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Da Capo picks up after The Duality Wars and The Alien Wars 6: Fall of Eden, so there is a lot of information that players might like to glance over to help catch them up. You can use this information to at least catch up at the beginning of the RPG. Things might grow out of date the further the RPG goes on.

The Date:

The Fall of Eden ended on 10-637.9.1 and The Duality Wars ended on 11.1.5992. Kaori used her reality powers to bring Geyze, Kumen, and Yggdrasil, the tree of life, to Prime Universe, at the end of both RPGs. However, due to the influence of Yggdrasil, time moves differently on Geyze, Kumen, and Yggdrasil compared to the rest of the universe. 3 months on Geyze and 6 months on Yggdrasil had already moved in Session 200 of Duality to 1 month of the rest of Prime by it's end.

Session 301 and Session 302 will cover the time jump, but Da Capo begins on 10-639.3.1, covering 1 year and 6 months of Prime Time. This translates to 5.1.5997 Geyze and Kumen time and Yggdrasil time really does not matter that much.

The Teams:

There are three teams. The Earth Team, The Space Team, and Royals Team. Each Team had a subsidary group that supports them. The arcs will be rotating between the 3 teams, occassionally if I feel the need to go back to one before hand, but rarely. Da Capo will be aiming to wrap up between November 2019 and Summer 2020, with the aim to wrap the story up when it is done without extending it beyond there. (not to say minis and side things cannot be done)

The goal will be to slowly wrap up the teams one by one and focusing on the remaining teams until only one remains. Earth's team will likely be wrapped up first, being the oldest characters and their stories having run the longest, then the story will focus on the other two. For now I cannot say which will be last one. In the end there will be a finale arc to tie it all together.

The Earth Team is made up of the Special Ops and Black Ops. This team is made up of primarily of the oldest characters from TAW4 - 6 and their group and story arcs are primarily made up to wrap up their plots running back from TAW4. That does not mean you cannot introduce new characters to this team, but you might be overwhelmed by plots that have been going on longer. This team primarily will deal with Earth focused plots, with the Special Ops being the primary team and Black Ops being the back up team.

The Space Team is made up of mix of characters with two different team agendas, meaning even if one team is wrapped up, the other Space Team might continue. Taiga's team is focused on the Shapeshifter problem in space, going to planet to planet, trying to subtlely liberate them and free the 3 major space powers, while avoiding raising the shapeshifter's alarms.

The other members on the Space Team are the grown up kids with Lorelei, dealing with the new 13 Gods, or at least, something that might be them. It is hard to tell, but to avoid the future vision they had of a flooded world, they are investigating it. But these 13 Gods seem to be vastly different, almost like 13 Gods. They are traveling on the ship in order to identify possible locations.

The Space Arc will basically have sessions that rotate between the teams on their ship as they go from planet to planet.

The Royals Team is much like the Space Team with two different teams. The Erevis/Royals team is a team of Royal/Leadership type people and their family investigating mysteries that deal with their families, while Erevis hopes one of the mysteries will lead to finding a weapon she can use to defeat the Progenitor Empress. The Royals families are brought together to work together in various ways.

The second team in the Royals is the Alliance, the newly formed Geyze/Kumen Alliance having to deal with a brand new universe they are not equipped to deal with and the other races trying to take what is their's, either through political means or others.

Like the Space Arc, the sessions will rotate between the teams. The main focus will likely be in the Hapian capital, and divided between the Academy and Kumen's capital city.





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