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Character Info

Name: Jelly Rank: Weirdo Race: Fauna
Age: 10 / Appeared Age: 18 DOB: 4/13/5984 CE Birth Planet: Kumen

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Sable & Black Hair Length: Short (ragged)
Height: 5'10" Weight: 145 Build: Skinny
Cup Size: First Appearance: The Duality Wars: Session 36 Generation 1






super move *
Abilities: 6 Strength: 4 Speed: 6
Mind: 6 Godhood: 2 Element: Wind


HP: 15 (3)
Weapon: Mystic - 6 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 2) = 8 HP Damage / Armor - Mystic: 3 HP Protection


Item 1: Blaster Specialised Blaster (Mystic) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Vibranium Armor 2.0 Untested Metalic Form Fitting Armor (Mystic) Primary Armor
Item 3:   Secondary Weapon
Item 4: Reflex Glove For programming/hacking/interfacing on the fly One Hacking OG Skip




[Primary Move] Net Wet-Ware: The reminiscient coding of the Net buried in Jelly's head allows him to 'network' with a system or device even if it doesn't have networking capabilities. Allowing him to take absolute control over it for a brief time, once complete Jelly is left in slight stupor and easily targetable.
[Jelly will need to do an OG or dice roll if it is not networked to get in. If the computers have an AI protecting it, he will likely be defeated due to the OG string or high dice roll]
[Secondary Move] Master Tinkerer: Jelly's love for tinkering knows no bounds, he spends most of his time (aside from programming) in creating odd items to carry around and do the fighting for him. These take on various different shapes and effects; flash-bangs to disorient, explosives, remote sentries, anything he can think of. Tinkering isn't an exact science though, the expected effect may or may not work like he expected:
[1/4 chance for regular effect
1/4 for boosted effect
1/4 for zero effect
1/4 effect triggers against an ally]

[Tertiary Move] Foxy Angst: Jelly's third persona takes over and transforms into a full-sized fox, doubling his speed but reducing his mind for a short time.
[Speed Doubled]

[Racial Move] Limiters: Fauna can unleash their limiters to double their strength and speed for a brief time without the consequences of speeding up their age. However, after a few minutes the Limiters will wear off and they will be weakened for a brief period.


Gear Stats

10 spending points (1)
Power: 10 of 100 Energy: 10 of 100 Armor: 10 of 100
Speed: 10 of 100 Weapon Type: Element:


Beliefs and Goals



Background History


Jelly is deffinately something of an enigma, ever since he was found and liberated during one of Asarar's Netrunner Missions on Kumen, he doesn't appear to have aged. The files taken from the mid-level business where he was suggest that he was found very young on 4.13.5984; with the current year being 5997 it's strongly suspected that Jelly's growth was sped up. However, since there hasn't been any luck in identifying who he's related to, why he might have been given up (if at all), or where he's from, the question of why he was pre-maturely aged hasn't been answered. He certainly doesn't remember anything from being that young.

While Jelly was with Asarar's group on Kumen, he spent a great deal of time with their computer systems; using a complex coding scheme referred to as Symbol Coding, Jelly's knack for programming and hacking is on par with the best hackers that Earth or even the Suisen Empire can offer. When they took down the framework that the Net was built on, the hundreds of minds fueling its computing capability used him as a grounding point to prevent them from going insane, unfortunately a couple of those minds had nowhere to go and seemed to take up residence in Jelly's mind. Seeming to swap easily mid-sentence with one of the personalities, a kind elderly old lady, Jelly continues to tinker and program with the newer Earth and Suisen tech that he can get his hands on; however when the other personality surfaces it's a different story, he becomes a bit more rabid...and foxy.

Ever since Kumen and Geyze arrived in the Prime Reality with Earth, Jelly has been spending much of his time learning about the computers, systems, networks, security and programming of the technology here. Due to the loss of the Datareader in his hand, Jelly has delicately constructed a glove that is linked to his new datapad that he can use in lieu of the Datareader to quickly and accurately program and hack like he could before...just don't expect the coffee machine, the microwave, or several other apparatuses in the cafeteria of the base beneath Cheryl's mansion to actually work. Let's just accept that a scrappy tech-genius who's used to piece-mealing components together needs to get parts somewhere...and those just happened to be sitting there un-used at the time.

When things appeared to be getting shut down at the Base beneath Cheryl's Mansion due to Senate Interferance, Jelly decided to literally jump ship on to the Aquarius where he hopes to continue tinkering and get a good close up look at some of the tech onboard.


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