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Tsivrixsh Empire


The Tsivrixsh Empire is probably one of the oldest empires in exist, right there beside the Erusians. With the Progenitors no longer in this reality, the Tsivrixsh and the Erusians are the top two empires, and the Tsivrixsh span hundreds of worlds. In their hey day they took over and added many worlds to their Empire, until they bordered the Erusian Ascendancy in the outer realms.

Flashforward to the current down and the Tsivrixsh Empire is now, in many ways, a shell of it's former self. Defeated by Earth and many other races working together, the previous Emperor and the ruling body that aided him was overthrown by the TAW4 team. Over time a new emperor rose up that decided to forge a new path, named Kyun. Deciding to go for a more peaceful route, he joined the Suisen Empire and showed he was the son of Xevil.

However, recently the Tsivrixsh Empire had begun to mobilize it's military and build new ships and ground forces, with new technology. Many wonder if Kyun has gone back on his word, or if this is something more sinister.

The Tsivrixsh culture in general is based on a warrior culture, in many ways like Klingons. They believe in honor in battle, but also will seek honor in other ways. This allows them to seek it in politics, such as how Xevil in his way rose up to claim the Empire before his defeat. When Kyun was changing the Empire, over the past 40 years the Empire has opened a lot of schools, political, art, and many things, and made the Empire more like other worlds. With things reverting, the old warrior culture is now flaming back up, which might be back, because they could be more fanatical than ever.




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