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Character Info

Name: Id Rank: Follower of the Church of Chad Race: AI (Biotect)
Age: 8
8 years on Yggdrasil
DOB: 10-638.5.6 Birth Planet: Earth/Yggdrasil

Eye Color: Varies

Hair Color: Varies Hair Length: Varies
Height: Varies Weight: None Build: Slender
Cup Size: First Appearance: The Alien Wars 6: Session Generation 3



Parents: Chad Winters (dada. 77 years old. 10-662.?.?? - TAW4: 1), Christopher Kane (mama. 73 years old / 27 years old 10-566.7.16 - TAW4: 13)



2 spending
Abilities: 1 Strength: 1 Speed: 4
Mind: 1 Godhood: 1 Element: Fire

HP: 15 (3)
Weapon: Mystic - 0 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 1) = 1 HP Damage / Armor - Mystic: 3 HP Protection



Item 1:   Primary Weapon
Item 2: Orb Housing Unit for AI (Mystic) Primary Armor
Item 3:   Secondary Weapon
Item 4: Unique Item 2    




[Primary Move] Hacking: Armed with the decades of experience and knowledge programmed in by it’s creator, Id has the ability to hack into most technological access points that are known and can learn after time, new technology.
[Spirit Tech requires dice roll of 1 in 3 and computers with AIs will require either dice rolls or OGs]
[Secondary Move] AI: If Core housing is destroyed, the AI doesn’t die, but reverts back to it’s last update unless it’s core is destroyed or damaged beyond repair.
[Unless the housing core is completely destroyed within 2 turns of being destroyed after KO, Id will be fine]

[Tertiary Move]

[Racial Move] Download: Biotect, especially Mark Xs, are almost human, they still are linked to computerized parts. This allows them to download and upload information more rapidly than humans, and work with comptuers much faster. You can skip one OG by analyzing the situation, or download part of your conscious onto a computer to NetRun.



Beliefs and Goals

Belief: Currently doesn’t have any any belief besides it’s access to Chad’s history/personality that it was programmed with.

Goal: It’s current goal is to continue it’s creator, Chad Winters, goals and to protect and help his family.


Background History

A project started out of a need by Chad Winters to prepare for beyond his eventual death, Id spent his infancy being programmed until the Yggdrassil tree came to be where it’s creator used the time difference to his advantage with Duritiam’s help to advance it to the point it was ready for field testing. Armed with Chad’s entire personal history, open and hidden, it was sent to Aya to assist her, her kids, Dawn and Eve and to work out any bugs.


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