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Athena Zhenmei

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Character Info

Name: Athena Zhenmei Rank: Ex-Idol Race: Progenitor Famfrit
Age: 73 / Appeared Age: 34
January 5993
DOB: 10-590.8.15 + Alternate Future Birth Planet: Earth

Eye Color: Green / Red At Times

Hair Color: White Hair Length: Mid Back
Height: 5'0" Weight: 100 Build: Waif
Cup Size: C First Appearance: Erevis the Progenitor Session Generation 1
Partners: Jennifer Carmichael (wife. 68 years old. 10-574.10.25 / (January 5993) - TAW4: 263), Sammael Zhenmei (wife. ??? years old. ???? / (January 5993) - TAW4?)

Children: Sugar (daughter. 47 years old. 10-592.1.14 - TAW5: 135), Cuddles (daughter. 47 years old. 10-592.1.14 - TAW5: 135),
Love (daughter. 10-592.1.14 - TAW5: 135 ), Thena (daughter. 47 years old. 10-592.1.14 - TAW5: 135),
Heaven (to be revealed in rp. 47 years old. 10-592.1.14 - TAW5: 136), Tamara (to be revealed in rp. 59 years old. 10-592.1.14 - TAW5: 126?)

Siblings: Isis (sister. 159 years old. 10-590.1.18 - ETP: ?), Iko (sister. 49 years old. 10-590.1.18 - ETP: ?),
Ako (sister. 49 years old. 10-590.10.2 - ETP: ?), Jaime (sister. 49 years old. 10-592.5.14 / (January 5993) - TAW5: 205),
Jamie (brother. 47 years old. 10-592.5.14 - TAW5: 205), Lenneth (half-sister. 47 years old. 10-592.12.1 - TAW5: 206)

Parents: Megumi (mother. 101 years old. 10-538.12.12 - TAW4: 241), Erevis Zhenmei (mother. 53 years old. 10-586.11.6 / (January 5993) - TAW4: 93), Ama (non-biological mother. Age unknown. TAW5: 204), Xanatos (non-biological father. 87 years old. 10-555.1.7 / (January 5993) - TAW4: 1)



(used) (super move)
Abilities: 3 Strength: 7 Speed: 6
Mind: 2 Godhood: 7 Element: Fire

HP: 15 (8)
Weapon: Transcendent - 8 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 4 (7 bonus) = 12 HP Damage / Armor - Transcendent: 8 HP Protection



Item 1: Macross and Mizukaze Gauntlets (Transcendent) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Macross and Mizukaze Megumi Armor Megumi Armor (Transcendent) Primary Armor
Item 3: Idol Armor Idol Armor (Transcendent) Secondary Armor
Item 4: Thrusters Allows Slight Flight/Glide in the Armor  




[Primary Move] Snap: Athena can form fire by snapping her fingers, using a form of manifestation, and unleashes huge fireballs and flame waves at her enemies. She can even make a fire armor on herself and launch herself at them.
[Snap: Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 = 20 damage + Fire Damage]
[Fire Armor: Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 = 20 Shield + Fire]
[Secondary Move] Marble Reality: Athena can use her manifestation to continually create crystal swords and attack the enemy, while trapping them and the team in an area with her manifestation. However, the longer this goes on her HP will drop after 2 turns by 2 HP per turn.
[Marble Reality: Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 = 20 damage Output Swords. Each Sword Decreases in Damage by 2]

[Tertiary Move] Black Hole: Athena can use the ultimate manifestation technique and form a minor blackhole that is 1 foot in length and launch it at the enemy, hoping to damage them and the area. However, this will damage her body by 7 HP and could hurt others due to it being a small black hole. It will run out after 3 minutes.
[Black Hole: Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 = 20 damage / Person - lasts 3 turns and does 7 HP to Athena]

[Racial Move] Manifestation: The user is able to manifest a weapon or tool of their imagination, even if it goes beyond the realm most of reality. Afterwards, this can damage their cells.




Beliefs and Goals

I must get stronge, so that I can reclaim my home. I will do this by helping mother by working at this Alliance while she works with the Royal people.


Background History

Athena Zhenmei is the daugher of Erevis and Megumi Zhenmei. However, the catch is she's from an alternate future timeline that got erased, having come back into the past to help them defeat the Legacy. While she has a young counter part, who is barely one, Athena is actually 36 years old, her appearance that of an 18 year old. Having suffered emotional trauma from witnessing her future mother, Megumi, die in front of her eyes from the Legacy, as well as the future Zephyr, then being taken over by Legacy, she was rescued from the team. Always bubblely, friendly, and outgoing, it also masks her pain and fear of more loss, especially after the one time she opened herself up to a new friend, Sammael, who ended up dying by sacrificing her life.

Athena has also proven herself a capable leader and has taken over the PAX several times when there has been a hole in leadership, issuing commands and leading the ship to victory against the new threat of the Others several times. She has a cold, calculating side like Erevis when need be, but also a burning passionate side like Megumi, teetering on the edge of a berserker rage like Megumi used to do. She learned to mostly keep it under control, ending up becoming the second Empress with her sister, Isis, taking over jointly.

During this time she married Jennifer Carmichael, had many kids, and watched them grow up. Cuddles taking over medical, Sugar becoming a famous band player with younger Elywin, and Love working with Megumi in the Labs.

Eventually Lenneth took over as Empress and Athena retired to being a part time Idol and everything was going well over the next 30 years or so until the current events begin to stack up. Then one day another Erevis showed up and defeated the entire Zhenmei family, throwing them off the PAX after she unlocked the full potiential of the PAX. Having been utterly defeated, Athena began to train all the time, first on Earth, then on Geyze, for the chance to find a way to get allies and a tool to help her family get the PAX back. With Erevis working with the Royal families, Athena is working with the newly formed Alliance.


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