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Reikana Arakawa

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Character Info

Name: Reikana Arakawa / Noire Rank: Billy's Heir Race: Kitsune / Dark One
Age: 19 DOB: 10-619.7.21 Birth Planet: Earth

Eye Color: Brown / Red

Hair Color: Black with Red Highlight Hair Length: Shoulder
Height: 5'5" / 6'2" Weight: 128 / 162 Build: Slender / Curvy
Cup Size: DD First Appearance: The Alien Wars 6, Session 1 Generation 3
Parents: Elder Billy, Billy, Elder Elwyn
Siblings: Jubei (sister)



3 spending
Abilities: 4 Strength: 5 Speed: 2
Mind: 2 Godhood: 4 Element: Dark

HP: 15
Weapon: Legendary - 4 HP Damage (Strength Modifer Can Increase Damage) / Armor - Legendary: 2 HP Protection



Item 1: Vibranium Rifle Untested Metalic Rifle(Legendary) Primary Weapon
Item 2: Symboitic Armor Strange Form Fitting/Living Armor (Legendary) Primary Armor
Item 3:   Secondary Armor
Item 4:    


??? Stats

Abilities: 4 Strength: 4 Speed: 6
Mind: 3 Spirithood: 7 Element: Light



[Primary Move] Dark Matter: 'Noire' can manipulate Dark Matter, projecting a singularity in a straight line ahead of her or a field effect that slows stronger enemies and pulls in weaker enemies. [Dark Matter: Godhood multipler x 2 = 8 damage + Dark] [Slow + Pull]
[Secondary Move] Dark Dimension: Noire' can temporarily create non-sentient constructs of pure Dark Matter that serve her.  These entities are typically in the form of a parasitic entity that can steal life energy and transfer it to her or a monstrous, armored creature that can absorb damage or inflict crushing damage (melee-range only). [Dark Dimension: Godhood multipler x 2 = 8 damage + 4 Life Steal] [Dark Matter: Godhood multipler x 2+4 = 12 damage]

[Tertiary Move] Dark Queen: 'Noire' can channel Dark energy to enhance her bonded symbiote, allowing it to form her 'queen' armor: this includes growing prehensile whips that she can use to anchor herself (or allies) or a single whip that can stretch a distance, tripping or knocking over enemies.  In this form, 'Noire' levitates over the ground (passive & no more than a foot).

[Racial Move] Foxhole: Kitsune can make up to 5 foxholes in a row before this ability runs out and needs to have an ability point to rechage it. Or the player can form dozens of mini foxholes all around the area like Weapon Ripple, trying to cut and slice the enemy - while not fatal, it is painful.


Beliefs and Goals

Goal: For the most part, Reikana wants to be a normal, teenaged girl, but has not really thought much beyond the short-term. Noire, on the other hand, will help save the world/universe because she isn't finished having fun.


Background History

Reikana is the daughter of (young) Billy and Elwyn. Unlike her siblings, Reikana manifests no kitsune physical attributes due to Billy being her physical mother. Physically she appears to be human (indeed, she looks like one would expect of a granddaughter of Cassandra & Setsuna).

The only kitsune ability that she readily manifests is a (very) minor shape shifting ability that is limited to changing to a more mature, sexier version of herself (i.e. Noire) and quick costume changes. It is her Dark One heritage that dominates, and informs both her special abilities as well as her... issues.

Reikana appears as a typical, if withdrawn, teenager who goes to high school and constantly texts. The reality is that she has so disassociated her Dark One self from her persona, that it has created a fractured personality that calls herself 'Noire'. While Reikana is quiet and introverted (preferring texting over talking face-to-face), Noire is a barely-contained bombshell with potent (Dark-based) abilities. Noire's moods can range from playful to sadistic, with the power to back it up. However Noire is, perhaps as an effect of what little kitsune ability that she possesses, something of a cosplay fetishest. 




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