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The Rules in The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo are simple. Please follow them and be curteous.

1) Please be polite to each other and curteous. Do not try to engage each other in fights and start crap. If another player begins to become distressed, or other other players begin to become distressed, and come to me, I will step in and ask you to stop. If you stop, then everything is fine. If you do not, then I will have to move to the next step below with the consequences.

2) Try not to force your own beliefs/issues on each other. I know some players do not want to hear some things and you can ask other players to stop. But please do so politely, however if the other players wish to discuss something and you are the only one who doesn't want to hear it, please just step away for a time.

3) Final comments. This may seem unfair, but if I say something then that is final. If I state such is such will be done, then arguing with me just gets my back up. You can ask me to reconsider, once, and even give me a reason, but if you push it beyond that, you will just upset me. I have had a stroke and I do not like being needled anymore and I've never liked being poked to begin with.

4) For the most part, I would like issues to be worked out between players if you can. So that things do not have to escalate and need to come to me. I do not like having to come down on people and I want everyone to have fun.

As for consequences on actions, there are only a few. I do not like to punish players. I see that as a final resort. However, if it comes to that, here is what can happen.

1) The player gets a warning. I will let them know that either I - or another players are upset by their actions. They will be asked to correct the behavior; this is usually something outside of RP - inside RP we all mess up so it has to be something really serious to warrant a warning.

2) I will give a more stern warning that the player is upsetting many of their fellow players - typically more than one player. If a single player is upset, it might be just an issue by that player. The stern warning will let the player know they need to correct the behavior.

3) After the stern warning, the next step is to check with the players for a vote on using the final step. This step I will not list the process since once used it cannot be retracted once initiated.



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