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The Suisen Empire has once again changed starting in The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo Act 2 with Session 401. With the one year jump between Session 400 and 401, Athena has attacked the Empress and tried to wrestle her home back, resulting in both of them being injured and Athena losing her Progenitor powers/hyperspace energy, much like Erevis did a while back. However, the Empress - despite gaining more energy - was injured as well before retreating back some to the command decks of the PAX.

This has resulted in the PAX being split in half between Athena and the Empress, with the Empress controlling the command area of the PAX, the engines, etc. and Athena controlling the hanger, the main shopping area, the holodecks, and whatnot. This has resulted in an uneasy truce between the two since Athena has gotten a foothold and for whatever reason the Empress has not used the full power of the ship to destroy Athena.

With Athena and her people controlling and trying to set up her own government in the lower decks and the Empress continuing to run the Suisen with Syiean on the upper decks.




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