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Cypher Net Runners


Following the events of The Duality Wars, Asarar's Cypher group essentially vanished into the night, leaving the club behind after taking out all the equipment that was profitable and selling it in an untraceable transaction. Going into Da Capo, Asarar and those still working for her have essentially gone back to their roots with doing jobs for clients and making a profit, now that the big threat is over, doing what they all came to do in the first thing - get rich their own way, living by their own life style. The Cypher team likely no longer goes by the team name, due to the fact Asarar's "sister" is not part of it.

This likely means that the Cypher team will butt heads with the other teams in the future, being a neutral group, and Cypher and Chelsea are no longer even privy to their thoughts and actions. The only thing that can be certain about where Asarar and Kira might strike next is that they are unlikely to work for anyone truly evil, but they are an unpredictable force that might be on the side of the angels, or the devils, if the pay is good.





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