Reality Strikers


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  • Appeared Age: 17-18
  • DOB: Unknown
  • Hair: Black
  • Cup Size: B
  • Hair Length: Lower Back
  • Eyes: Dark Green
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 100 at best, varies depending on blood level
  • Build: Slender
  • Race: Vampire Elf
  • Elemental Affinity: Dark
  • Primary Weapon: Tier 9 Wire
  • Secondary Weapon: Tier 7 Bo
  • Special Item: Choker Seal on throat
  • Special Item 2:
  • Body Armor: Light Ore Robe/Bikini Laced Ore Underneath
  • Hand Armor:
  • Foot Armor:

Your Beliefs: I do not know what to believe, but I try to believe in the good in others, because that means there must still be some good in my corrupted soul.

Your Goals: To not fall into true vampirism.

Your Instinct: To not listen to the call of blood and follow my will.


Relatives: Unknown.


Your Background: Found in a cavern by the group long ago, Aschae took pity on Seraphim and was going to kill her after having sex with her, though when she went to stab her through, she found her heart moved by the pathetic crying of the vampire. Healing her, to the bafflement of Seraphim, Aschae brought Seraphim along, giving her the minimum amount of blood to survive, and learning that Seraphim never fed and sealed herself in the cave to hide from the temptation, and hence was incrediblely weak by vampire standards, and not fully corrupted. Following the group loyally, she was killed and turned to ashes and it was seredepity they kept the ashes for the next few months.

Taking the ashes forward 400 years with them after Aschae's death, they learned demons, unleashes during their actions in the Angel War, had corrupted more of the land and that vampireism was much more dangerous to have, as the call of blood and demonism was harder to resist than in Seraphim's time, they found there was ways to restore a dead vampire for interrogation. They brought Seraphim back using Truth's blood, which had Seraphim take on some of Truth's personality. Neer put a Choker Seal on her throat, cutting down on Seraphim's powers and her vampire blood call, so that Seraphim would not be corrupted in this demonic time period. Depressed over the loss of Aschae, but with Truth's bubblely personality clashing with her morose one, so far Seraphim seems more like herself, though a bit more talkative.

She still needs to feed, though not as much, and as long as the choker remains on her throat, her powers are sealed for the most part, and her true vampire nature remains asleep. Though it is warned if it is removed, Seraphim will grow much stronger, but will be in danger of corruption much more easily.


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