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The God Era is over. It lasted from 0 AJ (After Judgement) to 5th month of 2390 during the Angelic War, when the Angel defeated the 13 Gods - technically with the help of some of them, such as the God of Heroes, Lenneth. She became something of legends, the Angel did. Her and her followers. The Angelic War freed the people from nearly 2400 years of oppression.

Afterwards began the Era of Change, as many called it, from 2390-2600. It was a good time for the first portion, as the races worked together, despite animosity and as the land shifted and changed slowly, worked together. Still under their old kingdom names, the Queens Anora and Mercy worked and united the races and did well, but 100 years into it, a virus struck and began to widdle down the human population. Even as two new races rose up during that time - Bunpers, a rabbit humanoid race and Catmews, a cat humanoid race, humans decreased. Over the next 50 years, it was a bloody affair that changed many things.

At the end of the 150 years of the 210 years of the Era of Change, the virus stopped but humans were next to least populated race - after Bunpers and Catmews. The elven population was the greatest populated race, with Azuha next, and so things were much different. Navarro and Nuege began to change, especially when the elven population carved out a huge section of Navarro and made their own kingdom during the last part of the 50 years, taking most of Navarro's land and Matias, since the lands were connected now, forming their own Kingdom, so by 2600, they had a huge Kingdom unlike any other. Navarro became the Kingdom of Gelus under it's new King and Nuege became the Kingdom of Neer, the granddaughter of Queen Mercy naming it after the wife of the first Queen, Queen Mercy.

The Turbulent Era, 2600 AJ - 2850 AJ, began when the Elven population, now the most powerful Kingdom, wished to strike out, leading to a civil war that split the Kingdom in two, and then a third Kingdom formed off from them. The Azuha then ended up forming their own Kingdom. Also during this time period, an off branch of Azuha formed their own Repubic after discovering something, and the demons, having been wrecking havoic on their own, took the Western Lands and formed their own "Kingdom" and heirachy under one leader. The Empire of Alrhyl really rose to power during this era, devoted to the Angel, people - humans mostly - needing an icon to cling to during the turbulence and chaos that has spun out out of everything. Finally, though, a new era has been dubbed.

The Forced Check Era, beginning somewhere around 2851 AJ, though the year has been argued, has gone into effect, with the kingdoms in check with each other due to alliances and behind doors politics in play. This has gone on for the last 10 years. The current year is now 2862 AJ. The Badelf Kingdom is doing skirmishes against humans where it can. The Demon Realm is still doing it's attacks. There's a failing harvest in parts of the world. And there's a mana drain. And there's other new threats.


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