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Bonnie Sweet

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Character Info

Name: Bonnie Sweet Rank: Cat Familiar Race: Familiar
Age: Hundreds DOB: Unknown Birth Planet: Geyze
Eye Color: Red Hair Color: White or Blue Hair Length: Upper Back
Height: 5'3" Weight: 100 Build: Waif
Cup Size: B First Appearance: The Duality Wars, Session 36 Generation 1
Relatives: Chelsea (partner), Cypher (partner), Cloé (daughter)



Abilities: 2 Strength: 3 Speed: 7
Mind: 5 Godhood: 7 Element: Light

HP: 10
Weapon: Legendary - 4 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 1) = 5 HP Damage / Armor - Legendary: 2 HP Protection



Item 1: Spirit Dagger Legendary Blade Primary Weapon
Item 2: Spirit Armor Familiar Spirit Armor (Legendary) Primary Armor
Item 3:   Secondary Weapon
Item 4: Unique Item 2    




[Primary Move] Level Up: Bonnie's hair color switches when she goes from a lower tier familiar form to a higher tier, doubling her strength and Godhood (at least when she is attacking and doing moves), however this burns her energy consuption and can even dip into the stats of Chelsea. She can hit harder and faster when she is like this, a true terror, but if she combines this with Familarize, it can be game over if she is not careful.
[Level Up: Godhood and Strength Doubled. Lasts 3 Turns or until Combined With Familiarize]
[Secondary Move] Restore: Bonnie can use up all of one of her stats to restore Chelsea's health, leaving that stat slot empty. If it's speed, she is now unable to move and so on.
[Restore: Uses 1 Stat to Restore Chelsea's Health]

[Tertiary Move] Weaponize: Bonnie can form energy blasts and weapons with her stats, using up a stat to form the attack and launch it, her form of mana. If she uses up all of stat category, it will form a massive damage attack.
[Stat x 2 = Damage]
[Use Up All Stat x 3 = Damage]

[Racial Move] Familiarize: The familiar can use up all their mana reserves to super charge all their stats to 7 (except Godhood) for a brief time, as well as the one they are pact with. This will last for a brief time and afterwards when it fades, the Familiar will begin to fade if the pactmaker doesn't get mana to them quickly.




Beliefs and Goals

A Familiar rarely reveals their goals, and tries to help their Meister.


Background History

Bonnie appeared as a blue cat to the Cypher group, stealing food and other items whenever she could. Eventually she revealed herself looking like a young woman with blue hair. Soon she began to bond with the group and eventually she told Chelsea what she was - a familiar. Which was a good thing since most familiars look alike to each other. Though Bonnie is unique in that she has blue hair, a standard familiar, and white hair, an upper tier Familiar. It unknown why she her hair and looks change.

Currently she living on the Alliance area with Chelsea, having made a pact with her to get a continuous mana supply, having been nearly exhausted and near death when she first appeared, hence her food taking long ago. Now though she is healthy and happy and with Cypher and Chelsea.


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