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Character Info

Name: Airym Rank: CHIP's Rival Race: Advanced AI (Biotect Used)
Age: 31 DOB: 10-607.11.6 Birth Planet: Asteroid C

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Silver-White Hair Length: Shoulder
Height: 5'10" Weight: Build: Curvy
Cup Size: D First Appearance: The Alien Wars 5, Session 339 Generation 1



Parents: Miyra (mother. Age Unknown. DOB: Unknown - TAW4: 127 ), Cheryl Mizukaze (mother. 66 years old. 10-573.3.23 - TAW4: 44), Taiga Mizukaze (second mother. 42 years old. 10-597.11.11 - TAW5: 299)



(*) super move
Abilities: 5 Strength: 4 Speed: 3
Mind: 7 Godhood: 5 Element: Lightning


HP: 15 (4)
Weapon: Transcendent - 8 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 2) = 10 HP Damage / Armor - Transcendent: 4 HP Protection


Item 1: Upgraded Nano-Scale Fabrication Transcendent Primary Weapon
Item 2: Upgraded Nano-Scale Fabrication Transcendent Primary Armor
Item 3:   Secondary Armor
Item 4:    




[Primary Move] Machine Goddess: As a self-aware AI, Airym possesses advanced capabilities.  She possesses advanced internal sensors that can be used to provide advanced tactical support (i.e. identifying abilities and weaknesses of opponents).  She can also hack into enemy units (overriding drones or enemy comms) and unshielded consoles.
[Scan: Airym can get a boss' stats and abilities to help the team]
[Secondary Move] Nano-Scale Fabrication: With advanced fabrication technology, Airym can 'grow' advanced technology from her body, including weapons (energy guns and blades) and armor.  These items appear as constructs of fine, metallic structures with blue, hologram-like components.  (Note that these items are functionally a part of Airym's body and cannot be shared with others.)

[Tertiary Move] Spirit-Circuits: Airym's body is implanted with miniaturized [Aquarius Spirit-Tech] circuits, allowing her to enhance her combat capabilities.  Advanced technology in her hands (such as those created with Nano-Scale Construction) can take on new abilities: 1) shots can inflict Spirit damage or effects instead of standard damage.  2) Armor can gain Spirit buffs.  Her body glows with blue 'Tron' lines when this ability is active.
[Shots: Godhood multipler x 2 + 10 Weapon Damage = 20 Damage + Spirit Damage]
[Armor Buff: Godhood multipler x 2 = 10 Shield]

[Racial Move] Download: Biotect, especially Mark Xs, are almost human, they still are linked to computerized parts. This allows them to download and upload information more rapidly than humans, and work with comptuers much faster. You can skip one OG by analyzing the situation, or download part of your conscious onto a computer to NetRun..


Gear Stats

10 Spending Points (1)
Power: 10 of 100 Energy: 10 of 100 Armor: 10 of 100
Speed: 10 of 100 Weapon Type: Element:


Beliefs and Goals

Airym has always had a driving desire for knowledge acquisition and self-improvement (i.e. evolution). Her habit of frequently rebuilding her body is driven by this desire. With the end of the old multiverse, her primary directive (defending the multiverse) has given way toward a desire to provide for the welfare of her surrogate family, even if she isn't the most obviously affectionate being around.


Background History

Airym was designed by the eccentric Erusian genius Myria Arhnya (Alt), who programmed her original software. Sending instructions to the Strikers group (based in the Prime universe), specifically Cheryl Mizukaze. Cheryl constructed Airym's original physical platform based upon Myria's specifications (and using one of Casandra Arakawa's spare cyborg bodies as a base). With her software installed and active, Airym revealed that her purpose was to protect the multiverse.

Airym accompanied the Reality Strikers on multiple missions, fulfilling a support role with her collected data archives and technical capabilities. Some of her notable accomplishments include construction of the Avenger-series mission ships and establishing co-existence with the inhabitants of Bot World (Classic reality).

After the Illium, and the 30 years of peace, Taiga took over the Strikers and helped with Airym's upgrading and was the de facto leader of the time period. Becoming like a second mother, she helped Airym get to the point where Airym began to upgrade herself when she needed and no longer needed others. When the reality quakes began to occur, she joined Taiga's daughter Yuki in going to the other side to investigate and was a big help on the Aquarius, continuing evolving.




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