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Asarar Li

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Character Info

Name: Asarar Li Rank: Keeps Everyone Wrangled Race: Biotect Mark X
Age: 36 DOB: 3/14/5961 CE Birth Planet: Kumen

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Purple Hair Length: Upper-Mid Back
Height: 5'4" Weight: 100 Build: Lithe/Normal
Cup Size: C First Appearance: The Duality Wars: Session 6 Generation 1
Partners: Kira (wife. 36 years old. 3/14/5961 CE - Dual: 6)

Children: Bella (daughter. 5 years old. 5.5.5992 - Dual: 136)

Siblings: Cypher Sweet (sister. 7 years old. 10.19.5990 - Dual: 75)




Abilities: 4 Strength: 7* Speed: 5
Mind: 1 Godhood: 7* Element: Fire

HP: 15 (6)
Weapon: Mystic - 6 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 4 (7 bonus)) = 10 HP Damage / Armor - Mystic: 6 HP Protection



Item 1: Runic Saber A Blade with runes on it that cuts through most materials(Mystic) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Hyper Trench Coat Armor Specialized Trench Coat w/ Runic Symbols on it (Mystic) Primary Armor
Item 3: Inner Armor (Mystic) Secondary Armor
Item 4:    




[Primary Move] Purple Eyes:
[Secondary Move] Biotect X:

[Tertiary Move] Magi Biotect:

[Racial Move] Circuits: Overloading all the special pathways in one's body, they can unlock all their limiters for 3 attacks, doing triple the attacks, even other ability attacks. Leaves them weaked for a few minutes afterward.


???? Stats

Abilities: Strength: Speed:
Mind: Spirithood: 7 Element:



Beliefs and Goals



Background History


Asarar Cypher is not her real name, and she freely admits this. Outside remembering the name Asarar, she was found naked in the toxicity rain of the Quad 5's slums, in an alley, by (Jackie's character) with coins spilled all about her. With nothing on but gloves, Asarar was helped to a near by clinic where she found that her memory was scattered and corrupted, as if someone damaged it, and that she seemed to have the ability to accept Tech like a Tech-Runner.

After a few weeks of recovering, she spent her time wandering the Slums, pondering what to do, feelng an aching hole and flashes of memory and came cross the old run down Theater and felt an affinify to it. Seeking out the woman that helped her out, she asked if she wanted a job helping her renovate the place, then teaming up as a group of Runners, since Tech-Runner Groups had higher chances of success. Naturally, despite the suspicions, Asarar had little to offer in background with a corrupted memory but the two agreed and used Asarar's coin to begin renonvating the place, and when that ran out, ran some jobs.

Over the next two months, they turned the old theater into Radio City and made it a front for their group. Asarar, not having a name besides the one she vaguely remembered, took on the last name Asarar Cypher. From there, Asarar realized they would need more than the two of them to do what she needed. Still having flashes of the noble district and something horrible happening to her, like some cliched game character who could not remember their past, she began to take to drinking alcohol and finding herself having black outs at various times.

Whatever mods were installed, clearly someone did something to her, and then left her for dead; or perhaps she had tried to escape. And so, the two worked together and began to bring in a group of specialists with varying skills. All the while Asarar hoping she could drown the pain and memories that kept bubbling up in her head.

Recently, Asarar learned she was a Biotect built to summon spirits and during the battle, her consciousness began to split into two. In the end, she had to turn to the President of Kumen to build herself an exact body to house the growing consciousness. She took the new body, a biotect body with short hair, while Cypher, her "sister", took the more human body that was provided.

*After the incidents were cleared up with Yggdrasil, Asarar and her crew eventually left Kumen on a large ship and began to do jobs throughout the galaxy. Rumor has it they are thinking about returning to Kumen for a few more jobs.



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