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Marcus Jones

Wolf Life Me

Character Info

Name: Marcus Jones Rank: Wolf Man Race: Human
Age: 24 DOB: 10-568.3.11 Birth Planet: Earth

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Sandy Brown Hair Length: Short
Height: 6'1" Weight: 224 Build: Muscular
Cup Size: N/A First Appearance: The Alien Wars 4: Session 175 Generation 1
Partners: Katrina McCormick (ex-wife. 82 years old. 10-557.7.24 - TAW4: 1)

Children: JM McCormick (son. 47 years old. 10-591.8.16. TAW5: 10) Several grandchildren.




Abilities: 7 Strength: 7 Speed: 7
Mind: 3 Godhood: 1 Element: Fire


HP: 25 (8)
Weapon: Transcendent - 8 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 4 (7 bonus)) = 12 HP Damage / Armor - Transcendent: 8 HP Protection


Item 1: Lunarian Mercenary Pump Shotgun (Transcendent) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Lunarian Mercenary Brown Duster (Transcendent) Primary Armor
Item 3: Lunarian Mercenary Gauntlet (Transcendent) Secondary Weapon
Item 4: Lunarian Mercenary Armor (Transcendent) Secondary Armor




*Level 3 Tier Move.
[Primary Move] Wolf Parts: Marcus can partially shift his body parts to that of the werewolf form. He can use this to power up a punch/kick or leap a great height.
[Wolf Parts: Strength Multiplier (+3 for 7) x 2 + 12 Weapon Damage = 32 damage]

Marcus has been working to increase his strength and speed to make for a more dangerous attack. Marcus can use the move without charging but must wait two turns to recharge (due to his speed).
[Wolf Parts Upgraded*: Strength Multiplier (+3 for 7) x 2 x Speed multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 + 12 Weapon Damage = 60 damage]

[Secondary Move] Moron's Luck: Sometimes he’s just lucky enough to get out of a bad situation.
(OG skip - avoid attack)
[Tertiary Move] Alpha Werewolf: Marcus is once again afflicted with becoming a werewolf. One use will transform into a werewolf for a battle. While in this form he is stronger, faster, and more durable, but a bit more reckless and dim.
[Stats doubled]
[Racial Move] Circuits: Overloading all the special pathways in one's body, they can unlock all their limiters for 3 attacks, doing triple the attacks, even other ability attacks. Leaves them weaked for a few minutes afterward.

1 - Attack a fellow player, 2 - Attack the enemy, 3 - Nothing (Upgraded Wolf Parts Dice Roll)


Gear Stats

10 points (1)
Power: 30 of 100 Energy: 20 of 100 Armor: 50 of 100
Speed: 50 of 100 Weapon Type: Energy Claws Element: Fire


Beliefs and Goals

Life is too short and unpredictable to be let it be boring.

Use his strength and willpower to make a difference.

Background History

Marcus Jones was a waiter aboard the PAX2, having skipped out from home to make his own way in life. Unfortunately, this meant he was stuck in the middle of the Dark War that resulted, and was slowly drafted into the services as the ship desperately tried to keep their forces stocked. Being befriended by Weapon II, Dias, he quickly began to learn combat and soon became a formidable fighter.

After the PAX2's journey ended, Marcus continued to stay around Dias, and eventually that led him into conflict with Weapon IV, Ripple. The two managed to defeat the Weapon, and Warren then brought them back into the fold - though that meant they were also considered fugitives by the law. Being brought into one event after another following that, Marcus Jones has skirted the outskirts of the military life, doing battles for 'justice'.

Something of a player, Marcus managed to bed many of the women of the group until winning the heart of Katrina McCormick, despite their age difference. After working up the courage to ask her to marry him, the two entered the next phase of their lives.

After Cheryl and the team left to travel through realities in search of Cheryl's son Ben, Marcus stayed behind with Katrina to attempt to start a normal life. Unfortunately for them, the Legacy crisis interrupted their honeymoon and Marcus went along with Katrina to the Cartel so that Erevis and the others could use Katrina's connections to get to the ship. Unfortunately for Marcus and Katrina, they were stuck on the ship after Iceheart's ship crash landed onto it and it jumped away. Perhaps a blessing in disguise, Marcus was back in a 'end of the world' situation that allowed him to fight and work towards something he could be proud of. But after a bit of contending with himself on how much risk he should take as a married man he finally opted to open up a bar aboard the new PAX and settle down a bit.

Things were going well until suddenly Marcus disappeared leaving behind a roughly scribbled note. Cut to 40 some odd years later whenever Warren’s team were on a mission through time to save certain targets it became somewhat clear what happened to Marcus. While they were on mission Marcus was critically wounded and they had no other choice but to bring him back to the present.

Now Marcus has to deal with his new life and the trouble that usually follows in his wake.


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