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Gor Nue-Di'Haa

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Character Info

Name: Gor Nue-Di'Haa Rank: Horn-Bun Race: Kitsune Rabbit
Age: 47 / Appeared Age: 24 DOB: 10-591.6.17 Birth Planet: Earth

Eye Color:

Hair Color: Blonde Hair Length: Short
Height: 6'1" Weight: 152 Build: Average
Cup Size: First Appearance: The Alien Wars 5, Session 299 Generation 2
Partners: Si'Chii (wife. 44 years old. 10-595.9.16 - TAW5: 299), Mitsu (wife. 44 years old. 10-599.10.10 - TAW5: 299 or 340) and Suzu (wife. 44 years old. 10-599.10.10 - TAW5: 299 or 340)

Children: An'Mi (daughter. 25 years old. 10-614.12.29 - TAW6: 8)

Siblings: Claire? and other siblings

Parents: Miyuki (mother. 173 years old. 10.18.1999 / 10-592.3.13 - TAW5: 161.2), Hi (mother. ??),
Kasha (non-biological mother. 115 years old. 10.18.1999 / 10-592.3.13 - TAW5: 161.2), Isis (non-biological mother. 159 years old. 10-590.1.18 - ETP: ?)



3 spending points
Abilities: 2 Strength: 1 Speed: 5
Mind: 7* Godhood: 4 Element: Wind


HP: 15 (3)
Weapon: Mystic - 0 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 1) = 0 HP Damage / Armor - Mystic: 3 HP Protection


Item 1: Weaponless Primary Weapon
Item 2: Vibranium Armor Rab Untested Metalic Form Fitting Armor (Mystic) Primary Armor
Item 3:   (Secondary Armor)
Item 4: Customized Datapad    




[Primary Move] Master Hacker: Gor's hacking skills are unparalleled and it comes almost as naturally as walking to him. With this, he can skip a hacking OG, or if it's particularly hard, make it much easier.
[Skip OG or reduce the number of OG Letters]
[Secondary Move] Ghost In The Shell: Gor can attempt to jump into mechanical components and possess them with an OG, to hack things that are normally unhackable. Shielded machines will always stop him, and complex AIs will be unhackable. Gor may not use Master Hacker for this OG.
[Possess mechanical componets that are not shielded or have complex AI. Cannot be paired with Master Hacker]

[Tertiary Move] Foxfire: Gor has since learned how to use foxfire, and with the practice he's gotten over the last few years, it no longer tires him out completely. Foxfire does not burn, but rather puts things to sleep. For cannon fodder enemies it knocks out immediately.
[Due to Gor's unique Foxfire, he can put enemies to sleep: automatic for small gry, 1 to 3 for medium level enemies, 1 to 4 for boss enemies. Will last 1 turn]

[Racial Move] Foxhole: Kitsune can make up to 5 foxholes in a row before this ability runs out and needs to have an ability point to rechage it. Or the player can form dozens of mini foxholes all around the area like Weapon Ripple, trying to cut and slice the enemy - while not fatal, it is painful.




Beliefs and Goals

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Background History

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