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Da Capo's points work a little differently compared to Fall of Eden. I will go over the changes here now for you.

Your character will only have three abilities, a primary, a secondary, and a triary slot. This means that the ability points are used as fuel for the 3 abilities you have. You start off with all three full, so if you had 7 ability points, that means you could have 10 ability attacks.

Strength, Speed, and Mind are pretty explanatory. Every 2 points in Speed will allow you to skip an OG if you remember to use it. So if you have 7 Speed, that would drop you down to 5 for that session. And so on. It can also be used in other manners, such as catching an enemy, etc.

The other big change is Godhood/Spirit. If Godhood is large enough and you get an unfavorable dice flip, I might fudge it for you, etc. For Summoners, Godhood/Spirit also means something. Every 2 in this category you can hold a new Spirit. Since there's 7, that means you can hold 3 Spirits. What does the 7th point do? I won't say.


1) Abilities - These are your ability spending points. They are changed a bit in Da Capo compared to Fall of Eden. You get 3 abilities per character and now abilities are used for usage points. You start off with a free usage point per move, then depending on how many points spent you can select a move to restore. There are 7 slots here.

2) Strength - This measures strength, hit power, lifting things, pushing things, all sorts of things. There are 7 slots here too. Spending strength point lets you do a beyond and above strength ability, like Megumi used to do.

3) Speed - This is how fast you are, how quickly you can reach something. The higher your speed, the faster you are than people. Spending a speed point lets you skip things like OGs or pull off feats of ability that can hurt your body. There are 7 slots.

4) Mind - This is how powerful your mind is. This lets you possbily read others' mind if you want or defend against mind attacks. Or this could simply be how smart you are if you choose, being a doctor or a genius instead of a psionic. Spending a mind point lets you do genius surgery or powerful psionics that you can ask the GM about. There are 7 slots.

5) Godhood/Spirit - The potiential for greatness. Outside the old gods, which need this to show their godhood, too, this shows your potiential for accessing powerful relics and abilities. These are the only points you cannot spend if you choose to invest. The GM will let you know when this activates. There are 7 slots.

That is a total of 35 slots.

The First Generation gets 24 points to spend. They are maxed out level wise.

The Second Generation gets 17 points to spend. Can gain more up to 24. (Duality Characters)

The Third Generation gets 10 points to spend. Can gain more up to 24.


For a chart, Legendary Weapons, which everyone now starts off with, does: 4 HP damage as a baseline. Legendary Armor does 2 HP protection. For every Strength point, your Weapon Damage output is increased.

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