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  • Age: 15
  • DOB: 5.7.2847
  • Hair: Red
  • Cup Size: Large B
  • Hair Length: Lower Back
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 115
  • Build: Busty
  • Race: Half Kitsune/Azuha
  • Elemental Affinity: Ice
  • Primary Weapon: Tier 12 Di'Neer Sword
  • Secondary Weapon: Tier 6 Hidden Dagger
  • Special Item: Backpack
  • Special Item 2: First Queen's (Mercy) Apron/Pan Made into Crest
  • Body Armor: God Tier Royal Apron Bikini Armor (Hidden under clothing)
  • Hand Armor:
  • Foot Armor:

Your Beliefs: I believe in protecting the people of Neer from threats within and out, and seeing to it that the world of Tareh becomes a peaceful place like the First Queen Mercy wanted it to become. I will protect our family Kingdoms such as the Kingdom of Amatsune, but will not be blinded by loyality and look at all facts. I will keep the calm of a queen and keep my head about me, knowing that everyone about me is looking to take it. I will follow the guide of Ama.

Your Goals: To win back Neer, my throne - and help my friends and family who are trying to save Tareh. To help help Aunt Ama however I can. To free my little sister and brother from the conspiracy gripping things. And to find true love.

Your Instinct: As Aunt Ama would say, trust your nose, your gut, and your heart. Except when your heart tells you to chase after some girl or boy.


Relatives: The Royal Family. A far, far 400 year removed descendant of Kaelan Di'neer. Some mixed relation to Jubei Silas, though not directly blood related.


Your Background: Zegretta Di'neer, or Zegretta Neer for short, is the current ruler of Neer, having become said ruler when her parents were killed when she was young. Her aunt and uncle could have ruled but instead supported her and helped Zegretta when they needed, hence Zegretta depends on them for a lot of things. Her aunt runs the fleet and military divisions and her uncle is into the noble family and politicking. Zegretta was trained by Jubei until Jubei left one day, which was a year shy of Zegretta going to be trained by the Goddess of Ama for her kitsune training.

There, Zegretta excelled at the ancient arts of kitsune and other things, becoming more than an azuha, though she is still part one, and part kitsune now. It is clear Zegretta is terriblely alone, with all the nobles vying for her affections for the throne and having little to turn to, with Sia on her quest and Jubei being gone for nearly 10 years. When Kaelan showed up, Zegretta and Zegretta's younger sister, Fi'anna attached to her, and Zegretta seemed to show a girl crush on Kaelan.

When the group moved on, Zegretta stayed behind to deal with Neer being drawn into the civil war to the south in Gelus but when she began to support the rogue princess someone attempted to have her killed and she was smuggled out of the kingdom; her aunt and uncle took over, thinking she was dead and she met up with the group to win her throne back, while traveling with them in the Demon Realm. The DR Demons treat her like royality, oddly, and she has purchased, for some reason, a Lilin that cannot seem to get anything right named Clit.


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