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The Guild is an organization that works with the Alliance and has branches throughout Geyze and even Kumen. They have assignments for people to take down monsters or do quests with the promise of rewards that the Alliance is not always capable of finishing or does not have the time to do so. The Alliance provides the reward or allows the Kingdoms, or cities, to do so.

The quests are broken down into rank from E to S+. The lower rank Guild quests provide less rewards or items while the higher rank ones an provide great items, such as armor or weapons before the story does. A player can do Guild assignments in minis when one stops in cities or if they can convince other players in sessions (assuming you are in a place that allows it).

Some Ranks might require more than one player, since S Rank monsters might be as tough as a boss and will be considered optional boss fights. So be warned.


Rank E - Dangerous Bear: Bear attacking villagers near the Legion border. Please slay it.

Reward - 5,000 gold.


Rank D - Giant Wolf Monster Extermination: Hunt and exterminate a giant wolf monster that is eating and devouring villagers. Can be found throughout the Amazon territory and will attack people in groups of 1 - 3. No none weaknesses.

Reward - Potions. Health Potion, Speed Potion, Strength Potion.


Rank D - Dangerous Boar: Boar going about and attacking people. Please attack it. Near capital.

Reward - Boar meat. Speed Potion.


Rank C - Big Bee: Dangerous bee is poisoning people and killing them. Please take it out for us. Ent Forest.

Reward - Bee's honey with special property. Increases stats by 4 for 1 turn. Each person can take one honey.


Rank B - Large Slime Monster: Dangerous slime is dissolving people and doing stuff to them. Might want to take a small party. Amazon fields. Mini Boss level.

Reward - Slime Armor. 50,000 Gold. Ancient tech piece


Rank B - Plant Monster: Giant plant monster that can use it's vines to entrap and pollen to dull one's reflexes to trap and eat it's prey. Ent Forest. Small party recommended. Mini Boss Level.

Reward - New Weapon. 50,000 Gold. Plant Pollen to entice enemies.


Rank A - Fire Monster: A fire monster is attacking the villagers of the Legion fields. Please put it out. Mini Boss Level.

Reward - 100,000 Gold. Fire Armor. Anything from the monster.


Rank A - Fire Caves: Please explore these new found fire caves in the Legion area.

Reward - 100,000 Gold. You may keep 3 items each that you find.


Rank S - Evil Dragon: This dragon files about in the Spiritalist Kingdom and attacks cities. Please take it out. Boss Level.

Reward - Dragon Armor.


Rank S+ - "Tentacle" Monster Queen: This monster gives birth to other monsters. Please find the source and destroy the monster so it does not keep making more monsters. It looks a lot like a FF7 marlboro. Boss Level.

Reward - New Armor. New Weapon. Any materials off boss.


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