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The Alien Wars 5: Trinity

 The combining of three into the prime reality...

... will lead to the rise of the new or the fall of all.


The Alien Wars 5: Trinity was the fifth installment, and the second part of the second trilogy. It picked up months after the end of the The Alien Wars 4: PAX and continued the stories and lives of the characters who had gone into the multiverse under General Cheryl and come back utterly changed. This RPG, however, evolved rapidly to focus on the brash decision Cheryl made in making three realities the Prime Reality, a Trinity, and the consequences of wielding the Prime Reality between her and Wind as new enemies rose in the future - enemies that were their very own descendants. Taking place in a possible future, in the old Classic Realitiy (TAW 1 - 3's setting), an Alternate Reality where things were slighty different, and of course the main Reality, they all had to learn to work together, or face utter destruction, and the tasks and burdens began to fall more and more on their children in the end.

By twilight's end, a new generation had begun to rise up as the old guard began to step down. While the true end of the RPG didn't come to fruitation, the story was wrapped up and Centerpoint was shattered and destroyed for good. But what are the consequences of such? Well...

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