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Da Capo's Academy and Alliance, while sharing the same city, are a bit different in concept and so I will go over some of it below. If people would like basic map as time goes on I will provide it:


The Academy is essentially the same as it always was, but it has grown by leaps and bounds from the original days. It is nearly the biggest city on Geyze, especially with the teleporter system being set to come here by default with the numbers 0000. The teleporter is set dead center of the city with a few minor ones throughout it, each with numbers growing from there - 0001, 0002, etc.

Many of the original buildings are no longer in use - the Ancient Ones' temples. Other than as storage buildings or places for important items that the Academy deems worthy of the temple's walls to protect them. All new buildings have been built throughout the Academy. The only other original building is Sasha's Headmistress building.

The school years have been increased to 4-5 years, with post-graduate classes being offered that last 3-4 years depending on the nature of the courses. The Academy main courses include magic taught by magic users or Magi, Summoner courses by Summoni, fighting courses, and so on. The school buildings have all been redesigned so that each type of course has their own building now with each teacher having their own room built to their specification. These buildings can be 1-5 floors depending on the number of students and the necessary materials asked for.

Several additional side schools have cropped up over the years, due to Academy growing up. These include beauty schools, dancing schools, etiquette schools, mechanic schools, and so on. Every type of school imaginationable has cropped up and now have their own smaller buildings, and fall under Sasha's scope now.

With so many people moving in, the city is now basically under Sasha's scope and needs people to help run it, in some regards. It has been divided into the school proper, where the students are allowed to study without interruption. Then there is the minor schools. After that is the residence districts, which are quickly becoming the biggest part of the Academy and have many shops and other places. And finally the space port. As well as the grotto just north of the school proper.

Powers: Sasha can cast a vote on the Alliance council. She can also call forth a vote to be held on a topic of her choosing, though she needs a second person to agree to discuss the topic. Sasha can can keep a small defense force for the school. She can go on Peacekeeper missions as an observer and participate as one of the leaders (any leader can opt to do this).



The Alliance is currently located on Geyze due to there being so many Alliance Leaders located on it and their base is next door to the Academy. Their teleporter numbers are 1001, 1002, etc, and so on.

The Alliance's mission is to help protect all the Kingdoms as well as the Academy, as well as look after Yggdrasil, and see to the interests of Geyze and Kumen, even if that means expanding their interests to new worlds. They have taken over the protection force, which have been renamed Peacekeepers, which go out across Geyze and Kumen, with a small force in each Kingdom. The Peacekeepers serve a few functions: 1) each city has a few located in them to protect them. 2) There are Peacekeepers that roam about both planets seeing to missions and protecting the innocent. 3) And a group are always on Yggdrasil to protect it.

The Alliance's leadership is made up of the leadership of Geyze and Kumen. Leaf, Celes, Helen, Kalam, Jules, Qui, Shinobu, Sasha, and Riki. While Shion runs the Alliance for them, and can all agendas, any of the 9 leaders can bring forth something they wish to discuss to vote on and if a second wishes to vote on it, it will be considered. Secondly, any mission that Shion goes on, any of the 9 can go along with her to oversee it, if they wish, to see how Shion is handling things. And finally, any of the 9 can ask for Shion's help with crisises in their area and she will have to attend to it.



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