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Michelle Sullivan

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Character Info

Name: Michelle Sullivan Rank: Irish Female Race: Third-Generation Dragoon
Age: 45 / Appeared Age: 23 DOB: 10-593.9.22 Birth Planet: Earth

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red Hair Length: Mid Back
Height: 5'8" Weight: 138 Build: Atheletic
Cup Size: C First Appearance: The Alien Wars 5, Session 378 Generation 2.5
Partners: Kellin (boyfriend. TAW5: 1)


Siblings: Reese (brother. 10-618.8.23 - 21 years old. TAW6: 7)

Parents: Vodka (mother. 49 years old. 10-590.11.15 - TAW5: 70), Peter Sullivan (father. 72 years old. 10-567.5.13 - TAW5: 2)


Abilities: 4 Strength: 7 Speed: 5
Mind: 2 Godhood: 2 (Marked) Element: Lightning


HP: 15 (3)
Weapon: Mystic - 6 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer รท 2 = 4(7 bonus)) = 10 HP Damage / Armor - Mystic: 3 HP Protection


Item 1: Energy Bow Fires Energy Arrows (Mystic) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Hyper Form Fitting Alloy New Armor Designed By Taiga (Mystic) Primary Armor
Item 3: Foldable Composite Bow Compact, Easily Stored (Mystic) Secondary Weapon
Item 4: Specialized Arrows Allows for Explosive Shots, Stun Shots, and Grapple Shots Item



[Primary Move] Kenetics: Michelle's quirk is the ability to control kenetic energy that passes from her. With this she can control the path of any arrow she fires to a great extent, allowing it to hit targets normally far too out of range or hidden under cover, a dice roll determines (1 to 2 on hidden or out of range). She can also use this to double her damage from a normal bow attack to anyone within range and visible, increasing the velocity.
[Kinetics: Dice roll of 1 to 2 for hidden foes or out of range foes]
[Doubles Damage From Normal Bow Attack]
[Secondary Move] Kenetic Reverb: Michelle has recently learned how to better control her quirk, she can now control the kenetic energy of things that touch her. As a defense, she can use this to cause hard impacts to bounce off her like a feather, nullifying an attack per use or halving the damage. As a boost, she can nullify the kenetic energy forced on a body, effectively releasing a target from gravity, this can be applied to either allow someone to move as if in Zero Gravity temporarily or allow them to move faster by sliding against objects as if frictionless.
[Null Attack - Energy Must Be Redirected Toward Someone. If in Turn Combat, It Will Make Their Speed Super High Due To Being "Frictionless"]
[Half Attack Damage]

[Tertiary Move] Blackfeather: Michelle's Archery Style is one trained in specialized aiming. Michelle can use her shots to cripple an opponent's limb, pin them to the ground or disarm them with specially placed arrow attacks. Can combine with her Kenetic shots however it makes the chances of those shots harder.
[Blackfeather: Strength multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 + 10 Weapon Damage = 30 damage]
[Dice Roll 1 in 2 For Limb Damage for 1 Turn, Making That Weapon Arm Unuseable]

[Racial Move] Stigmata: This allows the Dragoon to unleash a special bonded attack with their partner, the Dragoon and the Partner combining not into a dragoon so much but as becoming one being briefly, much like a Ellie and Sylph. The Stigmata power only lasts 2 minutes on the GM's clock and afterwards both are exhausted.


Marked Bonuses

Level 1: Can communicate with other marked mentally / +1 mind / +1 godhood
Level 2: Has a chance for Lorelei to restore abilities once (dice roll)

Level 3: Lorelei can restore major damage inflicted on the Marked (half HP)

Level 4: Angel Magik 1: User can cast temporary flight for 30 seconds, able to fly up to heights of 20 feet.
Level 5: Lorelei can for two turns negate all damage done to the team. 1 in 3 chance.
Not available
Not available

Beliefs and Goals

Goals: Uphold the ideals of the Earth that her parents and their allies created.

Beliefs: Michelle believes in doing the right thing even when it's the hardest choice to make. She has strict ideals instilled in her by her father and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty if it's the best option. She believes in the straight and narrow, even if it's the harder path.


Background History

Michelle was born from the marriage between Peter Sullivan and NGD Vodka. Raised away from all the chaos in private school, she returned in the late high school years just in time to help Taiga and the rest of the Zodiacs in saving the galaxy. Over this time she discovered her latent dragoon power to be a form of kenetic control, allowing her to weild projectile weapons with deadly accuracy. She trained hard to turn this into a tool to support her friends.

Since that time she took the early enlistment option in the EarthGov Military and combined some field medic training from her mother with her father's tenacity to raise in the ranks, refusing any special exceptions because of her father's rank. She has worked hard to continue on the task of the "old guard", seeking to protect all that's dear to her.

When the teams split up, Michelle joined Lorelei in LA to look after the kids, and since that time she has found herself taking a central part in raising and caring for them, training them in archery and survival tactics. She has spent years in a casual relationship with Kellin, tolerant of his non-binary and open style of relationships. She has at this point followed Lorelei for almost a decade and remains protective of the children.


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