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Geyze and Kumen


Da Capo's Geyze and Kumen are very different compared to back in The Duality Wars. 4.5 years have passed over the 1 Prime Year for them and much has changed.


On Geyze, over the four and half years have been a little drastic in some areas, while others have remained the same. You can use the original world map to do a comparison glance.

The Academy has turned into a sprawling city with Progenitor teleporters to Earth and the PAX. It also has teleporters to all the major Geyze cities and Kumen cities. This makes it the hub of Geyze now, not Hapian. In addition to the Academy training people in the various classes - Spirit usage, sword classes, how to defend Geyze and Kumen, and other courses, the courses have been extended from one year to four years.

The Academy now also has other minor schools attached to the Academy outside the main school - art schools, music schools, starship schools due to the fact the port is located on the grounds, and so on. There is also food places, dormitories, and research for both technology and spirit buildings.

Hapian is pretty much the same, relying on spirit tech over Earth tech. While is has incorporated better tech, they have been focused on learning how to work the better Earth tech with their Spirit Tech. If it is unworkable, they move on. Their biggest goal is to make a Spirit Ship much like the Aquarius with Hyperspace/Spirit Engines working at the same time instead of needing to switch back and forth.

Hapian is pretty much the center of the spirit focus tech and learning more about the spirits, and how much spirit and tech can work together after seeing spirits like Mireille and Aimee. They have managed to upgrade the Aquarius with hyperspace engines without the engines overpowering the spirit engines, but one must be shut off before the other works. They also have designed their own Spirit Ship based on the designs of the Aquarius and Mew Mew Ship.

With the Hapian Castle no longer partially in the Spirit Realm, due to Spirit's World being absorbed by Yggdrasil, the Hapians are also doing regular check ups on the spirits to make sure they are fine.

The Daemon Realm for the most part is also much the same, relying on their supernatural platforms to move about. However, with Shinobu now the leader due to an incident in 301, many are wondering about the balance over power, with Shinobu married to Mykel, who is cousin to the current leader, Jules. When Da Capo begins, Shinobu is 20 years old.

The Naturalists and The Great Forest are the most unchanged in the four and half years. While both have allowed a few technology things like the teleporters and some stuff to help living better, growing food, otherwise, both have refused anything that might change the beauty of their landscape.

The Amazons have changed a lot surprisingly, with modern cities built with Earth tech, leaving only the plains alone and Brooke's temple area. While the Amazon Capital is the same, untouched, a modern city has been built up practically next door where many of the Amazon affairs are held and many consider it to be the new capital. While it is still small and growing, compared to other cities that have been changed/reformed, it is steadily growing.

The Amazons new cities are very clean, uniformed and go for a simplistic look with no pollution, relying a lot on foot transportation or hover transportation. And the cities also have a lot of park and nature mixed in despite it growing up to say thanks to nature.

The Legion have embraced the Earth and PAX tech the most, with it being all over their cities to move about, and transforming the capital with PAX technology. Large monitors for viewing information, with no lag thanks to the Progenitor technology, puts it on equal footing with the Academy on having the most Progenitor tech.

The shops have the lastest PAX/Cartel/Earth goods end the city is slowly losing it's Legion feel in some areas. The outer cities have retained it but the capital itself is changing. It is said that Salamander rarely visits anymore.

The Spiritalists have changed little themselves, though they have taken some technology for themselves. They have borrowed heatshields and other technology to help expand in the areas they already have, but were too cold to remain in comfortably, making their area now larger with people. The Mage Tower has been repaired and the Magi are now back - the children long ago saved in a session by the team and restoring the tarnished legacy with Delgi helping them.

Kalam has been aiding the Spiritalist and has opened the great library to all Summoners and the Academy, to help bring out the information on Spirits, especially with their world gone now.



Kumen has changed the greatest probably. The once only city of Kumen has been hit the greatest by President Riki, which some are wondering if she has done the right thing in her actions (especially with new elections in summer of 5996 to be RPed in either 301 or 302).

Kumen's Capital City has become a shell of what it once was in many ways, with the lower slum levels becoming mostly empty in many sectors, many that many systems no longer work entirely down there. Paid employees and NetRunners mostly have the run of the lower levels now, with the paid city employees having to be made to work in the slum areas due to the lack of light, stale air, and other problems. While the outer walls were opened up to help the problems, the deeper in parts of the 7 sectors are still not well. (Think FF7's Midgar).

The Middle Sector is still fairly well populated with businesses and other sectors working, but it too has emptied out to a percentage of 45%. Leaving the Top Sector retaining almost all of it's people now and becoming the main source of people now in the Capital City. With the Middle Sector now so low on people, now many people from the slums have now been able to move up, as well as Geyze and the Prime Universe.

The second biggest change is that Riki's terraforming project was a complete success and Kumen's planet is now hospitable to life again, with dozens of villages, towns, and cities beginning to spread across the planet. Many have noticed that Kumen is almost an eerie mirror image of Geyze in many ways, only the continent is swaped in areas - the colder area is further southeast and so on. Right now Kumen's infostructure is mostly minor towns and villages, with 3 major cities outside the capital.

The Spirit Energy of Kumen has been surprisingly strong and people have found lush forest and jungles attempting to strong, with the help of Brooke and Sylph. It is believed in a few decades, many will not be able to tell Kumen and Geyze apart except for the placement of the land.



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