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Boss Battles are battles are reserved for when the stats come into play and turn orders used, along with widdling down the enemy's HP to defeat them. It usually will take half to the entire session to complete such a battle. These rules will be updated as we continue to improve them but I will go over the basics of system now.


HP/Life: If your life drops to 0, you will reach KO status instead of death.

While in KO status, they are unable to do anything and the players must use a healing spell/move to restore them before that enemy acts again, giving the players a full round essentially to restore them. Some enemies might give them two rounds to act. Final bosses of Acts might simply target the downed player ASAP, so beware. When the player is revived, their HP is halved and will not be restored until the fight ends.

A player may also opt to spend their turn attempting to take the injured player out of combat if the conditions are right (aka a teleporter if there are no jammers, etc) but this will take them out of the fight for 2-3 rounds.


Turn Order: Turn orders are determined by the Speed Stat, from highest to lowest. If one shares the same Speed Stat then the person with the highest Strength Stat will go next. (If you both share that too then too bad). The boss will go first on whatever matching Speed, because bosses cheat.


Defend/Guard Mode: If during your turn in the round, you can opt just guard yourself, much like in a RPG. This means you are passing up the chance to attack during this round, but it will allow you to cut- in during this round (see below). It also means that any damage done to you is halved.

On a side note, when being attacked by the boss. If you have a defensive move, you are allowed to use that move at any point regardless of turn order if you still have the points to activate it. If you have no defensive moves, then too bad.


Cut-In: While the bosses have cut-ins that like spending points, allowing them to take priority action, the players are able to do it as well at times.

1) If your speed is above 7, you will basically get a priority action like a boss does. So instead of moving to the front of the line on the turn order, this mean the turn actions will continue like normal until you jump in. When you do, your double speed is gone but you will get a second action that round and it will allow you to attack the boss, defend someone, or do any action that you want.

2) If a player is about to get attacked and you have a move set that is designed for defensive, you can jump in from the back of the line to defend them. You can only do this IF you have not taken your move yet - if you have taken your move for that round, then you cannot cut-in.

3) You can cut in if you are in defend mode, allowing you to jump in and defend someone. Even if you do not have a defend move, you can take the hit for someone at half damage to yourself instead.


Rounds vs Time: While moves are set up for real time since most fights will be in free form, in Boss Battle Mode, 1 Round will usually equal charging one's move (unless it needs a long time, like 2 mins, then it needs 2 Rounds). So most attacks will be ready for the next round then. If it is less than 30 seconds, it can be considered ready in the same Round.


Status Effects: Can be inflicted if a move has them and the damage will be done up at the end of the round (unless the status effect is something like stun that needs to be done immediately).


Dice Rolls: We will test spending stat points to increase the odds of dice rolls to lower the odds if they are more than 1 in 2.




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