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Zephyr Zhenmei

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Character Info

Name: Zephyr Zhenmei Rank: Investigator Race: Alpha Dragoon
Age: 65 / Appeared Age: 25 DOB: 10-574.1.1 Birth Planet: Earth

Eye Color: Dark

Hair Color: Raven Hair Length: Mid-Back
Height: 5'4" Weight: 110 Build: Waif
Cup Size: C First Appearance: The Alien Wars 4, Session 58 Generation 1
Partners: Megumi (wife. 101 years old. 10-538.12.12 - TAW4: 241), Hisame (alt wife. 101 years old. 10-538.12.12 - TAW5 Alt: 1)

Children: Hope (daughter. 29 years old. 10-610.8.31 - TAW5: Mini Series), Kiseki (daughter. 31 years old. 10-608.8.31 - TAW5: 450), Kellin (possible son)

Siblings: Cheryl (half-sister. 66 years old. 10-573.3.23 - TAW4: 44), Mem (half-sister. 66 years old. 10-573.7.23 - TAW5: 161.3)

Parents: Ariel (mother. TAW4. 1), Venerator (father)



(used) (***)
Abilities: 3 Strength: 7* Speed: 7*
Mind: 1 Godhood: 7* Element: Wind


HP: 25 (8)
Weapon: Transcendent - 8 HP Damage + (Strength Modifer ÷ 2 = 4 (7 bonus)) = 12 HP Damage / Armor - Transcendent: 8 HP Protection


Item 1: Omega Armor 3.0 Zephyr's Test Armor to Withstand Her New Omega Bustah (Transcendent) Primary Armor
Item 2: Lunarian Mercenary Armor Untested Metalic Form Fitting Armor (Transcendent) Secondary Armor
Item 3: Lunarian Mercenary Sword A Sword of the Untested Metalic Metal (Transcendent) Primary Weapon
Item 4: Omega Modifer Bustah Upgrade  




*Level 3 Tier Move.

[Primary Move] Dragoon Bustah: Zephyr's ultimate move: It allows her to focus all her energy inside by forming a blaster with her Dragoon Spiritial/Personal energy and unleashing it concentrating energy. However it can also do damage to her overtime as this does major damage on the person and anyone who attempts to learn this technique needs to have a sturdy body/bones.
[Dragoon Bustah: Godhood (+3 for 7) + x 2 = 20 Damage]

Feeling the need to train herself and push herself to the limits, Zephyr has now begun to push her normal Bustah and overclocking the energy, unleashing a more dangerous version. Zephyr can use the move without charging but must wait two turns to recharge (due to her speed).
[Dragoon Bustah Omega*: Strength multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 + Godhood multipler (+3 for 7) x 2= 40 Damage]

[Secondary Move] Zeta Progamming: The Venerator programming in Zephyr, activated shortly after the Venerator Intelligence's death, allows Zephyr to change her personality based on the situation before her, becoming the perfect spy and inflitrator; this allows her to easily trick people and get into places if need be, even getting new accents. Though this can make some allies uneasy. [Personality Switch]

[Tertiary Move] Ariel Sword Skills: Zephyr was trained in Ariel's Avalon sword skills. This allows her to use a saber or sword to fight as a swordwoman when she chooses to pick up a blade. Zephyr can perform Ariel's trademark Avalon attack, charging the sword and unleashing a powerful sword blast in a dome, knocking enemies back; this can be used in a defensive technique and offensive. She can also use the sword in short range combat, with a 1 in 3 chance of deflecting other short range attackers and 1 in 4 long range (dice roll).
[1 in 2 short range deflect chance, 1 in 3 long range deflect chance]
[Sword: Strength multipler (+3 for 7) x 2 + 12 Weapon Damage = 32 damage + Knock Down (1 in 3 chance)]

[Racial Move] Stigmata: This allows the Dragoon to unleash a special bonded attack with their partner, the Dragoon and the Partner combining not into a dragoon so much but as becoming one being briefly, much like a Ellie and Sylph. The Stigmata power only lasts 2 minutes on the GM's clock and afterwards both are exhausted.


Celsius Stats

Abilities: 2 Strength: 4 Speed: 2
Mind: 2 Spirithood: 7 Element: Ice


Sylph Stats

Abilities: 2 Strength: 3 Speed: 3
Mind: 1 Spirithood: 7 Element: Wind


???? Stats

Abilities: Strength: Speed:
Mind: Spirithood: 7 Element:



Beliefs and Goals

Zephyr belives in people and that they can better themsselves, but that one must also be prepared for the worst of human nature if they fail. Hence becoming an investigator. Her goals are to provide for her children so they can stand on their own.


Background History

Zephyr was the youngest of the Alphas. 26 Alphas were made from Ariel's DNA and the other half had various human donor DNA. Zephyr was the only one who never learned who her father was until recently, finding out the donor was Venerator. While many of the Alphas died in the Ridarium War and the Dragoon War, a few survived and lived on. Considered stronger than the NGDs, the Alphas have a few quirks about them, like being age locked. For the longest time, Zephyr was 15 years old until she manged to make her age lock fluid.

Now adays, Zephyr has lived longer than her sister Alphas - she was split between two realities and lived two lifetimes for 14 years, falling in love with Megumi and Alt Kasha - Harusami. When both halves of Zephyr was combined she had both feelings in her and marred both.

20 years later she has two children, Hope and Kiseki that she is guiding and trying to teach now that she is a detective for EarthGov and PAX. However, she had begun slowing down more than Cheryl and Mem, due to that "14 years" she gained. When she was nearing 60 she began to die due to a sailsafe that the Dragoons had that they would not last as long as Guardians. The team worked and fixed the timebomb but now the Alphas are beginning to age normally like Next Generation Dragoons and the children are - much slower than humans but they are aging.


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