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Cookie Hajukaze


Character Info

Name: Cookie Hajukaze Callsign: Charity Race: Dragoon
Age: ? DOB: 10-608.7.4 Birth Planet: Earth
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Black with Blue Streaks (Sometimes Dyed) Hair Length: Butt
Height: 5'3" Weight: 95 Build: Slender But Shapely
Cup Size: B Moral Center: Mostly Good (Strengthened) Class: Telepath Psion / Sub-Class: Fae Monk



Health: 5 Endurance: 2 Reflexes: 7
Speed: 4 Charisma: 2 Luck: 4
Special: 6 Counter: 4 Combat (Ranged): 4
Energy: 7 Stamina: 6 *Willpower: 7
*Perception: 7 *Intelligence: 2 *Mana: 1
*Strength: 3 *Transformation: 7 *Mind: 7
Mod Capacity: 16 Action Points: 11 / Durability: 4 Limit Breakers Capacity: 1
Elemental Core: Wind Weapon: Low-Level Armor: Medium-Level
Level 20 2000 of 2500 until Next Level Choices 1 Next


Race Specials

1 Stigmata Move: Allows the Dragoon to form an energy shield for +2 Durability
3 Stigmata Move: Allows the Dragoon to restore +3 Health Points

5 Stigmata Move: Allows the Dragoon to form their dragon form without a bond partner present. Must still be bonded.

Not available
Not available
The above specials are used by your Special Stat number. If you have 7 special, then you can spend all 7 points to use your Race's special 7th move, or you can use a few points to weaker moves and lose access to the 7th move. (3 Special gives you a 3 Special Move, then you can do a 3 Special move again to reuse it, or just use 7 one level moves). Stamina restores the Special Stat.



Item 1: Hand Blaster   Low Level Weapon [1 HP Damage] [+1 action point]
Item 2: Tabetha's Amazing Old Tact Suit)   Medium Level Armor [+4 durability]
Item 3: N/A    
Item 4: N/A    
Item 5: N/A    
Item 6: N/A    
Item 7: N/A    

Mods (20/28)

Team Coordination Link Lv. 1 Allows you to link all members of the team so they can coordinate their attacks mentally. Other psionics might be able to break in if they try hard enough. [1 Turn- Time]
Team Coordination Link Lv. 2 Allows you to link all members of the team so they can coordinate their attacks mentally. This blocks all outside interference for your team-link. [1 Turn- Time]

Heightened Senses Lv. Max [2] Allows you to sense things easier to let you know when to do your scans. Vibrations of minds and thought pick ups can give people away. Picks up the general location and direction of a person.
Mental Basic Tricks Max [2] This allows you to make others see you as someone. To see through it they need to have certain special moves or mods or have a Perception of 6 or higher. You can spend an Action Point to make it stronger or last longer. [5 Turns+]
Mental Communication Lv. Max [2] Allows you to communicate with three people max with the same information as Lv. 1 and 2.


TransWeapons Long Range Lv. 1


Allows long weapons to be transformed out of nothing. Can take 1 hit until they break. Can fire only 10 shots.

TransWeapons Long Range Lv. 2

Allows long range weapons to be transformed out of nothing. Can take 2 hits until they break. Can fire only 10 shots.


Mental Fortitude Lv. 1 This allows you to teach your mind to protect against mental probes. This works against one probe. The person probing will know you are stopping them.

Attack Reader Lv. 1 Can scan a mind to read their body language and know what move they are going to perform. This allows you to prepare to dodge an attack/special move as it launches at you without being hit or needing to spend Counter Points.
Attack Reader Lv. 2 [2] This allows you to scan the mind and when the attacker strikes, throw up a mental shield to stun them, canceling their move and opening them up for reprisal for your team. You must be in line of sight of them.

Mental Scanner Lv. 1 This allows you to do basic probes of a person's mind. A probe is a surface 'scan' to pick up surface thoughts and feelings. To see if they have anything to be feeling guilty of or what they are thinking of at the time of a moment. Most people do not even detect it unless they are alert of mind or have some Mental Fortitude.
Mental Scanner Lv. 2 This allows a more medium probe of a person's mind. This probe is a layer deeper than a surface scan, probing the thoughts and feelings of the layer between the surface and sub-conscious. Here, the thoughts are not quite subconscious yet and are typically reacting to situations and what is going on. A person with a Mind of 3 and spends all 3 Mind Points with 1 Action Points can detect the probe, or if they have a Mental Fortitude. (or if they are a Psion and have Psion abilities to stop it)

Chi Field Lv. 1 This is a field of chi that protects you from damage. +2 durability. It works well with other mods in the All Monk section. This will last as long as you are conscious or until you take damage and it is knocked out. [+2 durability]
Chi Fhield Lv. 2 [2] This is a field of chi that slows enemy movement down that enters it. The enemy loses 2 points of speed when fighting you in your field (so they need to be long range fighters to be unaffected.) The field lasts for 10 turns. Action Points can counter it, they need spend 2 points to regain their points. [Makes players lose 2 points of speed temporarily for 10 turns+ when near you]
Chi Field Lv. Max Your chi field can be used to boost yourself, making yourself faster and those near you. [Players near you get +3 speed for 10 Turns+]

Mental Illusions Lv. 1 This allows you to create elaborate illusions that make you appear to be someone else that are so convincing that only fellow Psions can see through it, or people with special attack moves, special moves, or other mods can break through it. It even allows you to mimic how they move and walk. The only thing it does not mimic is their smell so you need to avoid getting too close to people. [15 Turns+]

Fae Twirl Lv. 1 The Fae Monk can use the arts of the Fae to slow down the environment, and only the enviroment, to spring from objects that should not be able to hold weight, like leaves, or even raindrops, to spring up them to reach higher areas. This lasts for 10 turns and every few jumps counts as a turn. [10 Turns+]


Attack Moves

Aces High [1 Stamina Restore]
Attack: Up Your Sleeve - Cookie glimpses into her sharpest perceptions to quickly predict a shot and fire for maximum effectiveness. [7 HP Damage]
Defense: Coin Trick - Cookie quickly fires a shot off against an enemy's incoming attack. [Cancels a ranged attack.]
Misc: Find the Wildcard - Cookie turns her perception on an ally, using it to quickly determine any problems they're having. [Identify medical condition or injury.]

Steady Flush [3 Stamina Restore]
Attack: Unloading a Full Deck - Cookie quickly taps out a series of shots in order to make it hard for the enemy to escape. [7 HP x 3, can be blocked each time if reflexes are 4. Can use Action Points x your reflexes to equal 4. Cuts off enemy escape route.]
Defense: Bluff - Cookie tricks her enemies senses to cause them to miss an attack. [Cancels an attack from an enemy. Doesn't need to target her. Perception to beat.]
Misc: Call It - Cookie tweaks with an ally's senses to help them overcome their issues. [Cancels a confusion or mental effect on an ally.]

Pairs and Sets [1 Stamina Restore]
Attack: Tricky Shooter - Cookie fires a shot while creating the illusion of a second shot, causing the enemy to drop defenses to the wrong blow. [7 HP Damage]
Defense: Mirror Image - Cookie creates a quick illusion to misdirect an enemy. Allowing her a better chance to dodge. [Decoy, 1 Turn+]
Misc: Mimic Health - Cookie uses her mental connections to remind a body of when it felt better and mimic that attitude. [Cures a Bleed or Poison Effect on an ally.]

Play Your Cards [1 Stamina Restore]
Attack: Scramble Slam - Cookie throws a cloud of thoughts and emotions at an enemy. [Stun effect.]
Defense: Hindering Draw - Cookie slams up a mental lock on an enemy, disabling their ability to attack. [Attacks an enemy's stamina, used only when blocking or dodging. Works once. Can be blocked with mind vs counter]
Misc: Dreamscape - In calm, can join in on someone's dreams. Possibly letting them uncover memories or facts about the person. Can only be used on an ally, and can only be used out of combat while both parties sleep near each other.

Dealer's Shuffle [1 Stamina Restore]
Attack: Probability Vertex - Cookie uses a burst of perception to find a chink in the armor and fire through. [7 HP Damage, Ignores Durability]
Defense: Shuffling Dance - Cookie quickly shifts her position, calculating how to take a blow to reduce the overall damage. [-Half HP Damage from Attack]
Misc: Mind over Body - Cookie uses her own mental control to tell her body to strengthen when it would otherwise fail her. [+3 Strength, 5 Turns+]

Special Moves

The Queen of Hearts [1 Stamina Restore]
Misc 1: Mnemonic Balance - Cookie uses a link with an ally to push their minds into syncronization, temporarily allowing them to share their perceptions. [Cookie and 1 Ally share Reflex and Counter points. 10 Turns+]
Misc 2: Nervous Renditions - Cookie reaches into a mind to take over the mechanics, on a willing subject this lets her free them from paralysis, on an enemy, the opposite can be achieved. [Cures Paralysis or Inflicts it, Mind Points or other mental block effects to cancel infliction. Mind vs. Counter]
Defense: Dragoon's Heart - Cookie adds a psionic barrier to her Dragoon Energy Barrier, embedding it with an additional defense. [Stuns targets who damage Cookie's Durability. "1 Stigmata Move" must be active.]

The Ace of Spades [2 Stamina Restore]
Misc 1: Cookie expands her senses to see spot trouble better. [+2 Perception]
Misc 2: Cookie expands her mind to peer seconds into the future to avoid oncoming danger or overcome an obstacle. [Autosuccess on an OG.]
Defense: Cookie expands her senses in order to protect herself in combat. [+2 Durability for 5 Turns+]

Limit Breakers

Stacking the Deck
Lv. 1: Cookie unleashes a psionic attack against her enemy, overloading their brain and causing massive neural damage. Weaker enemies to mid. [Instant Kill] - ACT 20

Beliefs and Goals

Beliefs: Do what's right, even if it's not easy. Keep my friends stable.
Goals: Find true happiness. And a better name.


Background History

Cookie was born to loving parents, if one was somewhat unwise in her naming scheme choices. Growing up, she did not exhibit Tabetha's talents in electronics and robotics, however she seemed to get every bit and more of her potential in Telepathy. Taking lessons on the PAX from more experienced telepaths, Cookie has learned to use her unique mix of Dragoon powers and mental capacity to the best of her abilities. Training as a medic on the side in the PAX labs and at times under the tutelage of Jennifer Carmichael, Cookie has the skills and capacity of a Nurse Practitioner working towards a Doctor's status.


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