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Erusian Ascendancy



Capital Erusia and Madara Prime (jointly)
Official Language Modern Erusian
Religions Madara religion, Progenitor veneration

Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Head of State Yasha Arhnya (Princess-Majestrix)
- Legislature Systems Council

-Erusia (Erus System)
The adopted homeworld of the Erusian civilization, Erusia is also one of the Erus Ascendancy's two capital worlds. It is the official home of the Systems Council. The structures on Erusia are primarily carved from exposed crystalline deposits or constructed from crystalline blocks. The populace is evenly distributed between rural and multiple urban areas.

-Madara Prime (Goddess System)
The homeworld of the original Erusian civilization, Madara Prime is also the Erus Ascendancy's second capital world. It is the throne world of the Ascendancy's Princess-Majestrix (the head of state). Madara Prime is an ancient ecumenopolis (planetary city) dominated by tall spires of synthetic diamond and sky gardens. Artificial planetary rings house orbital residential blocks along with orbital factories and shipyards. Most of the planet-city is actually uninhabited with legions of maintenance drones working to keep the otherwise empty city functioning.

Erusian ground forces are composed primarily of mass-produced battledroids with small strike teams of elite Erusian commandos. This is a consequence of the comparatively low Erusian birthrate (which would make hypthetical Erusian common soldiers vulnerable to attrition) but long life span (allowing for extremely well-trained and experienced special forces).
The main focus of the Ascendancy's military planning is with their starfleet. Most modern Erusian ships are produced in the orbital facilities of the Goddess System. Erusian ships make heavy use of automation to reduce manpower and supply requirements. The most common ship in the Erusian fleet is the Trinity-class cruiser. The Ascendancy does not typically deploy manned starfighters, preferring drone swarms instead. Ship weaponry tends to favor direct-fire energy weapons rather than ballistic (missile/torpedo) weapons.




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