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The Suisen Empire has grown to become one of the most massive Space Empires in Da Capo under the leadership of it's three Empresses. First Erevis Zhenmei founded it and with Xanatos and Megumi long ago worked on the founding principals of the Empire, letting other races join the Empire with three levels of autonomy, which I will get into further below. She then used the PAX - a Progenitor Spaceship that was 5 miles long with technology from the golden age of of the Progenitor race - as the capital of the Empire.

The next Empress were the dual leadership of Athena and Isis, who essentially kept things the status quo during war time and strife. Erevis steps down after most of the Others are beaten, letting Isis and Athena handle a good bulk of the next war with the Illium issues. Becoming known mostly known as the War Empresses, they end up protecting the Empire. The third Empress, Lenneth, who long desired it, took over in the time of peace after both the sisters stepped down and ruled in the time of peace after the war. She mained the Suisen Empire and continued to expand the Empire, pushing the technology and their borders, as well as other avenues. Her leadership reign was as long as Erevis' practically.

This all ended when another Erevis from a different turn arrived, known as the Empress, took the PAX from them, knowing different protocols that allowed her to claim it. Bringing out the PAX's true potiential and kicking them off, the Empress has clamied the entire network and over the past year has solidified her grasp with the teleporter network to every planet that part of the Suisen Empire. She has been adding planets and building more powerful ships, knowing how to bring out the full power of the progenitor technology, which she withholds until a planet joins at a level 1. Which might be a good thing with the shapeshifters out there.

The Suisen Empire works on a three level membership. The lowest tier is that the planet can join and get the protection fo the Suisen Empire, as well as the teleporter system to join the network, and the lowest tier technology, children's toys to the Progenitors but lightyears to many races. It also gives the planet a vote on the minor council. The middle tier involves joining more fully into the Suisen Empire, allowing them to make a few decisions - such as you have to agree to follow rules of conduct, etc. and you get more technology, and you join the upper council. The highest tier you essentially join the Suisen Empire with all it's rules but you receive all the technology, protection and if you are attacked, the Suisen Empire will bring it's full might to bare. You are essentially considered an extensive of the PAX itself.

The only worlds that get to skirt this are the Tsivrixsh, Cartel, Erusian, and Earth. They are on the lower tier and should be that way voting wise, but instead are part of the upper voting.

Lately, she has been revealing some of why she has taken over the PAX, claiming the Serpent will return in 15 years, and is gearing up for a great war, feeling that this turn's Erevis is lacking something and does not feel she is worthy/capable of facing it in her current state. She has been grooming Syiean to be her heir in the event that Erevis and her people do not take back the PAX or impress her to be given it back, she states.

Empress Erevis:

She wears a more traditional uniform typically like Erevis did on the bridge, but when she gets serious she wears an almost Knight like armor to protect her body in combat with a Suisen like emblem on the chest.




She now wears a uniform created by the Empress to wear in combat or on missions for the Suisen Empire. It is flexible, comfortable, and quite durible. It is stronger than a Legendary Armor.

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