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Character Info

Name: Amaterasu Rank: Sun Goddess Race: Goddess (Famfrit/Aurit)
Age: Old DOB: Unknown (Appeared After Pandora's Box) Birth Planet: Earth

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Ankles
Height: 6'4" Weight: 120 Build: Slender
Cup Size: Godly First Appearance: The Alien Wars 5: Session 204 Generation 1
Partners: Erevis (wife. 53 years old. 10-586.11.6 / (January 5993) - TAW4: 93),
Megumi (mistress. 101 years old. 10-538.12.12 - TAW4: 241), Xanatos (toy. 87 years old. 10-555.1.7 / (January 5993) - TAW4: 1)

Children: Isis (adopted daughter. 159 years old. 10-590.1.18 - ETP: ?),
Iko (adopted daughter. 49 years old. 10-590.1.18 - ETP: ?),
Athena (adopted daughter. 72 years old. (Jan 5993) / 10-590.10.2 - ETP: ?),
Ako (adopted daughter. 49 years old. 10-590.10.2 - ETP: ?),
Jaime (adopted daughter. 49 years old. 10-592.5.14 / (January 5993) - TAW5: 205),
Jamie (adopted son. 47 years old. 10-592.5.14 - TAW5: 205),
Lenneth (adopted daughter. 47 years old. 10-592.12.1 - TAW4: ?), Ama son

Siblings: Tsukiyomi (sister. Age: Unknown - Appeared After Pandora's Box - TAW5: Night), Susano (brother. Evil. Not that important.)




Abilities: 3 Strength: 5 Speed: 4
Mind: 5 Godhood: 7* Element: Holy/Sun

HP: 15 (7)
Weapon: God - 14 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 2) = 16 HP Damage / Armor - God: 7 HP Protection



Item 1: Sword Kusanagi (God) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Ama's Robes (God) Primary Armor
Item 3: Sun Beam As long a there is a sun is present, Ama can double her stats for a brief time (5 mins)  
Item 4: Mirror Yata no Kagami Allows Ama to warp to another mirror  




[Primary Move] Ama Heal: Ama can group heal anyone within a circle space of 10 feet.
[Group Heal - 2 Times Per Session]
[Secondary Move] Mini Sun Flare: Ama is literally the power of the sun and can unleash the power of the sun. However, she must tamper the attack or she will not only damage the team and the planet around them, but might do more damage than the enemy. Unless the enemy is immune to Light/Sun (Aka has Aska power's), they will get the hit by the full might of the attack (Think Spirit Bomb).
[Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 + Sunburnt = 20 damage

[Tertiary Move] Motherly Embrace: Ama can ressurect a person died within 5 turns. She does this by smothering them in her breasts. That or using holy light.
[Full Ressurection w/ Half Health. If just KOed Full Health. 2 Uses Per Session]

[Racial Move] Manifestation: The user is able to manifest a weapon or tool of their imagination, even if it goes beyond the realm most of reality. Afterwards, this can damage their cells.





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