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Lorelei Mizukaze

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Character Info

Name: Lorelei Mizukaze Rank: The Angel of Tareh Race: Dragoon Kitsune (Tails: 7)
Age: 56 / Appeared Age: 29
9 Years On Yggdrasil
DOB: 10-591.8.16 Birth Planet: Earth

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde Hair Length: Shoulders
Height: 5'7" Weight: 125 Build: Atheletic
Cup Size: Large C First Appearance: The Alien Wars 5, Session 10 Generation 2
Partners: Umi (wife. 47 years old. 10-592.3.13 - TAW5: 161.8)

Children: Pupumi (son. 33 years old. 31 years old. 10-608.12.29), Lumi (daughter. 31 years old. 10-608.12.29 - Dual: 1),
Lomi (son. 31 years old. 10-608.12.29 ), Pomi (daughter. 31 years old. 10-608.12.29)

Siblings: Taiga (sister. 42 years old. 10-597.11.11 - TAW5: 299), Aurica (sister. 47 years old. 10-592.12.2 - TAW5: 207), Ben (brother. 53 years old. 10-586.6.4 - TAW4: 236), Bigsby (half-brother. 35 years old. 10-619.4.8 - Dual: 6)

Parents: Cheryl (mother. 66 years old. 10-573.3.23 - TAW4: 44), Chii (mother. 52 years old. 10-587.10.20 - TAW4: 251)



Abilities: 4 Strength: 7 Speed: 4
Mind: 1 Godhood: 7 Element: Lightning


HP: 15 (9)
Weapon: Mystic - 6 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 4(7 bonus)) = 10 HP Damage / Armor - Mystic: 9 HP Protection


Item 1: Angelic Blade A strange Glowing Blade Lorelei Forms. Every 3 Levels of the Servant Link it grows stronger (Mystic) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Angelic Armor Angelic Shaped Armor (Mystic) Primary Armor
Item 3: Servant Armor The Servant Armor Grows with more pacts made. With Every 1 Level, 2 HP Is Added (Supreme) Secondary Armor
Item 4: Pupumi Blade Celestial Dog Blade (Mystic)  




[Primary Move] Link/Servant: Lorelei can link people to her and strengthen them with marks. This gives them abilities, making them stronger as long as they continue to serve her. Umi is her strongest servant. Lorelei can grow stronger with more people she marks, becoming more like the Angel. Every 3 Marked increases her Powers. Every person marked by Lorelei gains double strength as long as 1) Lorelei is not knocked out 2) For 5 minutes
[Double Strength for Party. 5 Turns or Until Knocked Out or HP Hits 0.]
[Secondary Move] Angelic: Lorelei can grow wings and fly up into the air, as well as swoop in with her sword for a slash attack, or opt to rain down sharp wind attacks. She can also cast blinding white light to blind her foes, and warp people away by wrapping her wings around people and vanishing.
[Blind 1 Turn. Causes The Enemy 1 in 3 chance to Miss.]
[Raining Wind Attack: Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 = 20 damage + Wind Damage]
[Swoop Slash: Strength multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 + 10 Weapon Damage = 30 damage]

[Tertiary Move] Magik: Lorelei can restore a person's wounds by touching then, as well as cast Lightning Magik.
[Magik: Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 = 20 damage + Lightning Damage]
[Godhood 7: Full Heal]

[Racial Move] Stigmata: This allows the Dragoon to unleash a special bonded attack with their partner, the Dragoon and the Partner combining not into a dragoon so much but as becoming one being briefly, much like a Ellie and Sylph. The Stigmata power only lasts 2 minutes on the GM's clock and afterwards both are exhausted.  



Lv. 1: Umi Aschae Rachael
Lv. 2: Valen Si Kaelan
Lv. 3: Truth Moira Zeal
Lv. 4: Wyrd Michelle Leruste
Lv. 5: Rada Sia Lia
Lv. 6:    


Beliefs and Goals


Your Beliefs: I believe in myself, and my family, and especially in Umi. If you can't believe in those three things, then you're going to be lost in this world. And you hafta apply those beliefs into something worthwhile in life!

Your Goals: To follow in both my moms footsteps and make this universe a better place. I want to be able to become a General so they can retire and live their lives in peace. That means overcoming General Peter Sullivan.

Your Instinct: I have to trust my heart and guts, and if that fails me, trust Umi.


Background History

Lorelei was the first born between Chii and Cheryl. With Chii pregnant for a month during the misadventures of the final mission of TAW4 - the quest through the realities - which meant she soaked up all the energies of the reality jumping, when she was born 7 months later after Cheryl, having had the power of the realities during that time and being Chii's bond parter, doing who knows what through the bond to the unborn fetus, Lorelei was born unusually. Of her three siblings, Lorelei has always displayed unusual amounts of reality manipulation, able to use it to heal people, transport holes in reality to appear in new locations, and open gateways between realities. She seems to have low amounts of the same powers that Cheryl does, without having the risks. This could mean one day she might be a target by those who will want her power.

A go-lucky girl, Lorelei rarely shows any signs of drama or fear of things, until her sister Aurica was taken and molested, and though Aurica remembered nothing, Lorelei vowed to get stronger to protect her family. She and Umi have trained and gotten stronger ever since, in their own unusual ways - sometimes it looks like it is games, but it seems to have paid off. When Cheryl and Chii vanished, Lorelei stepped up and watched over her baby sister, Taiga, and helped raise her with Lemon. And during the 3 year reality travel mission, Lorelei proved to be quite useful and helped save the family many times.

Now she has joined the EarthGov Military instead of the Reality Strikers, after passing the tests to graduate High School. She remained there after the events of The Alien Wars 5 wrapped up. With the power of reality seeping out of the world, Lorelei became weaker, but having had it permeate her blood, it is unknown quite how much remains in her, much like the rest of Cheryl's children.

After the 30 years of peace, the Tareh kids began to be reborn and so Lorelei began to guide them, training them much like she did in another life essentially. When Yggdrasil formed, she took them to the train to be trained with the quicker time difference


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