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Character Info

Name: Jelly Callsign: Ticky-Tock Race: Fauna
Age: 16 DOB: 4/13/5984 CE Birth Planet: Kumen
Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Sable & Black Hair Length: Short (ragged)
Height: 5'10" Weight: 145 Build: Skinny
Cup Size: Moral Center: "Some what" Bad Class: Infilitrator-Runner



Health: 4 Endurance: 4 Reflexes: 2
Speed: 4 Charisma: 2 Luck: 6
Special: 5 Counter: 3 Combat (Ranged): 2
Energy: 6 Stamina: 5 *Willpower: 2
*Perception: 4 *Intelligence: 7 *Mana: 5
*Strength: 3 *Transformation: 2 *Mind: 6
Mod Capacity: 16 Action Points: 9 / Durability: 4 Limit Breakers Capcity: 1 (Maxed)
Elemental Core: Wind Weapon: Low Level Armor: Low Level
Level 22 3000 of 3500 until Next Level Unique Mod For other Class Next (4 stat, 2 Mods, Clean Up, Sub-Class, Roulette 1, Mod Cap X 5 or Mod Ps X 5, Roulette 2, Choices 1, Unique Mod 1)


Race Specials

1 Tail Move: Spiritual Fire (Sucks 2 Stamina from target)
3 Tail Move: Elemental Manipulation. They can manipulate the elements of their elemental core on their enemy if they share it for a time.

5 Tail Move: Allows them to heal damage +4 HP Damage

Not available
Not available
The above specials are used by your Special Stat number. If you have 7 special, then you can spend all 7 points to use your Race's special 7th move, or you can use a few points to weaker moves and lose access to the 7th move. (3 Special gives you a 3 Special Move, then you can do a 3 Special move again to reuse it, or just use 7 one level moves). Stamina restores the Special Stat.



Item 1: Hyper 6" Combat Knife   Medium Level Weapon [3 HP Damage] [+1 Action Point]
Item 2: Armored Clothes   Medium Level Armor [+4 Durability]
Item 3: Medium Sized Tech-Backpack Containing jumble of mods and tech from all over, whirling gizmos, circuits, actuators, a few blaster barrels, a neural interface, speaker, LED Lights, even a keyboard.
Item 4: Medium Sized Tech-Backpack    
Item 5: N/A    
Item 6: N/A    
Item 7: N/A    

Mods (22/24)

Connection Lv. 1 [3] The Inflitrator can connect remotely to low-firewall terminals near them to access information and functions, attempting to turn the battlefield to their favor. For example, a bridge function, or a monorail control function to speed up. [1 Turn- Connection Time]
Connection Lv. 2 [2] The Inflitrator can remotely attempt to access other mods in people's heads to scamble their functions, making them useless to the player and giving the player/enemy a headache. This is for Intelligence based mods only. [1 Turn- Connection Time]
Connection Lv. Max [2] The Inflitrator can remotely attempt to lock onto weapon systems for low-level systems and turn them to their favor, using them against enemies. This requires their full attention and they cannot move while inside the system, leaving them an open target. Once the system kicks them out, they cannot get back in. Unlocks the Connection Limit Break. [1 Turn- Connection Time]

The One Lv. 1 Inside the Net, the Inflitrator can do inhuman things by breaking and hacking the code. Once they break and hack the code, for 20 turns they can essentially reshape the world, fly around, or leap tall buildings in a single bound. [20 Turns+]

FingerJack Lv. 1 Allows you to hack into terminals
FingerJack Max Allows you to attempt to jack into Corporation terminals (Risky)

Refresh Lv. 1 This gets rid of tiredness and restores stamina. (2 Stamina)
Refresh Lv. 2 This restores more stamina (3 Stamina)

Chakra Restore Lv. 1 this restores 1 HP of your own health. (1 HP)
Chakra Restore Lv. 2 this restores 2 HP of your own health. (2 HP)

Mage Cure Lv. 1 Restores mild HP except on yourself (2 HP)
Mage Cure Lv. 2 Restores more HP except on yourself (3 HP)

Hacking Implant Lv. 1 Allows for far away hacking with your implant in a location of your choosing. [Range - 100 meters, low level equipment]
Hacking Implant Lv. 2 Same as above [Range - 200 meters, mid level equipment]

Hacking Implant Lv. 3

Same as above [Range - 300 meters, high level equipment]

Hacking Implant Lv. Max

Same as above [Range - 300 meters, can get into Normal Corporation equipment]

Remote Hacking Lv. 1 This allows the Inflitrator to break into the systems without interfacing directly and possibly getting fried, but it takes longer. This allows them to break into harder systems and more complex systems.





Enviromental Warrior Lv. 1 The Inflitrator uses the environment at all times to their advantage. Hacking into various tech and cameras, as long as they are on Kumen, this is their weapon of use. Depending on when you activate this, and where, is when it will be best. A context sensitive mod, this can cause some servere damage.



Attack Moves

Bang [1 stamina restore]
Atk: A thin mechanical arm erupts from the right side of the Teck-Pack and fires off a brilliant blue beam of energy at 1 target. [10 HP Damage]
Def: A directional Sonic wave is emitted from the back of the Teck-Pack causing vertigo to two attackers within its range. [Stuns two enemies for 2 Turns+ or until hit]
Misc: Adrenaline is injected from the Teck-Pack into Jelly's back, initiating a fight-or-flight boost to his speed. [+2 Speed, 3 Turns+]

Boom [1 stamina restore]
Atk: A thin mechanical arm erupts from the left side of the Teck-Pack and fires off a firey red beam of energy at 1 target. [10 HP Damage]
Def: Jelly removes his Teck-Pack and holds it in front of him, several 2.5 million candlepower LED's illuminate and blind attackers. [Blinds 2 enemies that are suspestible for 2 Turns+]

Misc: A mild pain-killer is injected from the Teck-Pack into Jelly's back, allowing him to ignore half of the damage done to him once. [Half damage one hit]

Zap [3 stamina restore]
Atk: A large mechanical arm pops up out of the top of the Teck-Pack and fires off a twin salvo of lightning at the two closest targets. [10 HP Damage, lightning damage. Possible paralasys if weak to lightning, mechanical, or bad luck for 2 Turns+]
Def: Jelly starts stabbing blindly with his knife to ward off an attacker. [Attack can use counter to get through, or attack points. Otherwise depending on situational context by GM can drive off CERTAIN attack/special moves once.]
Misc: A mild sedative is injected from the Teck-Pack into Jelly's back, calming him and focusing his mind on the task at hand. [Grants 2 turns per round for the next 2 rounds]

Special Moves

Langeley [1 Stamina restore]
Tap Tap Time: Jelly can use his mods to increase the rate at which he inputs commands into a terminal; faster hacking, more commands, less time for counter-measures.
Blinky Blinky: Jelly completely zones out while scanning scrolling code, granting him knowledge of the commands issued and written into the code itself. This depends on the level of the code and the creator of the code. (Such as Net Level Codes, etc These levels might be removed as mods are increased, etc..)
Nap Time: Jelly can temporarily redirect signals to a area of the normal net in sight that he can reach directly to interact, add, remove or alter the coding. This has to be timed with The One Mod for 20 Turns+

Nasa [2 Stamina Restore]
Houston: Jelly accesses a terminal inside the complex to attempt to overload / shutdown TWO cameras in a non Corporative building. In the rare case the Building has a node outside he can try outside.
Problem: Jelly accesses a termina insidel in an attempt to redirect communications signals of a single section/area within the non Corporate building. In the rare case the Building has a node outside he can try outside.
Apollo: Jelly accesses a terminal inside the building complex in an attempt to take control of TWO automatic defense systems (aka torrents, machines, weapons, etc) within the non Corporate building. In the rare case the Building has a node outside he can try outside.

Pentagon [2 Stamina Restore]
DefCon: Jelly accesses a terminal inside the complex in an attempt to take direct control over TWO security sub-systems (two of these, or one each Door Locks, Access, Security Barriers) within a Non Corporate Building or complex/campus. In the rare case the Building has a node outside he can try outside.
Predator: Jelly accesses a terminal inside in an attempt to reprogram and control TWO local sentries in, around or near a non-Corporate building or complex/campus. In the rare case the Building has a node outside he can try outside.
Raptor: Jelly accesses a terminal inside in an attempt to reprogram and control ONE currently in-active Biotects Mark IV or below inside the non-Corporate complex. Chances of success are measured based off different factors each timed based off the Mark. He has a very low chance on V's.

Limit Breakers


Lv. 1: This allows the person to activate one of two things

1) Any move instantly despite the Turn Wait, Including Mod, Attack, or Special

2) Or they can overload two mods on the enemy and cause 10 HP Damage in the process - ACT 25


Beliefs and Goals

Survive. Tinker. Have Fun. Play with a tail...oooh, a tail...<crash>...ow, Jelly's tail.


Background History

The abandoned fox fauna named Jelly was found in the slums at a young age by a programmer at a small business in Tech City, he showed that while he had what appeared similar to an extreme form of eccentricity, he also had an extraordinary ability to work with, code and manipulate systems for someone of his age. He was quickly adopted and brought to where the man worked so as to help him achieve recognition; it failed horribly when during a mod installation Jelly suffered a traumatic head injury and developed acute aphasia, making it impossible for the boy to be understood. The business the programmer worked for promptly fired the man, but they recognized the boys talents and through the use of lawyers retained control of Jelly, citing that the fauna had had full access to proprietary information. Since there was no way to guage how much information the boy actually knew, the business kept him in their holding and used him to further their own advancement within the Corporate Arena.

It's been two years since then, and the business that holds Jelly has steadily made strides towards competing with the more powerful businesses and has garnered the attention of the Corporations to fulfill contracts. Ticky-Tock, as that is his answer when asked for a name, has learned much from his time at the business; but he grows bored of constantly being ignored, constantly taken advantage of and incessantly ridiculed. Maybe there's a way for him to leave? Maybe he can find his own way in the world? Maybe...hey, maybe these people he's watching on the security cameras of a competing business can help him? Crud...the picture just went down...he can get it back and watch them more...

But could they help him? Would they? How could he get their attention? No...not the alarms, they'd get arrested. No...they need to come to him. How? How can he make them come to him and help him? Oh look, the cameras back on, let's watch...and wait...and plan...and then we play. Play...yes, play with the tail...soft tail... The Pack! We need the Pack! Hide the Pack! Keep the Pack safe. Safe until they come and help. Yes, good plan; hey, one, two, three...four tails? They have four tailies! Ooh, so many tails to stroke, so happy. Maybe I help them? Help them help me...

Ever since his rescue by and inclusion with Asarar’s Techrunner Crew, Jelly has been in relative heaven…coding as he wants to with few disruptions. Though the disruptions have been hair raising to say the least; a Geyze monster trying to eat him for the better part of a week, hacking into service systems as needed and tinkering on various devices…though nobody is able to understand him. Only rarely do any of them try to interpret what he’s trying to get at, so Jelly is left to his own devices most of the time. Unfortunately Jelly’s spoken gibberish raises eyebrows, blushed cheeks and improper looks frequently; and even leaves him traumatized around females after a certain bad response.
Jelly’s aphasia was recently fixed during a visit to Geyze, thanks to Max sitting on him and Undine healing the damage to his mind; and he has been understood ever since. His quirkiness seems to have been resolved, but Undine’s work on his mind may have had another effect…only time will tell if or what it may be.



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