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Status Effects are basically things that you might notice on your move sets such as: Dark Damage, or Fire Damage or Hyperspace Damage. These are essentially for boss battles, though for normal battles they can be used too. But for boss battles they will be noted for extra damage during the rounds to help take the boss down faster. I will list the various Status Effects below (though if I miss any let me know. I will continue to update the list as the RPG goes on.)


Holy Damage: This is an elemental attack only. It does not do any consist damage. Holy will do double the attack's damage against a Dark Element enemy though.

Dark Damage: This is an elemental attack only. It does not do any consist damage. Dark will do double the attack's damage against a Light Enemy though.

Fire Damage: This does burn damage against enemies and will do Burn damage for one to two rounds, causing 10 HP Damage during them. However, this will not work against: Other Fire Element People or Water Element People.

Fox Fire: This a unique ability and during boss fights will do damage to someone's stats in addition to the damage move, being a spirit attack. It is a dice roll of 1 in 5 to see what stat and will drop the stat by 1. If the Kitsune has 7 tails it will drop by 2. If they have 9 by 3.

Lightning Damage: This does shocking damage that has 1 in 4 chance of making a person lose their round in addition to the damage. Does not work on Lightning Elements or Earth Elements.

Ice Damage: This makes does frost damage, making the person more likely for double damage that one round (1 in 3 chance). Will not work on Ice Elements or Fire Elements.

Stun: Chance to miss a round.

Hyperspace Damage: A burning damage that burns for 2 rounds, doing 10 HP damage. This does double damage against Dark Ones and only 5 HP Damage against fellow Progenitors.

Bleed: 5 HP damage per round and weaken one limb that the person targets (for 2).

Poison: Half HP lose per round for 3 or until cured.

Knock Down: Double damage until the enemy rises up.

Rending/Piercing Damage: Any special damage caused by this typically does damage to the person's armor/shield if they have it still, shattering it. If they do not have it anymore, it will cause Knock Down for that turn.




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