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Character Info

Name: Imogen Rank: Many Faces Race: Fox Fauna
Age: 17 DOB: Unknown Birth Planet: Kumen

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Long (mid back), chestnut brown, mostly straight
Height: 5'6" Weight: 126lbs Build: Lanky
Cup Size: C First Appearance: The Alien Wars 6: Session 304 Generation 2



7 spending points
Abilities: 2 Strength: 1 Speed: 3
Mind: 2 Godhood: 2 Element: Needed

HP: 10
Weapon: Legendary - 4 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 1) = 5 HP Damage / Armor - Legendary: 1 HP Protection



Item 1: Ancient Spirit Knife An Ancient Spiritial Knife (Legendary) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Costumer's Armor Set A set of replica armor created for the stage, with gambeson, vambraces, greaves, and pauldrons. All entirely fake and made from cheap materials, but extremely convincing. Perhaps it could even take a few blows.
Primary Armor
Item 3: Etched Knife A long silvery knife in the form of a main-gauche with many etched and engraved figures and symbols. It has a brilliant, fine edge. Once a dull stage prop, but sharpened for purposes of self defense. Imogen wields the knife with art and grace, but the lethal potential is quite real.
Secondary Weapon
Item 4: Mask Base A wooden mask in the form of a featureless human face. Imogen is wearing this mask more often than not, regardless of whether she is on stage, and uses it as the base for building likenesses of other persons, or even fantastical creatures. The mask is slightly magicked, and can animate according to her expressions and contort to fit her face. There is always something ever so slightly 'off' and unsettling about the mask, no matter how well crafted the disguise.




[Primary Move] Septime: Using her knife or any other blade, deflect any singular attack from an oncoming weapon to the side, and if successful follow up with a riposte as counter.
[Septime: Strength x 2 + 5 Weapon Damage = 7 damage]
[Block 1 Attack / Parry - 1 in 2 Chance to Counter Damage]
[Secondary Move] Doppelganger: (requires use of the mask) Imogen builds upon the mask to reproduce the likeness of any subject, so long as it has a face. She will take on that likeness, though only from the neck up, and has no bearing on her height or form otherwise.

[Tertiary Move] Mimesis: Imogen copies the mannerisms of a subject down to the most minute details, allowing her to copy another person's single action, friend or foe. However, if the action depends on some secret knowledge or special property, then Imogen will only be able to pull off at best a severely weakened form, and in the worst case will simply appear to do the action, though it will still be extremely convincing to onlookers.
[Mimicry Ability. Only cavaet the GM requires if the enemy/ally has a unique speech pattern/behavior will require Imogen to use it to be more legit]

[Racial Move] Limiters: Fauna can unleash their limiters to double their strength and speed for a brief time without the consequences of speeding up their age. However, after a few minutes the Limiters will wear off and they will be weakened for a brief period.




Beliefs and Goals

I want to find my own voice, my own way...I want to speak! There are so many things to say, but when I try it comes up blank...Maybe there's nothing for me to say at all. Only through my mimicry can I really speak...But someday, I'll have something to say that's all my own.


Background History

Imogen has lived a poor, wretched life from the very start. She would just barely scrape by, doing odd jobs for meager pittance, and suffering the worst abuses from a sequence of foster parents. A difficult life forges strength, however, and Imogen learned to defend herself through cunning deception and knowing her way around a knife edge. Having been a girl of few words to begin with, somewhere along the way she lost the ability to say anything at all, the sum of abuses taking their toll on her mind.

Imogen always had a talent for acting and mimicking others, and with the restructuring of the academy and formation of the Alliance she was able to find acceptance in an acting school, where she joined a drama society and soon became known for her ability to play a variety of roles with vivid, or even magical, realism. Here on the stage she could truly come to life, and curiously, only in the depth of her roles could she find the power to not only speak, but do a myriad of impressions.

Still, who is the girl outside of her characters? She is selectively mute, unable to speak outside of playing roles. She is striving to find her own strength, her own voice and personality, and to be more than just a mannequin for others to project onto.


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