of having extremely high IQs.
    Advantage 3 You can gain an extra 1000 mana points
    Advantage 4 You can chant spells twice as fast.


  • Disadvantage 1 Halflings struggle with insanity. With this insanity comes surges of insane power in the magikal arts.
  • Disadvantage 2 You are afraid of tight spaces, dark spaces, and enclosed spaces.
  • Disadvantage 3 Physical attacks do extra damage to you.
  • Disadvantage 4 Sometimes spells fizzle out for no reason depending on your Luck stat.
Special Attacks
Core Skills

Racial Talents

  • Tracking - Forest
    Tier 1 Growing up in the massive forest in Matias, Rachael is able to track simple trails left behind by monsters.
    Tier 2 Rachael is more adept at tracking monster trails and can tell which belong to low tier monsters and high tier monsters, knowing which to avoid and which to track.
    Tier 3 Rachael can expertly track any type of monster in a forest, using certain disturbances in the woods as signs and guides. This lends well to the next tier.
    Tier 4 As long as it's in a forest, Rachael is much more capable of tracking people in forests, due to the disturbances they leave behind in the woods. She can figure out which way they are going, how many, and what they're carrying.
    Tier 5 Rachael can determine from tracks size, weight, armor, and likely what type of person they're tracking based on tracks, and if they're aware if they're being followed, and if they're trying to hide it, based on tracks.
    Bonus Tier 1 Rachael is very capable of hiding her own tracks and is capable of helping the ground cover up after themselves. Disadvantage: Sometimes an experienced tracker will see through her attempts.
    Bonus Tier 2 Growing up in the forest, Rachael can live off of it as well and knows what to eat, and what to avoid. She's a survivalist and can help others survive and move in the forest with minimal disturbance to the wildlife. Disadvantage: She is only in her element in the forests - urban settings and desert ones are foreign to her and she's more likely to screw up in those due to the vast differences.

Racial Abilities

  • Basic Elven Creation
    Lv. 1 Elves can create basic objects like cups, stools, crude tools like hammers or spades. These creations are easily breakable after either a short useage or duration of time. Energy Used: 5
    Lv. 2 The same thing as above, however the durablilty is much higher and the time of existence is nearly an hour now. Energy Used: 5
    Lv. 3 Elves can create more complex structures up to either 5 feet in height or width. This allows for stepping stones to reach higher places or other tool assisted features. Unlike the smaller tools, the durability on the largest structures are much weaker and the duration much shorter.(Disadvantage: It takes 1 minute before another can be created unless you automatically use up 30 stamina) Energy Used: 15
    Lv. 4 Same as above, but this strengthens the durability of the structures so they do not easily break and increase the duration of existence. This allows it to become more permenant outside an enemy shattering it. The elf is capable of dissolving it with a snap of their fingers after they are done with this level instead of waiting for the time to run out. Disadvantage: A random chance the structure will shatter - decided by the GM. Energy Used: 25

    Basic Elven Weapon Creation
    Lv. 1 Creating a tier 3 weapon of any shape or form, this weapon is easily shatterable.
    Energy: 15
    Lv. 2 The same as above, this solidifies the weapon to allow for a longer battle with it before it breaks.
    Energy: 25
    Lv. 3 Creating a tier 6 weapon of any shape or form, this weapon is easily shattered by anything that is tier 6 or above. (Disadvantage: It takes 1 minute before another can be created unless you automatically use up 30 stamina)
    Energy: 30
    Lv. 4 The same as above, this soldifies the weapon so it does not shatter so easily. While higher tiers like 9-12 and God/Omega may break it easily, it's a good tier 6 weapon and can be shattered at will by the user to send shards flying outward in front of them. Disadvantage: Sometimes another elf can shatter your own weapon in your direction.)
    Energy: 40

    Basic Elven Manifestation Enhancement - Magiked
    Lv. 1 Able to infuse her formed weapons with her primary and elemental add-ons, the user can do that elemental damage with them as they strike now.
    Energy: 40
    Lv. 2 When desperate, the user can explode the weapon with the primary and elemental add-ons for massive damage, the element exploding outward - it's advisible to throw the weapon away from them toward the target when doing this.
    Energy: 50
    Lv. 3

    When making structures, the user can infuse them with primary/elemental add-ons. This adds a unique feature of it flowing with watever element so that it runs through. For Rachael, whatever she builds has wind running through it, so if a person trying to climb a tower or block she makes, the wind will kick up and fling them away into the sky. Disadvantage: Sometimes, if she is a bit crazy, this can happen to an ally and hurt them.

    Energy: 50
    Lv. 4 - Wind Shards

    Forming tiny shards of crystals from something broken down, Rachael can fling them about and use her Wind magik infused in them to begin twirling them about, beginning a rapidly whirlwind of cutting and slicing, the crystals becoming a deadly and devastating shield about her to protect her. This serves as protection and attack, bordering on attack. If anyone enters this range of attack, they will be sliced up horriblely. If she uses Earth, the crystals will form blocks of Earth to drop about for shielding for people to hide behind. Disadvantage 1: This can only be done once per session. Disadvantage 2: This cuts Rachael's MO and MD down by half. Disadvantage 3: This leaves her extremely tired.

    Energy: 50 and stronger with MO.

    Mending - Zombie
    Lv. 1 - Take My Best Years Rachael, desperate never to lose anyone else again, has focused all her attention on keeping people alive. This is for when someone is on death's door. She literally transfers years of her life to them. A Halfling's life varies, since they stop aging after reaching a certain age between 16-24. The person gains these years as their own and functions fine, but it has to be done before they die. Once the given years are over, they die. Disadvantage: Rachael loses out on some of her life and it shows.
    Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 - Take My Youth The moment someone dies, within one minute, if Rachael is there, she can begin mending their brain using all her magik and health, giving precious life energy to them like the level above. It permenantly damages her health for 20 sessions by 20 and her stamina recovers slower for 20 sessions. She loses however many years she gives the person and it shows with gray streaks in her hair, indicating what she's done. They will come back normal. Disadvantage: She has done the same thing again as level 1 and if she does this level too often, she will die, spare years left or not.
    Energy: 50
    Lv. 3 - Come Back To Me Desperate not to lose anyone, if someone has died within an hour period, and Rachael can get to them, she begin to transfer her own life again, putting precious years into it, infusing magik to help. She will be very damaged, her health damaged by 40 for good and her stamina slowed down for good from here on, and also losing 20. They will never recover. The person that comes back is not the same either and will have strange quirks decided by the GM. Rachael will also show the signs on her body. Disadvantage: The disadvantages listed and the fact she tries this too often she will die.
    Energy: 80
    Lv. 4 - Anyone Will Do Rachael in desperate can try to take anyone's life to do the job, willing or not, and bring back someone. If someone offers 10 years, 5 years will be given to the person. To ensure they come back normal, the person needs a given amount of 60 years after the halfing, so that means they need 120 given to them by everyone. If the mark is failed, what comes back is close to a zombie, mentally stunted, and everyone who participated suffers 10 damage to their health and stamina stats for good, as well as slower stamina, while Rachael suffers deeper insanity penality, and marks on her face that will not go away. Disadvantage: This can only be done a few times ever and each time, successful or not, it inches Rachael closer toward snapping completely as a halfling.
    Energy: 100

    Insanity (Ability)
    Lv. 1 Rachael has already begun to show signs of insanity. This has increased her Magik Offense and Defense by +20
    Lv. 2 Rachael is paranoid and will sometimes attack people she sees as threats to her loved ones, even if they are not. This makes her dangerous. However, this also makes her Wind magik 1.5x stronger.
    Lv. 3 Whenever Rachael is having a full blown insanity attack, her Magik Offense and Defense increases by 40 and her Mana rises 1000, making her much stronger. Disadvantage: Afterwards, Rachael is much weaker for a few days.
    Lv. 4 Rachael is able to boost her energy by 50 when having a full blown attack to power her attacks. She also has a +20 permenant boost. Disadvantage: It's nearly impossible to talk her down and she has to be defeated when she's like this. Only lovers and her nervans even register as allies and if they try to stop her the perceived betrayal can be even worse.

Racial Skills

  • Insanity (Skills)
    Lv. 1

    When having a mild attack, Rachael's magik attacks. She gains a unique move where she can use the Angel Mark to send searing pain through any with it to temporarily distract them, making them feel her insanity.

    Energy: 40
    Lv. 2 More stealthy, despite being insane, in a moderate level, Rachael will creep alone an use her wind magik like a sniper, firing a wind crystal shard like a sniper at her target's neck to try to cleave it - if that fails it will at least cause massive damage to what it does hit.
    Energy: 50
    Lv. 3 Rachael, the crazier she gets, is able to form a shield about her with pure mana, to protect herself. The more betrayed she feels, the stronger the shield becomes. This is to protect her from the harmful world that is trying to hurt her and lie to her. Anyone who touches this shield will be greatly damged by the pure mana and will have to find another way through it. Disadvantage: Maintaining such a mana shield will drain and harm Rachael's body and once her Mana runs out, 1000 extra or not from Abilities, the shield will fail, leaving her exhausted and open to attack.
    Mana: 100 to create
    Lv. 4 In a rage, Rachael will call upon the weather and make the winds and storm come down, causing the winds to become violent and strike and smash anything around her, tossing and throwing people, like her swirling mind. To get near her, one has to complete a deadly OG, and those who fail are hit by powerful wind that slam them into buildings for more damage. Disadvantage 1: Rachael has to focus on this and can only do it once per insanity attack. Disadvantage 2: Afterwards, all of Rachael's stats are halved by 2 for 5 sessions. Disadvantage 3: Rachael's Wind Magik needs 10 sessions to recover.
    Energy: 50
  • Jungle Herbology
    Tier 1 Growing up in the jungle, Rachael has the basics down on herbs that are safe to nibble on in the jungle when desperate.
    Tier 2 Rachael can figure out in jungle settings which herbs are safe to eat for stat bonuses. She can point out any herb that can increase any stat except melee, ranged, and hand to hand by +20.
    Tier 3 Knowing what herbs are safe to mix together to get high, Rachael can use this high state to see things that others cannot. This allows her to heighten her senses and make her magik 1.5x stronger for a short time. Disadvantage: She's high as a kite.
    Tier 4 Trained by Zeal, Rachael can mix together herbs in the jungle besides just pot herbs and can now mix basic healing herbs and no-birth weed. Her healing herbs are just to ease pain, not close wounds, to allow people to travel great distances without passing out.
    Tier 5 Rachael can mix together herbs to lure rare monsters in jungles to her location. Disadvantage: This can be bad if she's alone. Rank S monster meets Rachael, alone?
    Bonus Tier 1 Rachael can create interesting combinations of herbs that allow her to play with her stats, increasing any stat of her choosing by 30 if she lowers another by 30. But she has to have enough points in the lowered stat. Disadvantage: Afterwards she has a headache.
    Bonus Tier 2 Rachael can mix together certain jungle herbs to see things in the jungle that others cannot see, like tracks, allowing her to hunt and track better than before. Disadvantage: Sometimes this can become addicting.

  • Cooking
    Tier 1 You can cook food that is tasty and doesn't make people die horrible deaths.
    Tier 2 Your food is generally enjoyed by all and you are incredible at adapting new recipes that people of many walks and races can enjoy.
    Tier 3 You can produce food specially made with protiens and carbs to enhance metabolism and energy for a short time. Providing a bonus to Stamina and Energy stats temporarily. +30 Stamina and Energy
    Disadvantage: Sometimes you use the wrong ingredients and the Stamina and Energy boosts are halved and leave the eater feeling ill afterwards.
    Tier 4 Your food now provides heavier bonuses and extends to Health as well. +40 Stamina, Energy, Health
    Disadvantage 1: Shares the same disadvantage as Tier 3.
    Disadvantage 2: There is a rare chance your ingredients are spoiled and will provide a negative status effect instead of a boost.
    Disadvantage 3: There is a chance your cooking attempt will be botched, wasting the ingredients.
    Tier 5 You can now craft food that restores Spirit / Mana instead of providing a boost. +500 Spirit/Mana restoration
    Disadvantage 1: Shares the same disadvantages as Tier 4.
    Disadvantage 2: This requires special ingredients that cost some credits.
    Bonus Tier 1 You can "save" a meal once a session that would otherwise be ruined.
    Disadvantage: It takes up an extra batch of materials, even if the cooking time is saved.
    Bonus Tier 2 You can identify spoiled food easily.
    Disadvantage: There is a chance you will fail to identify spoiled food, and people will look on you poorly for making them sick!

  • Horseback Mastery
    Tier 1 With this skill you can speed up horses over uneven terrain with more grace than your average no-talent hack of a rider.
    Tier 2 You are able to ride over hills and make jumps over small gaps in the terrain now, and can now match speed with targets.
    Tier 3 You can now leap from one horse to another or to another moving target. You can also defend yourself with a weapon if attacked on a horse. You are capable of also driving a wagon behind you over rough terrain and avoid attacks while doing so. And larger gaps are easier to jump.
    Tier 4 You are capable of combat on the back of horses now and carriage driving is much easier. Taking aim with bows and arrows also is much more easily done. Terrain travel is a synch and you are able to cut travel down by a 1/4th of the time with your knowledge of horses, who trust you much easier.
    Tier 5 If you must get somewhere, you are able to get there in record time, able to cut ride time - if you are alone with one other person - down to minimal. The distance you can cover makes you the perfect messanger and you are able to stealth your way through the night past droves of enemies.
    Bonus Tier 1 You know how to pace your horses now so that they take twice as long and twice as much work to tire out before needing rest. Disadvantage: Your horse may sometimes disagee with this and your attempt to go twice as long will fail entirely.
    Bonus Tier 2 Your ability to cut down on travel time extends to those travelling with you, even on another horse, as you help them out. Disadvantage: Your horse will occasionally become unruly itself and you will be forced to calm it somehow.

  • Nephilim Apprentice
    Tier 1 - Childhood Idol Growing up at a young age and meeting the mysterious and amazing Nephilim, it left an impression on the young Rachael. +10 luck and +10 charisma
    Tier 2 - Bumbling Thief Rachael isn't a natural thief, but she can do some quick swiping of objects when the timing is right in crowded places, allowing her to grab objects off vendors and pockets of NPCs who are overly unaware.
    Tier 3 - Tracking Stalker Rachael isn't a natural thief, but she can track targets who have low perception (determined by the GM) by using the shadows, following them using either rooftops or shadows. This helps in tracking down her prey.
    Tier 4 - Lucky Leruste Sometimes Rachael is incrediblely lucky - this usually happens when she is most stable sanity wise. Typically when she is happiest around Leruste, probably after sex, her Luck may randomly increase by 30 and she will have a good day, with good things happening to her. Nephilim's uncanny luck rubbing off of her. Maybe it's from all the times she spent bathing?
    Tier 5 - Singing Nephilim Rachael has a beautiful singing voice, though it's no where near the level of Nephilim. This unlocks Nephilim's Singing Apprentice Ability.
    Bonus Tier 1 Once in a great while Rachael will be able to break into a house like a real thief. This will not interfere if she ever takes Thief Adept Sub-class. Disadvantage: She will experience a run of bad luck afterwards.
    Bonus Tier 2 Whenever Rachael goes insane, this talent tree suffers. This is the disadvantage.

    Zeal Apprentice
    Tier 1 - The Templar's Nervan Having met Zeal as one of the Angel's First, those who were the first to travel with the Angel in the beginning, Rachael established a sisterly link with Zeal and became her narvan. +20 stamina
    Tier 2 - Training Under the Narvan Training under Zeal constantly (sexually and with a sword) to try to increase her weak constitution has increased Rachael's stamina by 20.
    Tier 3 - Templar Tactics Learning about honor and tactics, Rachael has gained a little knowledge about templar tactics. This helps her in knowing what to do when dealing with soldier/knights in large groups, templar or not, and how they might react in given situations.
    Tier 4 - Defensive Footing Taught by Zeal, this allows you to find your footing against basic attacks that would knock you over; it will not stop any damage, merely help you against the weakest of attacks meant to knock you over, like someone trying to barrell past. It takes a few seconds to shift so you need time to form up as the person runs at you.
    Tier 5 - Stoic Zeal Rachael has learned a great deal by Zeal, though she has nowhere near her talent. This unlocks Zeal's Templaric Weaponplay Skill.
    Bonus Tier 1 Because Zeal is typically serious, this can wear off on Rachael, causing her to brood and look at things seriously, sometimes missing the lighter side of things. Disadvantage: This can cause her to sometimes miss out on things. Though she has a weakness to cute things like Zeal still.
    Bonus Tier 2 Though Zeal probably never intended it, she has begun taking steps into a darker world of wondering about what it takes to win, and has begun looking toward harder ends to means, despite the fact Zeal spared the Angel when they first met. She is beginning to wonder about Aschae's methods. This is the disadvantage.

    Aschae Apprentice
    Tier 1 - Misunderstood One Rachael and Aschae do not have much contact with each other and Aschae is not well liked by many due to her ways and methods, but Rachael has been taking note of them. +20 mind. Disadvantage: This gives her ideas that might not make Rachael popular with others in the long run. Aschae is ruthless.
    Tier 2 - Dark Ideals Discussing ideals with Aschae and trying to understand more about her, Rachael has come to consider there is more to her world view than what she first considered, growing up in an isolated forest village in Matias. +10 mind. Disadvantage: Those world views are tainted by Aschae's sometimes harsh outlook
    Tier 3 - Ambush Tactics Watching Aschae in action and considering her methods, Rachael has developed tactics that is a combination of Zeal and Aschae. This allows her to plan ambushes that can sometimes work if the group is willing to get their hands dirty. Her ambushes do best, though, in jungle settings and against knights/soldiers.
    Tier 4 - Religious Ideals Learnining about the church from Aschae and Zeal, Rachael knows about religious ideals and practices. Even if the current form of the Church were to fall, Rachael can follow how religions work and is able to consider and plan for how they develop and think, giving her advantages when dealing with devote and religious people.
    Tier 5 - Understanding Aschae This unlocks Aschae's Artful Flow Ability.
    Bonus Tier 1 Because of who she has learned from, Rachael's views on religion is especially soured. Disadvantage: This can be bad if a good religion were to ever come about.
    Bonus Tier 2 Rachael can pull off religious trickery and fool most devout people. Disadvantage: Sacreligious.

    Leruste Apprentice
    Tier 1 - The Thief and the Halfling Rachael has probably learned most, knowingly or not, from her husband, Leruste, before and after marrying him. Also a thief, and a third generation to the guild Nephilim began so long ago, he has helped supplement the talents Nephilim brought to Rachael at a young age and again at 12 and again during their journey with the Angel. +10 reflexes, speed, perception.
    Tier 2 - 5 Second Wonder In Bed Due to Leruste's speed, Rachael has pushed herself to try to be faster every day like him, perhaps to try to keep up. +10 stamina and speed.
    Tier 3 - Who, Me? Rachael has learned how to seemed weak and pathetic, and if needbe, use her ears to seem like a useless slave elf, to throw off misdirection like Leruste does, perfecting the talent to get enemies to drop their guard if need be.
    Tier 4 - Balancing Act Perfecting her balance, Rachael can user her talents from Nephilim and Leruste to move across open spaces that have narrow beams with greater grace than many, balancing with harmony and beauty.
    Tier 5 - Lerusting With the Best This unlocks Leruste's Sneaky Strikes Skill.
    Bonus Tier 1 Because Leruste is a fuck up, sometimes this rubs off on Rachael. This is a disadvantage.
    Bonus Tier 2 Leruste's need for coin sometimes gets to Rachael and she finds herself finding extra loot, but it's rare. Disadvantage: If she finds herself getting too much extra loot, something bad may happen, comedic style.
  • Nephilim's Singing Apprentice
    Lv. 1 When desperate, Rachael can sing a quick song to form a shield to take a few quick hits to protect herself; these type of shields not designed to take major attacks. Mana: 100
    Lv. 2 Rachael can sing a song of charming on low level monsters only, getting only the weakest of the weak monster wise to obey her and this only lasts a few minutes. Mana: 150
    Lv. 3 Rachael can sing a song of charm to get NPCs to someone drop their guard around her, or distract them. This helps if she has been caught, or about to have something done to her, to try to throw them off guard. Disadvantage: If this fails, the target can become more aggressive towards her. Mana: 200
    Lv. 4 Rachael can sometimes sing a song to increase her strength and speed by 30 points. Disadvantage: If the song is interrupted, her stats in this drop by 30. Afterward the battle, she is left tired and disoriented. Mana: 125

    Aschae's Artful Flow
    Lv. 1 Rachael can use mana to flow about her body to mimic Mystifae to a degree; this is not very good compared to the real thing.  
    Lv. 2 Rachael can flow and dodge a few attacks, gaining a temporary boost to reflexes and perception by 30 Mana: 150
    Lv. 3 Rachael can use her magik to flow along the currents of the world, and this helps her chart it. Disadvantage: Sometimes she can mess the flow currents up and the magik will go back into her painfully. Mana: 125
    Lv. 4 Rachael can weave the flow of magik about a person, trying to ensure and trap them in place. Disadvantage: Sometimes the snare will fail. Sometimes, if they break free, the feedback can cause Rachael damage. And sometimes this move will just leave her tired. Mana: 150
  • Zeal's Templaric Weaponplay
    Lv. 1 Rachael is capable of using her sword to do a little more damage than normal by focusing mana into her strike. Mana: 25
    Lv. 2 Rachael can focus even more mana into her strike and bring it down, using techniques taught by Zeal in combat in general to go for a critical strike. There's a low chance for 1.5x damage. Mana: 100
    Lv. 3 Using a mixture of defensive and combative nature, Rachael can begin a chain combo with melee weapons and with bow weapons begin a pattern of firing arrows to try to trip and keep an opponent away while doing damage. Disadvantage: This quickly wears Rachael out and after 15 seconds leaves her vulnerable to attack. If she does this too many times per attack she will be left with lower stamina recharge. Energy: 40
    Lv. 4 This is very dependant on your speed and reflexes stats for success, but if a player is quick enough, this level allows them quickly use their weapon or hands to knock weapons from another's hand if they are within a certain stat level of the target. Disadvantage: Sometimes Rachael will miss entirely, leaving herself open for counter strike. If her health is low and she has taken damage, sometimes Rachael will fall over and cannot pick herself up for a few moments. And rarely, Rachael will accidently stab a person - which can be bad. Energy: 60

    Leruste's Sneaky Strikes
    Lv. 1 Using Wind Magik, Rachael can increase the speed of her strikes, doing quicker strikes for less damage on an opponent. Mana: 25 and Energy: 20
    Lv. 2 Rachael can switch up a weapon in her hands, sometimes tricking an opponent and throwing them off balance. With the weapon in her new hand, she can then strike while they are distracted. Disadvantage: If they are not, Rachael may be countered and left vulnerable due to be overconfident. Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 Rachael can use Earth Magik to make a crunch sound behind an opponent, even if it means tossing a rock behind them to destroy, and then do a strike while they are distracted. Disadvantage: If she fails to distract them properly, they can block her attack and get a free strtike on her. Mana: 50 and Energy: 30
    Lv. 4 Using Wind Magik, Rachael can do a Wind Slash an opponent, channeling wind along the blade and speeding along toward an opponent faster than normal, slashing downward. Disadvantage: If they are immune to Wind Attacks, or Magik, she will be repelled with damage done to her. If they manage to have high reflexes and block her attack, they can get a free attack on her. Sometimes the move will fail half -way and leave her falling to the ground in front of her target. Mana: 125 and Energy: 50
Sub-Class Specific Tree






Mage Specific Tree

Mage Talents

  • Magikal Flow Lines
    Tier 1 - Leylines of the World You are able to sense out leylines in the wortld and the various magikal ones and predict/chart them. There's one leyline for each element in the world and they criss cross.
    Tier 2 - Leylines of the World II If a disaster occurs or something has the leylines shift, like years passing or strong weather or other things, or arriving on another planet, you can trek the new leylines positions and predict where they will move.
    Tier 3 - Circuits of the Body You can trace the various circuits of the body and know that most Mages start off with three, while most non mages have 1 or 2. This helps you learn more about the circuits and how mages tap into them.
    Tier 4 - Circuit Increase Knowledge Your knowledge of how to help Mages increase circuits increases the more you encounter mages with higher numbers, charting how circuits open and following the process of the opening and how each element has their own circuits branching out and spells use certain ones.
    Tier 5 - Affinity Circuits When it comes to the elementary affinity circuits that Rachael is using, she can increase the leylines circuits in her body by two extra, causing her mana to flow faster for magik she has affinity for and to do more damage, and create more complex spell for them.
    Bonus Tier 1 +20 Magik Offense
    Bonus Tier 2 +20 Magik Defense

    Magikal Arcane Knowledge
    Tier 1 - Beyond Life and Death Rachael has spent time learning the healing side of the Magikal Arcane side of magik, playing with how the life force works out, and trying to understand it. She's constantly pushing her body and the bodies of others to see how they can be healed and trying to understand what's beyond the void where Yeger currently has rule of souls.
    Tier 2 - Healing Affinity I Rachael's knowledge of magikal healing is not like a doctor, but it gives her magikal healing much more potency, as well as her natural healing abilities.
    Tier 3 - Healing Affinity II An increase of the above tier.
    Tier 4 - Beyond the Veils Pushing herself to the limits, Rachael has continued to research what lies beyond the void to the point she has begun to cross lines with her research, and begun to see what's beyond the veils and learn how Gartareh long ago tied souls to one person.
    Tier 5 - Soul Tuner Rachael's attuned her body to take a person's soul if she can gain more circuits and if the person is willing.
    Bonus Tier 1 +1 Circuit
    Bonus Tier 2 1000 mana

Mage Abilities

  • Heal Magik I
    Lv. 1 The most basic form of the heal magik, it restores medium flesh damage done to the surface layer of the body and restores medium lost health points to the Health Stat.
    Mana: 100
    Lv. 2 This restores most damage done to the outer layer of the body, mending rendered flesh and stopping bleeding that is occurring immediately, but it does not touch damage inside. It restores a lot of health points to the Health Stat.
    Mana: 200
    Lv. 3 This can restore moderate damage done to a person's insides, allowing them to move about and fight again with 1/5ths of proper healing restoration done to them. This healing level can only be done a few times per session.
    Mana: 300
    Lv. 4 This can restore moderate damage done to a person's insides, allowing them to move about and fight again with 2/5ths of proper healing restoration done to them. This healing level can only be done twice per session. It also dulls the pain consideriblely at this level.
    Mana: 500

    Cure Magik I
    Lv. 1 If a Mage is poisoned by something, they can flush their system of it with this spell within one minute. If it's some new poison never encountered and they have Student Doctor Talent, they can still use this. This might not entirely wipe thier system clean, but it will allow them to keep from being killed.
    Mana: 200
    Lv. 2 If a deadly poison pierces the Mage's skin through a blade or arrow and begins to take effect long after the wound and they realize once it's in their system, they can flush their system after the fact though they are left weakened. If it's a new poison and they have Student Doctor, they can still flush it. They will be alerted to the effects sooner if they also have SD.
    Mana: 400
    Lv. 3 If another has been poisoned and the Mage acts within 1 minute they can flush their system. With SD they are alerted to the symptons faster.
    Mana: 200
    Lv. 4 If another is poisoned and dying after a length of time, the Mage can attempt to flush their system despite the length of time. The person will be left weakened afterwards. With SD they alerted to the symptons much faster.
    Mana: 400

    Magik Boost
    Lv. 1 The spell caster can opt for 1 of their 2 uses of this ability per session to increase their damage output by double for 3 mins.
    Mana: 500
    Lv. 2 The spell caster can opt for 1 of their 2 uses of this ability per session to increase their damage output by triple for 3 mins.
    Mana: 800
    Lv. 3 The spell caster can opt to tap into the land and suck up mana to completely restore all their mana for 1 of their 2 uses of this ability per session.
    Lv. 4 The spell caster can opt to restore all their damage received as one of their 1 of 2 uses of this ability per session.
    Mana: 600

    Magik Shield
    Lv. 1 The most basic form of the magik shield, it's a quickly made shield meant to stop just a single attack in desperation at the last second and will shatter after the blow.
    Mana: 100
    Lv. 2 A stronger, more sturdy form, this can be cast, like level one, only on the caster. It's a more sturdy form and can take a few hits depending on the power of the magik/physical attack.
    Mana: 300
    Lv. 3 The same level of strength as the second level, this can be cast on anyone - but it's still a single person.
    Mana: 300
    Lv. 4 As long as the caster keeps their hands out and has Mana, this will slowly eat it up and keep up a shield in front of them and two others, protecting them from damage. The damage inflicted will eat up mana at a rapid rate until the caster hits 0 and runs out. Until then the shield remains up - they can not cast anything else and must keep their hands out.

    Troubled Waters
    Lv. 1 - Veiling Mist Creates a mystic fog that makes it difficult to aim properly and to see targets/people, except when right next to an opponent. Especially effective on ranged attackers. Lowers accuracy of all affected unless they can function on senses other than sight.
    Mana: 200
    Lv. 2 - Acid Rain Skill that showers an area of enemies with a mild water spell intended to weaken defense to destroy armor if uninhindered or shielded and weaken structures of nearby areas.
    Mana: 350
    Lv. 3 - Drown The caster affects existing water and creates a whirlpool attempting to drive a target under and drown or destroy them - or hinder them. Doesn't create water where it doesn't already exist, though water previously created by the caster can be used.
    Mana: 400
    Lv. 4 - Ice Shield You can create a shield of ice to block physical attacks and projectiles from striking you, and then use the shield to club your enemies.
    Mana: 300

Mage Skills

  • Wind Magik
    Lv. 1 - Wind Jump Strike Rachael can use her wind magik to launch herself in the air to get above an enemy so she can strike them with her own weapon, or another magik spell Mana Cost: 300
    Lv. 2 - Naruto Wind Strike Rachael gathers the wind magik into a single ball, then thrusts it into the enemy to do damage against them, or their armor, and then fling them back. This exhausts a good deal of her mana Mana Cost: 1000
    Lv. 3 - Wind Boomerang Rachael throws out two wind boomerang slices that hone in at the enemy, trying to cut them in from opposite angles. Mana Cost: 500
    Lv. 4 - Wind Weapon Rachael can infuse her weapon with Wind Magik. Mana Cost: 300

    Ice Magik
    Lv. 1 - Ice Spike Rachael forms an ice spike under her enemy by touching the ground and focusing; this leaves her vunerable for a few seconds. Mana Cost: 400
    Lv. 2 - Ice Trail A stronger form of the above move, she creates a flowing line of ice spikes that grows larger and larger, at a group of targets, then shatters upward every which way, throwing ice shards about. This is dangerous in small areas due to ally damage. Mana Cost: 700
    Lv. 3 - Assassin's Hidden Ice Spike Rachael can form ice spike and stab an opponent at close range. Mana Cost: 300
    Lv. 4 - Ice Blade Rachael can infuse her weapon with Ice Magik Mana Cost: 300

    Earth Magik
    Lv. 1 - Earth Wall Rachael can cause the ground to rise up in front of her to take some damage, but it won't take a lot of damage. Mana Cost: 400
    Lv. 2 - Earth Fist Rachael can form a fist out of the ground to grab at one or two enemies at most, and try to crush them. This will only do so much damage before crumbling away. Mana Cost: 600
    Lv. 3 - Pitfall Rachael Rachael can split the ground open up to 10 meters and drop enemies in the pit. Mana Cost: 800
    Lv. 4 - Earth Weapon Rachael can infuse her weapon with Earth Magik Mana Cost: 300

    Lightning Magik
    Lv. 1 - Lightning Bolt Rachael can create a lightning bolt from the sky to strike an enemy, hopefully shocking them. Mana Cost: 200
    Lv. 2 - Superhero Rachael Rachael's hands begin to crackle like Cole and she can palm thrust against an enemy's body to fry him, doing more damage up close than a bolt could. Mana Cost: 500
    Lv. 3 - Ground Lightning Rachael can bring lightning bolts up out of the ground under enemies, damaging a group of them; this is only do group damage and weaken armor, not actually hurt them, and blind them with the flash, Mana Cost: 600
    Lv. 4 - Lightning Weapon Rachael can infuse her weapon with Lightning Magik. Mana Cost: 300

    Magik Drain Attack
    Lv. 1 You form a magik ball and throw it outward; if it strikes the enemy, you begin to drain mana from them rapidly, then the ball explodes depending on how much you manage to get in 10 seconds or before they do something to neutralize it. Mana Cost: 200
    Lv. 2 You form a magik ball and throw it outward; if it strikes the enemy, you begin to drain mana from them rapidly, then the ball explodes depending on how much you manage to get in 20 seconds or before they do something to neutralize it. Mana Cost: 500
    Lv. 3 You are capable of kissing another person and draining their mana directly that way, sucking it from them rapidly. Mana Cost: 200
    Lv. 4 Touching the ground, you can sap the mana from the Tareh itself, draining it into yourself directly. Mana Cost: 0
Angel Magik
      • Wind Jump - Mana: 12
      • Gale Burst Lv. 1 - Mana: 12
      • Gale Burst Lv. 2 - Mana: 25
      • Gale Burst Lv. 3 - Mana: 50
      • ---
      • Earth Spike Lv 1 - Mana: 25
      • Earth Spike Lv 2 - Mana: 50
      • ---
      • Fireball Lv. 1 - Mana: 12
      • Fireball Lv. 2 - Mana: 38
      • Fireball Lv. 3 - Mana: 75
      • Super Fireball - Mana: 150
      • ---
      • Water Creation - Mana: 13
      • Geyser - Mana: 38
      • Effervescense - Mana: 25
    Angel Mark
        • Advantages:
        • Lvl 1: Faster Healing Time, Increased Magic Useage and Effectiveness
        • Lv. 2: Improved Healing Time, Increased Energy and Speed
        • Lv. 3: 1/2th Magik Usage, Superhuman Energy, and Superhuman Speed
        • Lv. 4: Elemental Affinity Add-On, Angel Energy
        • Lv. 5: Quicker Magik Level Ups, Permenant Energy Increase
        • Disadvantages:
        • Lvl 1: Lifeforce Drain, Energy Impairment, Strength Impairment
        • Lv. 2: Stat Impairment 1 and 2
        • Lv. 3: Complete Immobility, Advantages Gone
        • Lv. 4: Permenant Stamina Decrease
        • Lv. 5: Angel Control
      • Primary Weapon: Tier 10 Imperial Sword, +5 Attack, +3 Damage Booster
      • Secondary Weapon: Tier 7 Imperial Bow, +5 Range, +5 Fire
      • Special Item: Backpack [20 rope, 50 glow stone]
      • Special Item:
      • Body Armor: Tier 10 Imperial Bikini Armor [+5 Defense]
      • Arm Armor: Tier 10 Imperial Gauntlet [+3 Defense]
      • Leg Armor: Tier 10 Imperial Battle Boots [+3 Speed]

      Your Beliefs: I don't know what I believe in anymore; this world is a confusing place that seems to constantly baffle and hurt me. So the one thing I will believe is in those around me, like Leruste, Nephilim, and Zeal. I will let them be my guiding lights.

      Your Goals: To try to save Tareh, even if I don't know how to do that.

      Your Instinct: Follow the Angel, and watch to see what choices she makes; keeping my blade sharp and praying I can keep it sheathed.


      Relatives: Brother - Valen (Dead).

      Adopted Narvens [Sister] - Nephilim and Zeal Silas (Dead).

      Husband - Leruste Enth'ar

      Daughter - Nephilim Parita-Ruun En'thar

      Adorable Adopted Sword Daughter - Truth


      Your Background: Rachael Enth'ar pretended to be the fiance to Valen when she first met the group a long year ago, back when she was a naive young girl fresh out of their village in the forests of Matias. Hiding the fact she was a halfling, due to the racism and slavery that went on, and the fact Halflings go insane eventually, Rachael's world was thrown into chaos when the Angel fell into the sky and she was thrown into situation after situation, slowly becoming battled hardened. Not even making a narvan pact with Zeal and rediscovering Nephilim from her childhood, an elf, could keep her afloat, especially when Valen became a traitor and Nephilim, his lover, had to kill him.

      Rachael has discovered she has a natural talent for magik after being marked by Jean, the Angel, and has focused on developing that the past year, growing stronger and seeking all she can while they have felled the gods. After discovering Leruste Enth'ar and jokingly saying they should enter a relationship, the two did and became close, and she gave her virginity to him, despite sleeping first with Zeal and Nephilim, as part of her culture. The two soon became engaged, but the events of the world have not allowed them to become married truly outside Ruun, Leruste's guild leader, and Nephilim's lover, marrying them.

      Rachael has slowly lost her naivity and innocence over the long year and looks at things from all sides. Though recently Aschae's actions have appalled her beyond words, she has begun to reconsider them and wonder if perhaps, in the end, it may be the only way to save Tareh, with all the prophecies and the constantly building threats. Desperately clinging to the hope they can change the past while protecting the future, Rachael's slowly begun to show signs of halfling insanity, and only time will tell if she will truly crack - so far she has two incidents and the group has brought her back both times, but one of the incidents she killed an innocent person. What will occur next time?

      So far she has managed to keep her issues under control, even traveling into the future, and exploring the new world, where elves have the upper hand and humans are the sparser race. And, surprisingly of all, the new generations of halflings are cured of the insanity, and age differently from before as well. While traveling, Rachael has also learned she is pregnant as well as meeting Jubei, the granddaughter of Zeal.

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